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Posted Sunday, February 28, 2010 06:42 PM

7:00pm Game Bets

Tough beat for the Spurs not covering. A lot of people probably got a push in that Denver game. Anyway, here we go. Betting against the teams without their best player:

Oklahoma City -8
Orlando Magic -11.5


Posted Sunday, February 28, 2010 08:09 AM

CrazyMilkMan's NBA Sunday

0-1 yesterday. Going to slam one in the afternoon game.

Spurs -3.5


Posted Saturday, February 27, 2010 02:31 AM

CrazyMilkMan's NBA Saturday

One play. Let's make it happen playing one a day again.

Minnesota Timberwolves +4 / ML

Portland is playing the 4th game in 5 nights. They are coming off an OT loss to the Bulls going to this game. Past match up tells us that the Wolves is Portland's bitch. The last 3 games this season went Portland's way with close to a 20-point winning margin. This is the lowest line this season made as 13 and 12.5 point road dog and as a 7.5 home dog in that stretch. It kinda makes you wonder what's with the short line in this game.

Portland has everything going for them ATS-wise. They are 11-3 ATS on back to back games and has a winning ATS rate of 62% on the road. Wolves isn't that bad at home (well who am I kidding). Despite a 9-20 SU home record they are 17-12 ATS at home and so-so 8-8 on back to back games.

What boggles me is the short line set in this game with the Wolves playing 4 games in 5 nights as well. Going against what is logically sound and playing this craptastic card.

The UNDER 188 in Boston looks pretty good. Nets could barely put up 90 points and the Celts missing 15-20 points without Pierce in that game. Indiana Pacers give me a good vibe in that game catching which I believe a tired Bulls team playing back to back games off an OT win. The Jazz looks like they're looking ahead to the Rockets last night against the Queens.


... [More]

Posted Friday, February 26, 2010 02:31 AM

CrazyMilkMan's NBA Friday

Horrible February. Please fade if you see fit. Just quick writeups for now since I've yet to finalize my plays. Again, I'm not betting on all of them. LOL. Just hoping to get a conversation going with you guys on a good wager.

Washington Wizards -1.5
Two Words. Andre Blatche! or Knicks Sucks. Not much of a write up here since Knicks is on my Auto-fade list after the allstar break.

Atlanta Hawks -3.5
Mavericks has been playing crazy ball lately but I'm eye-ing this game after they won against the Lakers thinking that this is a great let down spot for the streaking horses. In their past matchups Atlanta has been owning them ATS-wise much like the stat we saw in the Cavs-Boston game Thursday night. Both teams are pretty much even in the ATS category but the Hawks got the edge going 17-10 on 1 day of rest to the Mav's 11-18.

Portland Trailblazers ML
Portland matches well against the Bulls and has won their last 5 matchups. Don't be fooled by the Bulls' recent success. Not one in those games are even above the .45% mark. Blazers has played better competition up till now. Portland has a lot to play for in this road trip to keep the 9th placed Hornets at bay. Looking for another blow out here by the Blazers to keep the moment going to Minnesota the next day (Bulls plays in Indiana the next day with the Pacers waiting to get a stab at them after playing a good first half).

Memphis Grizzlies -3.5
My cats has card board cut outs of big men ... [More]

Posted Thursday, February 25, 2010 09:28 PM

Cleveland@Boston 2nd Half Plays

Boston +3.5

Posted Thursday, February 25, 2010 01:34 AM

CrazyMilkMan's NBA "Won't-Lose" Thursday

...or atleast that's what I was hoping. Anyway, that was a bad call on my part with the Hawks. Liking 3 at the moment:

Boston Celtics -1
Denver Nuggets -6
Denver@Golden State OVER 227.5


Posted Tuesday, February 23, 2010 11:08 PM

CrazyMilkMan's NBA Wednesday

4-2 the last 2 days. Let's hope we keep this going. One play so far.

Atlanta Hawks -12.5


Posted Tuesday, February 23, 2010 09:48 PM

Late Game [PHI@GSW]

A 76er team without AI is just too good but you gotta love the Warriors playing back to back at home.

