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Posted Friday, November 30, 2012 10:28 PM

CMM's NBA Saturday

Posting early. Won't be around until maybe tomorrow night so putting this out there.

Chicago Bulls -6.0
Boston/Milwaukee UNDER 194.0
Golden State Warriors -4.0



Posted Friday, November 30, 2012 01:42 AM

CMM's NBA Friday

Spurs just threw a middle finger at the NBA with that move. IMO it's genius. We could've hoped for a push. Anyway, here's for Friday:


Charlotte Bobcats +3.0
Big game for the Cats. Their last game against the Hawks was big as well but ended up faltering in the last few minutes of the game. One more win and they have surpassed last game's win total. Looking ahead to their schedule, they won't have any other easier game until say on the 7th in Milwaukee or the 15th hosting Orlando. So in a way, this game will be huge for them. I also like their chances against the 76ers. They are just about even in every other category except the bench production. Cats are almost +10 in the category. 76ers is also one of those team that is the weakest in defending the arc. They are allowing 41% on the road which would make the Cats look deadlier out there. Jrue cancels out Kemba and that's all about the marquee matchup in this one. It should be a close one with the Cats coming out on top 92-89.


Oklahoma City Thunders -9.0
...and yes I'm expecting another blow out. OKC's front court can neutralize the Jazz' size. Also, it's not a secret that the Jazz is just one of those good at home but a terrible team on the road. What else can i say? Hmm.. Durant drops some crazy numbers or something.


Pistons/Grizzlies UNDER 191.0
I think there's a message being send when the team they are supposed to play next just sat ... [More]

Posted Wednesday, November 28, 2012 10:58 PM

CMM's NBA Thursday

Finally gotten a sweep after sometime. Here's for Thursday:


Miami Heat -6.0
First time the Spurs are made as dogs and they are this much. I think this is a perfect spot for a fade on the Spurs. Last game of a 6-game road trip and playing 4G5N on the road. Miami are hella fresh and got nothing to look forward to with that 4 day rest. Last year, Miami won by 22 against the Spurs outscoring them in the 2nd half 71-35 with Wade sitting it out. Even with the Spurs going on light assignments I feel that they'll still feel the fatigue from playing almost a week on the road already. Heat should come out on top on a high scoring afair 107-92.


Golden State Warriors +1.5
Don't over think this one. Warriors are hella improved and has a better W/L% over the visiting team. It is also not a secret that the Nuggets are a bad road team. Both teams looking to be in great form. I think edge is on the Warriors because of their 3-pointing and bench scoring. Denver are pretty horrible in defending the 3s. In their first 2 games, they have allowed the Warriors to drain 9 and 7 on 36% and 41% chances while they themselves are hitting only under 25% clip. Two players seem to have a field against the Nuggets and they are Jack and Landry. I think they are effective when the Nuggets goes small. Warriors are also enjoying a long rest and will take another one off after this game. Denver, on the other hand, will most likely look forward to a rested LA... [More]

Posted Tuesday, November 27, 2012 10:31 PM

CMM's NBA Wednesday

Got no real interest with the remaining games so went ahead to do Wednesday. Only two for now as I'm waiting for the results of the last game and the lines for the TOR/MEM game.


Brooklyn Nets +4.5
Nets are really playing well and Boston isn't. I think there's a good value here for the Nets with these much points. I seriously think both teams are just about even in every category. The deciding factor that made me play Brooklyn is their rebounding edge. Boston ends up playing teams who rebounds well close and so you'd either expect a cover here or a SU win for the Nets. They also play better defense than Boston. I see a close one here something like an 88-85 type of final score.


New York/Milwaukee UNDER 198.5
I think the line is a bit high. I think this will be all up to the Knicks to whether the total goes over or not. Both teams actually plays decent defense and I see both team's current form that made me play the UNDER. Knicks will be without Kidd so you can expect an offense like they showcased against Brooklyn. Milwaukee, on the hand, will enjoy playing small ball against the Knicks since they do lack on the post. Also, the Bucks looks like they will have another trouble offensively. I think that's due to having a Brandon Jennings playing 1. Game should end up in the low 90s, 92-85.



