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Posted Sunday, September 14, 2014 10:07 PM

Irrefutable BS of the NFL

The lunatics are running the asylum. The NFL has lost it's head. I have never been a fan of replay but it is now the number one reason I hate the NFL.
Irrefutable evidence. Really. Here is the definition of irrefutable:

ndisputable, undeniable, unquestionable, incontrovertible, incontestable,beyond question, beyond doubt, conclusive, definite, definitive, decisive,certain, positive, sure; informalsure as shootin'"irrefutable evidence"


I cannot think of how many calls I look at and I am not really sure about .  I have to admit that I think that this is what happened but is there irrefutable proof. Now that is a big line between, " I think so" and "irrefutabe, UNDENIABLE PROOF.

I get the reason for instant replay but somewhere you have to draw a line and the NFL is way over.  Looking at so many of these plays the ANNOUNCERS ARE WRONG AND EVEN THE NFL EX-REFEREE IS WRONG. That is not even close to the word irrefutable.

Travesty and mockery of the game.

The calls usually even out, let the boys play.

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Posted Thursday, May 02, 2013 12:14 PM

The end of a boxers career

It always has to come. None will go out until they lose. They fight because that is all they know. The glory, the money, the women, the combat, I admit it, I am a little jealous.
Some handle the frame brilliantly but most are swept away with it. They lead a lavish lifestyle and in todays age have lavish entourages. None is worst than the greatest fighter of our time, Floyd Mayweather. This great fighter is the epitome of what I am talking about to this point. Great fighter, sleeping and impregnating many women, has a terrible gambling habit, lives in a 10 million dollar mansion and HAS NEVER LOST A PROFESSIONAL FIGHT.
Pssst, here is the secret, he is about  to lose. He is about to lose to the only MFer that can take him on the planet. Father Time, yep, that guy will eventually get them all.
Mayweather is 36 and his skills will no doubt be in decline.  There are not many great fighters over the age of 33 or 34, the clock is ticking on Floyd. Tick, Tick, TIck, relentless and that and his ego will give us all a big payday. 
What about the great Marciano you will ask, he went out on top? He did but did you know in his last 4 or 5 fights, he picked washed up older fighters. He also retired at 32, 4 YEARS YOUNGER THAN MAYWEATHER IS NOW.

The key to a great bet, is to see something that no one else does. Floyd is 36, I see it. He has not fought in a year and has been confined to a cell for 90 days in that time.  This is the time. You can get &nb... [More]

Posted Thursday, June 14, 2012 02:02 PM

Suggestions for Soccer

First of all-
I hate the NBA. I hate the flopping and star treatment. I hate the attitude and overall game. Stern has totally fucked this sport up. I especially hate that many if not most people actually like it.
Secondly- I never watch soccer, I am only watching as one my in laws are at my house and are European and "Futbol" obsessed and two, Van is making me some serious cash 

My opinions-
The dives have to stop. They need a hockey type penalty for diving, or to be checked thoroughly as I fear many have vaginas.
If someone is "in pain" for more than 5 seconds he should have to come out of the game ala NBA. If he comes out a second time, there is no return.
Get rid of off sides. It is stupid. If you need to have a no cherry picking rule, install a large box ala NHL and once you are in the box, there is no off sides.  If someone is behind you and you are on defense, you are a stupid fucker.
Get rid of ties and shootouts, let the fuckers play til someone scores. The NHL can go for hours same with MLB why not these pussies. Also, it will open up the game if they know they have  to keep their coiffed hair out there past dusk.
Allow instant replays on all the diving and "injuries" ,I am watching this pussy from Croatia claim he has a twisted ankle and on the replay nothing happens to him, plain and simple. They have changed the NFL so if there are injuries late, you lose a timeout and they run the clock. It works.
Finally, GET A FUCK... [More]

Posted Friday, June 08, 2012 11:20 AM

Something that is keeping me awake at night

Does LeBron have something to worry about.
Think about Malone and Stockton and Barkley. Great players but NO RINGS and why not, the biggest reason to me was a guy named MJ taking them year after year.
If the Thunder play the Heat and the Heat do not win, this could be the start of a dynasty. This Thunder team is so young, 4 or 5 rings would seem to be in reach.
That may mean the end of LeBrons ring dreams., he is no spring chicken now.
Hmmm, just a thought, like I said.

Posted Monday, January 09, 2012 01:57 PM

Who wins the Super Bowl?

This will make some very mad but I only see 4 teams that can win it.
1) Saints
2) Packers
3) Niners
4) Ravens

I do not think the Patriots can. Sorry. That D is too shaky and they have now lost their best pass rusher. Coach is good but no one is that good. Add on Brady's first round losses the last two years and I will be all over the Ravens in the AFC title game, taking the 4 points or so.

I am going to play the Saints, as good as the Pack and you get better odds. Also, I already have a Brees jersey.....

Posted Saturday, January 22, 2011 10:41 PM

One thing about Tom Brady and his foot fracture

All right, this thing stinks to me.

If Brady had a stress fracture was it even mentioned during the year? This would be an injury that would be required by the league to be mentioned in the injury report each week.

Stress fractures are fractures that develop over time and heal normally with just rest. That they chose to put a pin in the thing surgically makes me think the fracture was not a "normal stress fracture"

There are two possibilities to me:

1)He had the fracture all year and Bellichek was cheating again and not mentioning it on the Injury Report each week.