Golden State Warriors -1


Posted Tuesday, February 23, 2010 01:12 AM

CrazyMilkMan's NBA Tuesday

New Orleans +11.5
Portland Trailblazers -8
Oklahoma City Thunders -6.5


Posted Monday, February 22, 2010 01:39 AM

CrazyMilkMan's NBA Monday

Milwaukee Bucks +1
Indiana Pacers +9.5
Atlanta Hawks@Utah Jazz UNDER 197.5


Posted Sunday, February 21, 2010 08:51 PM

Late Game [UTA@POR]

Portland -1.5


Posted Saturday, February 20, 2010 11:53 PM

CrazyMilkMan's NBA Sunday

Denver Nuggets -4
San Antonio @ Detroit UNDER 186
Sacramento Kings +11.5


Posted Saturday, February 20, 2010 11:37 AM

CrazyMilkMan's NBA Saturday

Still breaking even. gonna limit the play to two or three till we get the groove back.

Philadelphia 76ers +5.0
Indiana Pacers +8.0
Milwaukee Bucks -3.0


Posted Friday, February 19, 2010 04:01 AM

CrazyMilkMan's NBA Friday

1-1 last night. Cavs 2nd half saved my ass back there. Still can't feel the mojo back. Let's talk picks right now and here's what I think for friday. Again, they are not picks yet just leans will think them over tomorrow with a refreshed mind. Won't be running much of the number game here but more on what I think/see. Do drop me a line with what you think:

Charlotte Bobcats +4
The only thing that worries me here is that with a beefed up front line with Jamison and MoWill making a comeback from injury. What's not to love with the Cavs and a short line like this? Cats won 2 of their last 3 matchups taking a stab at those very few Cavs home defeats. To add, Cats just had one hell of a beat down received from the worst team in the league and Cavs is playing back to back and coming off an OT defeat. Looking for the Cats to keep it close and cover the spread.

Denver Nuggets -6.5 and OVER 208
Big win over the Cavs tonight. With the way this team is playing for their coach, they kinda have a real team vibe now. Washington on the other hand just got a couple more players now giving players like Blatche, Mike Miller and Foye more exposure and freedom with the rock. I feel that this team will fall short and chemistry issue should kick in here with the a couple more players in the mix. Taking the team that's a solid unit right now over the new look Wizards here. I think 6.5 is giving respect to this Wizards team. Howard and Gooden off the bench to provide hustle plu... [More]

Posted Thursday, February 18, 2010 01:42 AM

CrazyMilkMan's NBA Thursday

Tough Wednesday for me. Interesting game for Thursday with the Cavs getting Jamison for Big Z. One thing is for sure going to this game though, that big men like Shaq won't be able to do any serious damage against a gunning team. Anyway, the last time both team played each other was about a month back where Denver edged them in Colorado by 2 points. Melo was out due to an injury and the Nuggets were 4-point home dog that time. It was a comfortable ride watching the game for Denver backers because the Cavs were only able to get the lead twice in the game. One at the opening tip and the 2nd lead was with 1:46 left in the 3rd on an LBJ23 jump shot. Cavs shot a bit better (46% to Den's 44%) and hit two more 3 pointer to the Nuggets' 7-made shots.  Freethrow are just about equal with both teams taking 29 and 30 tries at the line with the Nuggets a +4 in that area. Cavs are +12 in rebounding but turned it over 6 more times than the Nugs. Game's just about pretty even that time but now things seem to be a hella different. Cavs will still be without PG Williams and 7ppg/5rpg in Big Z. They are however, giving Hickson more time to play and a chance to deliver almost the same number as Big Z. Denver will be the same team that beat the Cavs but this time they have Melo back (and the man showed good form playing in the Allstar game). Really thorn right now but looking at...

Cleveland Cavaliers -6.0


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Posted Wednesday, February 17, 2010 07:31 PM

CrazyMilkMan's CBB Wednesday

Went 1-1 yesterday. 4 plays that stands out for me so far. What do you guys think?

Seton Hall @ St. John's UNDER 143.5
Saint Louis ML
Southern Methodist -11
Pacific ML


Posted Wednesday, February 17, 2010 02:20 AM

CrazyMilkMan's NBA Wednesday

Detroit Pistons +12
This may not be the best bet tonight but what am I missing here? Back to back games after a long break is what's best for any team at the moment. Detroit looks great last night against the Wolves. And like my write up in their last game, Pistons have a very talented front court who defends well. I checked the last 3 matchups and Detroit plays this team close. I think they do the same and follows up the Minnesota win with a nice cover here in Disney land.

Toronto Raptors -7
I wouldn't want to bet against Chris Bosh right now. Grizzlies look rather rusty against the Suns last night and hopefully the struggle continue in Canada. If there's anything, Air Canada Center is a tough tough place to play. With CB4 playing possessed I don't see them slacking off tonight. Size isn't a problem here against the Grizz since Raps are rather tall in most positions. Home team takes this and Memphis tries to break that dry spell perhaps against New Jersey.