... [More]

Posted Tuesday, November 27, 2012 12:14 AM

CMM's NBA Tuesday

Looking to turn this cold spell around. Here's for Tuesday:


Dal/Phi OVER 194.0
I'm leaning the 76ers but they've burned me whenever I try betting them. I think Over is the next best thing here with both teams having small lineup who loves to push the tempo. Dallas has been averaging 202 in their games to the 76ers' 191. In games with a similar feel like this one, Dallas has allowed the Cavs and the Bobcats 95 and 101. They've even allowed an offensively challenged Wizards 101 and a Lowry-less Raps 104. If those teams can score on the Mavs, I don't see why the 76ers won't be able to drop anywhere close to 95. Lavoy Allen being inserted isntead of Kwame made this this even smaller and would most likely opt to play fast paced ball. I see a 111-105 type of game.


Phoenix Suns +2.5
I think this one's my best play for Tuesday. I see the Suns to finally have that stability having J.O. back and throwing him in the mix on respectable playing time. Suns players finally know their roles and has looked great even in their loses. They are actually in all the 9 games in their last 10, with real shot at winning. Cleveland is a very young team who has gotten around and playing well without Uncle Drew. I think they finally run out of steam about to play their 4th in 5 having the last 3 on the road. They didn't quit against the Grizzlies and were in it for like the full 40 minutes. I think the scheduling will be the key here ... [More]

Posted Monday, November 26, 2012 01:46 AM

CMM's NFL Monday

Philadelphia +2.5
OVER 40.5

Posted Monday, November 26, 2012 01:32 AM

CMM's NBA Monday

New week ahead of us. Last week was terrible for me so hopefully we get on a good start Monday. I only got one for you guys.


Memphis Grizzlies -12.0
Classic tale of an elite home team hosting a bad road team missing key/star player. Cavs' outplayed the Heat with a lot of energy before their youth loses out to the savvy vets in the end game. Grizzlies averages an 8-point victory margin at home and can actually even stretch that further when the youthful Cavs goes up against their tall front court. This should be an easy stretch for the Grizzlies who plays the Raptors and the Pistons next so no real look ahead angle here. I'm also banking on the Cavs to comeback to earth after getting production from almost the entire roster against the Heat. It shouldn't be the same when they play the Grizzlies who are a lot better defensively.


Cha/OKC Over 199.5
This line is just about right. Cats games averages 196 while OKC goes for 202. On the road, Charlotte are giving up 107 and has been effecient in scoring even on the road. They are also 3rd in the league in terms of Pace of the number of possession they have per game. OKC are alot better offensively at home being able to rack upto 107 points on 49.7 in FG%. They are also 3rd in Offensive Effeciency, just behind the Knicks and the Heat. I see both teams dropping 90 easy on this game and the remaining baskets should fly pretty close to comfort say 2-3 minutes left in the game. ... [More]

Posted Sunday, November 25, 2012 10:32 AM

CMM's NFL Sunday




ST. LOUIS +1.0



Posted Saturday, November 24, 2012 12:24 AM

CMM's NBA Saturday

Browser problem ate up them write up. Anyway here are the plays instead:


Philadelphia 76ers +4.0

Cleveland Cavaliers +14.5

Chicago/Milwaukee UNDER 195.0



Posted Thursday, November 22, 2012 10:32 PM

CMM's NBA Friday

Happy Thanks Giving everyone. Here's for Friday, I think they're pretty easy on the eye. All three plays really looking like some trap line with such low lines. I personally think that they are a point and a half lower than where they should be. Anyway, i'll break them down a bit for you guys:


Oklahoma City Thunder -3.5
OKC plays Philly the next day so I don't think they'd save up for that game. Boston is say under performing and is only at 6-6 on 3-7-2 ATS despite what is supposedly a roster revamp that would bring them more depth and scoring punch. The line is just right since the Celtics are at home and they are pretty much hitting .500 in FG% while averaging close to 100 per game. No need to discuss how the Thunder are going about with their offense. I think key into this game is rebounding. Boston averages -7 in rebounding but makes up for it by keeping the ball from errors. OKC isn't a team that really forces TO but they are lengthy and have the body to bang with the Celtics. I see Durant and Co. following up their win against the Clippers but in the same close manner. If only the total is a couple of points lower, that would be the better play. Boston seem to almost always start slow and builds up as they go along and so you can always expect them to mount a comeback. Thunders 101-95.