2)He had it from the last game of the year and it was a more severe fracture.........that they knew would need surgery after the year.

Look, you just do not pin a new stress fracture with 6 months of rest coming up. It is lunacy, something is not right here.


When I was watching that Pats Jets game ( a game I had the over in and no Pats bet) I kept thinking Brady was going down like a sack of potatos. Whenever Ellis got near him he just crumpled for the guy. Now I know Brady is not a scrambler (see Tarkenton) but he looked like the second coming of Neil "the whack" O'Donnell. He just looked like chit the entire game (save the first two drives). It was not vintage Brady, he was not even as good as Cassell.

So here is my conspiracy theory, Brady was hurt going into the game. He did not have the mobility or accuracy that he would normally... [More]

Posted Tuesday, January 04, 2011 07:44 PM

2011 Resolution

My New Years resolution is to only gamble at games I know I statistically have a chance to win at, games that can be 'BEATEN"

These are:



3)sports betting

4)horse racing.

I have beaten one and two enough to feel comfortable in my abilities to do that. I have played 4 far more than I would care to admit and have never beaten it in the long run. Although I think I am better than an avg capper, I do not believe anyone can beat  the outrageous rakes taken at the tracks today. I will still bet the ponies this year but WPS only and in a limited degree only.

That brings us to sports betting. I am a terrible sports bettor.  I have lost consistently over the last 10 years. 2010 was the first year I showed a profit but at the end of the year I hit a terrible patch that has continued into 2011 and has taken most of my profits now. I want to try and build a bankroll and play 2011 on houses money and contine for the rest of my life. That is my goal.

If people can honestly help me to my goal I would appreciate it.

Simply put people, I need consistent winners or the ability to pick consistent winners and that as we all know is not easy.

Posted Saturday, January 30, 2010 01:17 PM

The Dwight Freeney Injury Update

First of all, I think this is huge news and I mean HUGE!. This guy demands a double team and dictates what an offense can and cannot do. This injury figures big to me in the total and the overall outcome of the day. If you have to keep chipping this guy with a RB or TE (and you do) that slows down a big part of your O. So to me, it is important if he plays or not.

Now what is his injury? I saw it happen during the Jets game when he rolled his ankle or inverted his ankle late in the game. This is a classic injury to the ankle and one most of us "jocks" on covers have had at one time. This is another of those hurt like hell injuries. The inversion of the ankle tears the ATF ligament (anterior talofibular ) and the medial calcanear ligament. In rare circumstances it tears the PTF ligament.  These ligament are responsible for the lateral stability of the ankle. If you have had one, you know that any "tweak" laterally or to the outside with this sprain will make you cry like your brother just stole your favorite toy. Straight running is not that much of a problem.

Freeney play the R DE positiion most of the time (although I have seen him moved all over the field). If he has no stability laterally on the ankle he will not be able to turn the corner so to speak. This is the classic Freeny move where he blows by the big L tackle and explodes to the quarterback while running on the ankle and foot  with a right lateral force. If these ligaments are ... [More]

Posted Tuesday, August 04, 2009 01:20 AM

The all time money making Prop wager

Ok guys I am going to let you all in on a little secret of mine that has just been cheese money for the last four or five years. I play the under win total on the loser of the superbowl. The reason for this is these teams to me then have to deal with all the free agents that they lose ( being the loser of the bowl they usually do not actively pursue them like some other teams) and that they tend to just come out a little flat the following year, I cashed very, very big on the Pats last year ( ty Brady for making this easy but this go with the idea......they had a backup who had never played, what the fuck?)  and was excited to make the bet this year.......til I saw the number........8.5  ooooph.  9-7 loses in that shit ass division?
I am a little wary of making this bet and let me add I really like the coach of the Cardinals, from they day he came he showed me how totally awful Denny Green was.  I may pass this fucker and bet something else.
I will take any comments....thanks

Posted Friday, June 12, 2009 06:16 PM

Here is why I hate the NBA

Ok Good.

That all said, the NBA sucks. To have officiating that depends on your rep and years in the league is ridiculous. It is a mockery of sports.

Fouls are fouls and we all should have a good idea what that constitutes.  The college game is so much easier to follow and bet for that reason. This product is a joke and they should start over.

I am personally done with the NBA BWS. I won a lot of money on the Lakers last night and watching the game. I felt the no-calls were ludicrous at so many points. I have never felt that way in the NCAA tourney. 

I feel that this is a blessing and is telling me to quit watching this $h!t parading as a sport. This is not a sport, it is a popularity contest. You guys can have it. Really , think about it and let me know if I am wrong.

The WNBA has to be better than this, what kind of sport is decided by the refs?

Posted Thursday, January 01, 2009 02:19 PM

Conferences Vs The Spread this Bowl Season

Hey - I need some help, does anyone know how the different conferences are staking up against the line this bowl season. I think that infrmation would be useful but am too lazy to figure out for myself.
Thanks in advance guys.
Also, if you are really a stud , how does this compare to the previous years????

Posted Tuesday, August 12, 2008 12:52 AM

Patriots 2008 Record Over or Under

I am thinking about making a make or break wager on the under for 2008 on the pats@12.5.
I am doing this on 2 things-
1) the super bowl slump for the losers of each super bowl
2) 13-3 is just so good in today's NFL-PARITY!
I know there schedule is easy-peezy as pie but I think they are not the same juggernaut this year-
appreciate any thoughts.


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