Minnesota Timberwolves +4
I know Wolves are bad on the road but against a Wizards team that just can't get anything good going for them this season I think Minny looks good tonight. Chemistry issues for the Wizards here plus perhaps the rust coming off the long break. Wizards should be able to build around Jamison at the moment until they can incorporate Howard and Gooden in the mix. Blatche has come around as well and should be a force with now that he don't have Haywood to share his minutes. ... [More]

Posted Tuesday, February 16, 2010 09:42 PM

Late Game [GSW@LAL]

Los Angeles Lakers -13

Squares are getting their share tonight. I think this one takes it as well. Difference between the Lakeshow and the Clipjoint is that the Lakeshow plays defense. Not too crazy with the play since Lakers will most likely let this team back in if they are up a dozen in the final minutes of the 4th.

What you guys got?


Posted Tuesday, February 16, 2010 06:49 PM

CrazyMilkMan's CBB Tuesday

South Florida -2.5
Texas Christian ML


Posted Monday, February 15, 2010 02:44 AM

CrazyMilkMan's NBA Tuesday

Last season and the season before that, we saw the faves and over hitting at a good rate. Guess that can be attributed to a rested body and a bit of hangover from partying resulting to a less motivated mind to play defense. LOL. But that's just me over thinking it. Let's get on with the leans: (Won't be having any write-up yet but I'd pretty much work on it tomorrow, plus will be cutting the list down to two or three).

New Jersey Nets +11.5
Miami Heat +2
Detroit Pistons -5.5
Phoenix Suns +1
OK City -3.5
Houston Rocket +2.5

Portland Trailblazers -6
Boston Celtics -5.5


Posted Sunday, February 14, 2010 08:38 AM

CrazyMilkMan's NBA East VS West

Let me start this one by apologizing on that Sophomore pick. 2nd thing is that I think we just had the worst All Star Weekend ever. Slam Dunk was wack as hell. Anyway, on with the game:

The Spread:
EAST VS WEST (pk) 262.0

EAST All-Star Team roster

A.I. (Joe Johnson to fill-in)

Joe Johnson
Al Horford
David Lee (replaces A.I.)

West All-Star roster

Kobe (Dirk starts)

Deron Williams
Chauncey (replaces CP3)
Pau Gasol
Zach Randolph
Kaman (replaces Brandon Roy)
Kidd (replaces Kobe)

EAST All-Star Team pk


Posted Friday, February 12, 2010 02:17 AM

CrazyMilkMan's NBA Rookies VS Sophomores Pick and Analysis

My analysis and pick for the rookies vs. sophomores game this weekend at the NBA All Star festivities. 

The Spread:

Rookies +12 VS Sophomores 245.0

Sophomore Team roster
Michael Beasley (Heat)
Marc Gasol (Grizzlies)
Danilo Gallinari (Knicks)
Eric Gordon (Clippers)
Brook Lopez (Nets)
Kevin Love (Timberwolves)
O.J. Mayo (Grizzlies)
Anthony Morrow (Warriors)
Russell Westbrook (Thunder)

The MilkMan Says: I kinda like this line-up. Half of them could easily wound up my 2K10 roster. LOL. Anyway, First think I noticed is that you got a pretty good  front line to build around. You have Beasley, Gasol and Lopez who has proven themselves to be very competent bigs. They can hold the front court down for the Sophs. Sophs boast of their height advantage with 5 guys over 6-9 in height. Scoring won't be a problem with guys like Mayo, Gordon, Morrow and Gallinari who can easily light it up from beyond the 3 point line. They also have Westbrook who offers steady handling at the point guard position. On paper, this team looks pretty solid but IMO the mix looks hella boring. You have no one exciting to watch here. I'd rather see Derrick Rose here than in the Allstar game since he'll surely get mad play time here.