Los Angeles Clippers -2.5
Like I said in the earlier writeup I had against the Nets, they have yet to see the better teams in the league. ... [More]

Posted Wednesday, November 21, 2012 11:54 PM

CMM's NFL Thursday

Houston -3.0

Was/Dal OVER 48.0

New York Jets +7.0

Posted Wednesday, November 21, 2012 01:57 AM

CMM's NBA Wednesday

Had a minus day after a couple of plus streaks. It happens! There are loads of games for Wednesday so hopefully none of you guys chased or something. To the mods please delete the other thread I had with a wrong thread title.

Charlotte Bobcats -2.5
I was hoping the Raptors would win SU so I'd find it easier to take the Cats here. Raps is another team the Cats can win SU against. It should be another close one but the home team should get the edge. Lowry is slowly being put right back into the mix and shouldn't really be much of a factor. The play is also huge on the scheduling with the Raptors playing back to back and on a 4G5N. Last season, Cats won 2 of the 3 games. Both teams are better this season but edge will still be with the home team. Cats' offense has been really nice as of late.

San Antonio Spurs -1.5
Boston isn't the same anymore. The supposedly repalcement for Ray Ray isn't clicking as expected and the Bench is just inconsistent. Rondo is the only bright star there with Pierce and Garnett slowly regressing from last season. Spurs, on the other hand, is ageless and as dangerous as ever. With no real look ahead angle or any let down spot, the only thing that will make you feel iffy taking this is the short line. Then again, it has always been this low when both of them plays.

New York Knicks -2.5
Knicks are playing 3G4N but they won't really get fatigued from the blow out in New Orleans. Simple... [More]

Posted Wednesday, November 21, 2012 01:41 AM

CMM's NBA Tuesday

Had a minus day after a couple of plus streaks. It happens! There are loads of games for Tuesday so hopefully none of you guys chased or something.


Charlotte Bobcats -2.5
I was hoping the Raptors would win SU so I'd find it easier to take the Cats here. Raps is another team the Cats can win SU against. It should be another close one but the home team should get the edge. Lowry is slowly being put right back into the mix and shouldn't really be much of a factor. The play is also huge on the scheduling with the Raptors playing back to back and on a 4G5N. Last season, Cats won 2 of the 3 games. Both teams are better this season but edge will still be with the home team. Cats' offense has been really nice as of late.

San Antonio Spurs -1.5
Boston isn't the same anymore. The supposedly repalcement for Ray Ray isn't clicking as expected and the Bench is just inconsistent. Rondo is the only bright star there with Pierce and Garnett slowly regressing from last season. Spurs, on the other hand, is ageless and as dangerous as ever. With no real look ahead angle or any let down spot, the only thing that will make you feel iffy taking this is the short line. Then again, it has always been this low when both of them plays.


New York Knicks -2.5
Knicks are playing 3G4N but they won't really get fatigued from the blow out in New Orleans. Simple reasoning here, just backing a hot team who's ready to go on a ro... [More]

Posted Tuesday, November 20, 2012 12:25 AM

CMM's NBA Tuesday

Memphis got us (and i guess the whole forum) but I still think they're the right side. This 3 plays max a day is really neat. Let's keep it rollin'. Anyway, a lot have always been asking for my YTD. I really don't get it. It really defeats the purpose of finding info in the forum. I still do keep tab of how playing 3-plays max a day that's why I find it really profitable hitting a 64% clip. At the moment it stands at 34-19-2. Anyway, here is for Tuesday:


Toronto Raptors +5.0
Like last night's bucks-cats game, this one's pretty similar. If there's one team the Raptors can beat (at the moment) even on the road, that's the 76ers. Starters pretty much cancels each other out with a slight edge to the road team for having a second unit who can be productive. Just about every other stats are even as well. Don't bother with the ML, I think this one go down the line where the 5-points is a gift.


New Orleans Hornets +6.0
I think if you wait you can get 7. Hornets are an underrated team who can cover average spread such as this one. A lot should expect the Knicks to bounce back, as I do, but the Hornet have the personel to keep up with the Knicks. They are pretty good defending the paint and the perimeter. I think the Knicks are slowly settling down and their high averages will come back down to earth. I get this feeling that they won't be able to keep up the hot streak they started but stay somewhere in there where they are able to... [More]

Posted Monday, November 19, 2012 12:14 AM

CMM's NFL Monday

Chicago Bears +7.0
OVER 36.5

Posted Sunday, November 18, 2012 10:31 PM

CMM's NBA Monday

Monday Game. Let's start it right.


Charlotte Bobcats +4.5
Milwaukee is one team that the Cats can beat at home. IMO, both teams are supposedly even at every position. Stats will say otherwise but if you follow both teams it seems like one players cancels out another. 4.5-point bonus will come a long way in what I think will fall into a close game that's why we didn't bother going the ML route. Bucks plays the champs in their next schedule so you can expect them to let up a little coming to this game. Also trying to play against the 3-game streak and a 3-0 road team. It's making things a little easier to take the Bucks. Cats are actually playing well the last 5 games (even in losses against NO and Mem) and I think this momentum pushes through a bit. Both teams are rested and no scheduling prior to this game will affect their game.


Memphis Grizzlies -6.5
It's no secret that the Nuggies are a bad road team. Grizz are on a high right now and this is a team that's scary to go up against upon picking up steam (look back to their playoff run 2 years ago). Denver will probably have a hard time against the Home team's interior play. I see a 107-87 type of game here where Memphis' defense will get to Denver.


Los Angeles Clippers +4.5
I see the Clips doing over what they did when they beat the Spurs in LA. The 4.5 points could come a long way as well.



... [More]

Posted Saturday, November 17, 2012 09:06 PM

CMM's NFL Sunday


Arizona +10.5
Carolina +1.0
Cle/Dal UNDER 44.5
Kansas City +3.5
Baltimore +3.5


Posted Friday, November 16, 2012 01:13 AM

CMM's NBA Friday

Way to follow up with another profitable night in the NBA and NFL. The ending of the Celtics-Nets game is really really weird.


Dal/Ind OVER 184.0
I was writing a case of the Mavs ML until I feel like the OVER is a much safer play in this game. Both teams have a pretty bad ATS record (3-5). The Mavs are carrying a 1-3 ATS record on the road plays an Indiana team who plays better at home aside from that setback against the supposedly tired Raptors team. Dallas averages past 100 points per game and gives up almost the same when on the road. Pacers is well below the league average in terms of FG% and are really bad from beyond the arc. Still the Pacers makes up for it with their rebounding and a lot of hustle. I think both teams matches up well here and we could see this one going down the line. Both teams can manage to get to 80-85 with say 4-5 minutes left in the 4th. Late game fouling and the likes should eat up the rest of the points needed for it to go over.


Uta/Phi UNDER 185.0
Jazz are playing well and could have gotten the win in Boston if they executed well in the 4th. Wakeup game for this young 76ers team as they host a bad road team in the Jazz. The 76ers have no other way to win games other than to limit their opponent's offense to as little as 80 points. Althought the Jazz are allowing more than 100 points on the road, they have been successful whenever they do keep the other team's scoring to the minimum. ... [More]

Posted Thursday, November 15, 2012 01:39 PM

CMM's NFL Thursday

BUF -1.0
UNDER 45.0

Posted Wednesday, November 14, 2012 11:46 PM

CMM's NBA Thursday

Still waiting for the Warriors result but overall a good day already. One play for Thursday, Boston could've been a play if Rondo is 100%.


NyK/SaS OVER 192.0
Knicks are 1-3-1 and the Spurs are 3-5-0 in their over/under record but the way I see it, both teams can hit 85-90 points easy in this game and should eat the rest of the points down. Knicks averages 103 points per game but most of its games going under is because of their defense. Philly and Orlando are the two teams they've played on the road thus far and only scored 88 and 89 against them. Thing is that both teams aren't as proficient in scoring as Coach Pop's team. San Antonio averages close to 100 points at home and has limited offensive teams to less than 86 points. This should be a true test for the Knicks. While both teams play good defense at the moment, I still see them scoring on each other with their ball movement. Knicks tramendously improved their ball rotation and I think that can be attributed to playing with two playmakers at a time (and perhaps JR Smith's vast improvement in his decision making). I see a close one here ending up to 101-97.



Posted Tuesday, November 13, 2012 10:45 PM

CMM's NBA Wednesday

Lucky to have the Pacers sneak in the 2nd half. Awful lot of games for Wednesday.


Det/Phi UNDER 187.5
76ers and Pistons averages 90 points per game. Both teams met 4 times going UNDER three times (all 3 are 76ers win/cover). I see the 76ers winning over the Pistons here but I feel that the 7-points is a bit too much. It should be close but the risk should be better than a side bet on which ever side. This should be a 90-85 sort of end game.


Milwaukee Bucks -3.5
Back-to-back games for the Pacers who just got beat by the Raps at home. Last season, Pacers won all three against the Bucks behind Danny Granger. He was killing the Bucks along with George Hill. Good thing Granger is out and the Pacers has regressed from last season. Bucks played well against the 76ers and I think they'll continue to do so. With rest and playing at home against a 1-4 SU/ATS road team, the play should be the Bucks. I think Pacers will continue to grind out points like they are in their last 5 games.


Golden State Warriors -1.5
This have the same feel as the Cats-Wiz game of Tuesday night. I feel the home team takes the win again here. Warriors shoot the ball better at home which is why this play won't even be one if it's in Atlanta. Rebounding and Turnover rate is just about equal as well as the points they get off their bench. Hawks is playing 3 games in 4 nights against a well rested Home team off who runs alot. X-factor ... [More]

Posted Tuesday, November 13, 2012 08:08 PM

2nd Half Pacers

Going under the premise that the Raps will be tired after the 3 OT from last night.

Indiana Pacers -7.5 2nd Half


Posted Tuesday, November 13, 2012 12:56 AM

CMM's NBA Tuesday

That's two losing days in a row now. Hope we turn out fortunes


Charlotte Bobcats -1.5
Cats didn't get any win from the Wizards out of 4 tries last season. I saw 3 of them and it was mainly due to John Wall picking the defenses apart. I think he averaged somewhere like 12 assist in all of that. After a couple of roster changes, I think Wizards is a team the cats can beat at the moment. They are at home and are far better capable scoring and rebounding. Charlotte is also somehow keeping the ball well placing themselves 3 TO below the league average. Bench are just about even with a little edge for the Wizards since Crawford can go off any time. Scheduling is just about even, slight edge on the Cats to come out with a bit more energy since they're off a win and at home. I see a 94-88 type of win for the home team here. 


NYK/Orl OVER 188.0
I was about to play the Knicks-6.5 first but decided the total is a little better. I see the Knicks dropping a lot of 3s against the Magic and beating them by come out with a lot of energy en route to somewhere past the century mark. Orlando shouldn't be too shabby. They are shooting near .500 at home and should enjoy running with the Knicks. I look at them as a team who'll try to keep on closing the gap regardless of the score count (it was pretty evident in their last 4 losses). I think they should be able to drop 80-90 here. Knicks will come out st... [More]

Posted Monday, November 12, 2012 09:42 AM

CMM's NFL Monday

Kansas City +12.5
UNDER 40.0

Posted Sunday, November 11, 2012 10:28 PM

CMM's NBA Monday

Winless Sunday. Let's get them back Monday.


Philadelphia 76ers -3.5
Bucks and 76ers are pretty much even in most aspects. Both teams relies heavy on their backcourt and their defense to win games. IMO, the 76ers would come up on top because they've played exceptional defense after the two setbacks from the Knicks. In 4 of their Wins, they've only allowed their opponent up to 80 points.  76ers are also more effecient scoring at home. 76ers wins this one and cover.

Boston Celtics +3.0
Or the ML if you want a wee bit more for your buck. The Celtics is starting to come alive now. Looking at their last 5 results won't do them any justice but they are looking really well compared to when they played their first few games. Players are understanding and now settling to their roles and it will only take a bit more time for them to start clicking. Bulls have played 5 of their first 6 games at home but isn't back to the elite defensive team they were. They are playing really good defense but are lacking in players who can create them buckets. Carlos Boozer has slowly been regressing lucky for the Bulls, Noah has polished his inside game. I see this game being a classic grind out with the team who has a bit more offensive punch off them winning.

Denver Nuggets -4.5
Backing the team that has been playing well. Like the Celtics, Denver is slowly shaping with their current personnel. Although chemistry is being developed, they are sti... [More]

Posted Saturday, November 10, 2012 12:27 AM

CMM's NBA Saturday

Got only two for Saturday so far.


Dallas Mavericks -6.0
Fading the Cats. Simple as that.


Detroit/Houston UNDER 191.5
Scheduling should get to both teams en route to the UNDER. Houston is easily figured out now and Detroit should be tired playing the final game of a 6 game road trip.



Posted Friday, November 09, 2012 01:05 AM

CMM's NBA Friday

Quick writeups here and there for Friday. Again, Honorable Mentions are my leans. Read ahead and ask Questions.


Milwaukee Bucks -3.0
Pretty low line here. Bucks are a decent defensive team and can take on this Wizard team who still lacks some semblance of a real offense. Washington is shooting only 39.9% from the field but makes up for it with their rebounding. Either way, I think Milwaukee will just shoot their way to victory here. My only concern is that the Bucks hosts the Celtics, who's looking for revenge, the next day. Other than that, the Bucks are better at every position agains the Wizards.

Miami Heat -5.5
I think this line will surely go up some more. I think I'd still take them at 7 or 7.5. Heat will continue to ball while slowlly improving defensively. They open this 6-game road trip with a bang in Atlanta.

Minnesota Timberwolves -2.5
Pacers will be playing the last of a quick 3 game road trip in Minnesota, who has a winning average of 13.5 at home. I think T'Wolves edges them because they are playing better defensively and have been taking care of the ball well. They also have a decent bench where they get enough production if their starters aren't clicking. Pacers' road games could've gone either way and I their need for a go-to guy during crunch time surfaces there. If the Pacers ever manage to make this a close game, I think they'll pretty much give it up in crunch time with bad shots/decision making.


Posted Thursday, November 08, 2012 01:04 AM

CMM's NBA Thursday

Bad beat with the Celtics going to OT still not a bad night. TNT Thursday sure gives you the weirdest line. I only got one for Thursday.


Portland Trailblazers +1.5
Blazers have this Rose Garden magic that either makes them really good or make their opponents look bad. Clippers' schedule should get to the playing the 5th game in 7 nights. It's the beginning of the season but if effects of a 3g/4n can be seen in other teams, why can't a 5/7? I see a rested Portland getting the W here through dominating the glass and keeping their TOs low. They've been really good and not turning the ball over in their first few games and should be more effecient playing comfortably at home. It is also good catching the Blazers with a 2 days off because they'd need a lot from their starters. Clippers have a very good bench and could give the Blazers a lot of problem but hopefully we could see fatigue come the later parts of the game.


Honorable Mentions:
Oklahoma City -1.5 - Pretty weird line but what the heck.

OKC/CHI UNDER 201.5 - If you can get 201 that is. I'm seeing 191 in every other books. Both teams score 90 easy in their games while allowing almost the same amount. I see either a 93-90 or a 98-92 type of final score here.



... [More]

Posted Tuesday, November 06, 2012 10:14 PM

CMM's NBA Wednesday

Starting Wednesday early. I'm not a total guy but it's the totals that jumped out to me.


Pho/Cha OVER 191.0
Phoenix is back to the same team they were when they barely give a damn about defending. It's not that they try, they do but it just isn't working. Cats are able to put up at least 90 and Dunlap's system will allow them to score more. Phoenix on the other hand has been on the road for quite some time now playing their 3rd road game. I think this game is a toss up and could go either way but the total stood up for me not to take it. I would love a Cats win but the OVER seem to be the less riskier. I see both team at least dropping 90 with 6 minutes left in the game.


Was/Bos UNDER 187.0
Washington, again, has nobody to take charge of their offense so the points will come hardly anywhere. Boston at home is a better defensive team and should clamp on the visiting Wizards. With a couple of days off, they should be tougher. I see something like a 80-90 type of final score here. Until the Celtics gets decent production from their bench, I believe we can ride this under for a good while. Both teams are a combined 1-4 O/U and have yet to get pass the 90-point mark (sans the Boston game against Miami).


Orl/Min UNDER 194.0
I think this is the best bet of the three. Orlando should run out of gas here seeing their starters (and Redick) eating up 30+ minutes against Chicago and playing th... [More]

Posted Tuesday, November 06, 2012 01:17 AM

CMM's NBA Tuesday

Here's for Tuesday.

Orlando Magic +9.5
Magic is off a nice 2-0 start winning both by double digits. I really like the make up of this short handed Magic forcing them to make do of what they have. Actually, I believe it works better for them. Chicago isn't that bad with a 2-1 record, and they are still a tough defensive team. Lucky for the Magic, they only need to cover a couple of players on the other end. Bulls' offense usually comes from Rip, Boozer and Noah. What works for the Magic is they have gritty guys in those position who can play good D. Bench production should be just about even for as long as Redick do not start. Bulls will most likely win this game with an edge on the SF position (Deng) but I see this Magic team pulling a cover.


Toronto Raptors +8.5
Raptors are playing really good basketball and they are in the game until the buzzer on both their loses. You gotta love a team like that getting 8.5 points. OKC is off a bad beat from the Josh Smith-less Hawks. Two things in that game, Hawks looked better without Smith and Westbrook just shoot their chances of winning away. Raps will most likely have reviewed that game and will take a couple of pointers there. I see OKC winning this game but Raps covering as well. If only they could get someone decent to produce off the bench, they could probably ball well with the big boys.


Honorable Mention:
Denver Nuggets -10.0 - Nugs with a 2 day ... [More]

Posted Sunday, November 04, 2012 11:46 PM

CMM's NBA Monday



Memphis Grizzlies -5.0
First home game of the season. Gay should be the huge difference between two teams who look really even in every other position. Front court battle should pretty much be a toss up with a slight edge going to the Grizzlies' seasoned bigs (who also have the better size and array of post moves). Jazz looked good even in their last 2 defeats but I see them falling short this time due to scheduling.


Dallas Mavericks -5.0
Blazers seem to almost always play the Mavs' close. I think they'll fall short here ending a quick 3 game road swing. Mavs' is off a blow out win against the Bobcats where OJ exploded for 30 and Chris Kaman dropped 16 while going +26 when on the court while the visiting Blazers spoiled James Harden's first home game. Both teams should just about be even with the Mavs boasting of a bench and home court. That should spell the difference here.


Honorable Mentions:
Philadelphia -4.5 - You know home-and-home series are. Basing this on that. Then again, I've bet against the Knicks twice and lost both already.

Phoenix/Miami OVER 199.5 - Miami's defensive woe's will continue till say after they've defined each players' roles ones again.

San Antonio -8.0 - Best home team in the league against a team who'll have loads of matchup problems. Tim Duncan just sipped a few drops from the fountain again.

Cavs/LA Clippers OVER 195.5 - AND... [More]

Posted Saturday, November 03, 2012 11:28 PM

CMM's NBA Sunday

Tough night last night. I had a good writeup but my browser F'd up. Anyway, running it down quick.

Philadelphia 76ers +4.0
Knicks were hitting their 3 against the Heat and I think it won't happen again. Heat looks really bad defensively and I think Defense is one of the 76ers' strongest point. I see the Knicks somewhat similar to the Nuggets and so the gameplan should almost pretty much be the same.


Orlando Magic -2.0
Magic at home and playing like a proud team after running the Nuggets out of the gates. Phoenix has yet to find their identity and should continue to struggle. Looking to another comfortable win by the Magic.


Detroit Pistons +8.0
Kobe won't allow the team to go 0-4 right?



Posted Friday, November 02, 2012 10:27 PM

CMM's NBA Saturday

Done with Friday early so let's get down with the Saturday games.

Boston Celtics -6.0
Bad recipe of a game. Washington have ZERO offense and is barely hanging in there on defense against an "old" bunch who looks they are still scrambling for the right mix and rotation of players. Boston can't get Jason Terry to go off like he did as the sixth man in Dallas. Courtney Lee is just a bad replacement overall and is currently -10.5 +/- when on the court. The only good thing I saw from the game against the Bucks is that KG is looking to get his groove back which is great. Boston should have an easier time getting buckets here against a team that they can outrebound.


Brooklyn Nets -6.0
Not writing off the Raptors here. They are actually a good team with a lot of talent in every position. Take this like the MIA-NYK game where the home team needed the win more than just to get on board the win column but actually playing with a purpose. Not to mention it's their first game in Brooklyn and expectation is mile high.


Houston Rockets -4.5
Ride the Beard Train. After dropping 37 playing his first game in a Rockets uniform, Harden went on to follow it up with a 45 point performance. I don't think there's one person in Houston who is not excited to see their latest acquisition in their home turf. Surely, the beard will be putting up a show here not to mention Jeremy Lin actually being really an effective tandem. Port... [More]

Posted Friday, November 02, 2012 12:54 AM

CMM's NBA Friday

The UNDER was right on I feel bad for side could go either way with how the game went.

Milwaukee Bucks +7.5
Got to take advantage of lines like this. I feel that the Bucks as they are now and how the spread is made for them are probably based on them being underestimated and too much value given on how the Celtics' make up are now. It is true, Celtics has made a lot of move that made them an even better team. They have the depth and the components to have scorers in different rotations. It's also surprising how someone like Leandro Barbosa went under the radar coming up to the Heat game. The thing here is that the change would require them to build up team chemistry. Bucks isn't the one to speak on chemistry after acquiring a couple new pieces but I believe they are playing better basing it on their preseason games. Last season, the Bucks are really inconsistent with how they play and now that they have a couple more time to mesh and to define player roles, they can pretty much surprise teams. I think 7.5 points is a little too much here. Boston will most likely take this game but not cover.


Houston Rockets +6.0
I know, I'm the one to talk about team Chemistry but this Rockets team (despite showing a lot of holes in their game agaisnt the Pistons) looks a lot better than the revamped Hawks team even barely having enough practice time between the new pieces. Harden meshed pretty well despite having barely learned any of the Roc... [More]

Posted Thursday, November 01, 2012 01:40 AM

CMM's NBA Thursday

Last night was not so good but we'll get there.


Oklahoma City @ San Antonio UNDER 201.0
San Antonio looks like they are looking ahead to this game during the game against the Hornets. Last season saw loads of over between both teams in their H2H. I think this one will go under because of the personel both teams are missing. Thunders are going to miss Harden, who's been notorious against the Spurs, and the Spurs' best scorer in Manu. It should fall somewhere close to 201 but not qutie there yet. I don't see both team passing the century mark in this game. Back to back games for the spurs at this point is good for them since it's only in the beginning of the season and it should brush off some rust and early season jitters. Home court/crowd plus the familiarity between each other should result to the Under.



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