Rookie Team roster
Omri Casspi (Kings)
DeJuan Blair (Spurs)
Stephen Curry (Warriors)
Tyreke Evans (Kings)
Jonny Flynn (Timberwolves)
Taj Gibson (Bulls)
James Harden... [More]

Posted Thursday, February 11, 2010 01:11 AM

CrazyMilkMan's NBA Thursday

Cleveland Cavaliers -6.5

Denver Nuggets -5.5


Posted Wednesday, February 10, 2010 01:56 AM

CrazyMilkMan's NBA Wednesday

Nothing went right Tuesday let's turn it around. Will try to put a more decent write up in the morning here are my leans so far:

Atlanta Hawks -7
Hawks are ballin' at home. Currently on a 4 game winning streak at home scoring an average of 12.5 more points than their opponent. Heat can't find anything going on the road losing 5 of its last road game and just broke a 5 game losing streak when they blew out Houston. I still don't trust this Heat team with Wade under performing again.

Toronto Raptors -7
Whenever we see one team go as a home fave of decent amount (IMO 6 to 8 is what I see decent) then going on the road the next day as a dog of decent amount, this situation is most likely a fade away play for me. It just looks so easy for the Pacers with 16-10 ATS on the road and 8-3 ATS back to back plus they are on a mile high momentum winning 5 in a row. Bargnani and Belinelli will be playing in this game.

Detroit Pistons -3.5
I don't know which is actually the right side here. Both teams just won the first game of their back to back sched and they share a bad record playing the 2nd game of a b2b. I'm taking the Pistons here which looks pretty decent in their last 5 games (except for that game in Indiana). Sacramento is on a 3 games in 4 nights with the first game of their back to back sched going to overtime. Fatigue and the look ahead to vacation should be a factor here. LOL.

Chicago Bulls +3.5
Looks too easy to pick the Magic here so I... [More]

Posted Tuesday, February 09, 2010 02:24 AM

CrazyMilkMan's NBA Tuesday

3-1 Monday. Should've rolled with my instinct with the Lakeshow but got screwed by Ye Old Folks. Then again you can't win them all, good thing Dallas came crawling back against the Warriors. Here's what I think for Tuesday:

Indiana Pacers -1.5 and UNDER 202
How bad could the Pacers get? Anyway, I've circled this game for the Bulls to win but seeing Tyrus listed as probable due to a suspension and Noah sidelined due to his foot injury, I don't see it happening (Deng is nursing a hurt shoulder going to Tuesday's game). They did played without both big men against the Heat but Miami is just in shambles and came close to covering. Anyway, Indiana's next game will be after the all star game and they'll definitely put up a show at home before taking a vacation. The Bulls on one hand will be hosting the Magic the next day in Windy City and IMO a possible look ahead angle here. Not much stat to back my Indiana lean but matchup-wise tells me that the Pacers' size get the best of this Bulls team. Not pulling the trigger on the side yet though I like the UNDER here instead. Bulls could barely get to 90+ points on the road with a 10-15-1  O/U record. Pacers is not much of an UNDER team as they look but is actually a 10-13-2 O/U at home.

Minnesota Timberwolves +6.5
Now I'm scared of this game. Both teams have been hot and streaking. Philadelphia manages to get 4 wins on a row with 3 of those wins on the road and to count they caught the streaking Bulls, Ho... [More]

Posted Monday, February 08, 2010 09:55 PM

Late Game [SAS@LAL]

Andrew Bynum
Andrew Bynum will not play on Monday because of his bruised right hip. He was doubtful coming in and it seems likely the Lakers will also choose to rest him on Wednesday, thus giving him lots of rest in a shortened All-Star week. All of which is great news if you rolled the dice on fill-in starter Lamar Odom, who always shines when Bynum or Pau Gasol go down.

Kobe Bryant
The Lakers will play without both Kobe Bryant (sprained left ankle) and Andrew Bynum (bruised right hip) vs. the Spurs on Monday. Consider both of them questionable for L.A.'s final game before the All-Star break, Wednesday at Utah. Lamar Odom will start at PF on Monday, moving Pau Gasol to center.

Posted Sunday, February 07, 2010 06:55 PM

CrazyMilkMan's NBA Monday

While waiting for the Super Bowl, we got a game we can cap in our hands. Here's what I think:

Dallas Mavericks -4.5
This team is better in covering games on the road than at home and after that T-Wolves upset, this is a nice little spot to take them. Mavericks are 15-11 ATS on the road going 6-1 ATS on 2 days rest. Warriors aren't shabby with a 13-10 home ATS record but so-so with an 11-12 ATS on 1 day of rest. Warriors were able to cover 6 of their last 10. Warriors has only covered 2 of the last 5 games and rides an 8 game losing streak. Both teams played each other twice this season already. The first game went to the Warriors (played in Dallas) where we saw Monta score 45 points enroute to an 8-point win. Warriors also managed to cover the 2nd and most recent game they had (being a 12-point dog in both contest) even after being blown out in the 1st half. Dallas isn't doing as of late, this may be the reason for a relatively low line. They've only managed to cover 2 of their last 10 and none of their last 5 games. Playing more games on the road than at home in their last few games, Dallas has only won 1 of their last 5 and 5 of its last 10. Looking for Dallas to turn it around here. OVER 218 sounds good too. Dallas only has two consistent defenders in Marion and Kidd. Everyone else seem to have mental lapse defending the ball with consistency. They've been allowing teams to shoot more at an average of 50% in their last 6 games and for a streaky team like the Warr... [More]

Posted Sunday, February 07, 2010 10:11 AM

CrazyMilkMan's NBA Sunday

NFL day today. Playing only two for the NBA:

Toronto Raptors -8.5


Posted Sunday, February 07, 2010 01:03 AM

Super Bowl Bet

You can almost find all arguments and they all sound valid in almost all threads today. Here's what I got:



Posted Saturday, February 06, 2010 12:37 AM

CrazyMilkMan's NBA Saturday

7-4 Friday. Changed my Suns bet to Kings but not regretting it. You can't win them all anyway. Anyway, That's like 13-4 the last 3 days. Awesome feeling, hope we continue the streak. Here's what I have for Saturday.

Cleveland Cavaliers -13
Cavs are just crazy at the moment. Riding the BronBron train again. Let's do this. Knicks are 3-7 ATS on back to back games and only 8-14 ATS on the road. Cavs are on a long winning streak and riding a 6 game ATS winning streak with 3 games as a double digit fave (9.5-point fave against the Heat if you want some more). Again, the Cavs are blowing out teams left and right. Knicks has only been double digit dogs 6 times this season and they've covered 5 of those games. Pretty strong ATS stat there but IMO I wouldn't want to go against the streak at the moment. When the Cavs are hot, they're damn hot!

Detroit Pistons -7.5
We just backed the Nets to cover against the Celts and they delivered. They've won 5 games ATS in their last 6 and I think this struggling Detroit team gives them an L in their ATS record. With almost the same ATS record on back to back games, both teams are playing the 3rd game in 4 nights BUT with the Nets playing all 3 on the road. I'm taking Detroit here as they are the better team overall than the Nets. They are improving everyday (although it doesn't reflect in their W/L card) and it should show in Saturday's contest. You also gotta love the Jersey getting mad love after outplaying the Celt... [More]

Posted Friday, February 05, 2010 02:56 AM

CrazyMilkMan's NBA Friday

3-0 Thursday that makes us a flawless 6-0 the last two days. Milk's good lately hopefully we don't jinx it and keep on delivering! Here's what I think on the Friday games. Tell me what you guys think.

Indiana Pacers -4 and UNDER 199
Two bad teams here so I'm giving edge to the home team here. Indiana and Detroit just broke their respective dry spells beating the Raps by 15 (by Indiana) and Jersey by 4 (by Detroit). Detroit appears to be healthy in the game against Jersey, then again I was watching that game and they were no where near the form of a winning team. Indiana, on the other hand, is consistent in being inconsistent. They actually are a very capable team with their schedule getting the most of them. The way I look at it, this game will most likely be an offensive struggle for both teams. Detroit putting up good defense with Tayshaun hounding Granger and Jerebko+Big Ben manning the middle. On the offensive end, they wouldn't be much of a threat either with only Hamilton and Stuckey to get them baskets (then again they jack up too many shots). Not really feeling this game but that's how I view it. If you have to seriously make a play, look at the other games on the board instead.

New Jersey Nets +13.0
Give me the Nets' ML! Kidding. Seriously, that's just like throwing away my money (like betting on the Clippers last season). This may not be a strong play but Celtics has not been good covering double digit spreads plus Nets may even look ahead ... [More]

Posted Thursday, February 04, 2010 06:42 PM

CrazyMilkMan's CBB Thursday

NBA line was off the board this morning and so I get to cap a couple of College Hoops. Hope I get the same luck in capping College Hoops like in Pro Hoops. Goodluck fellas.

Eastern Michigan +3.5
Ohio @ Toledo UNDER 130
Detroit @ Butler OVER 135
Alabama -2
Notre Dame -3 [P.O.D.]


Posted Thursday, February 04, 2010 01:06 AM

CrazyMilkMan's NBA Thursday

3-0 Wednesday. No lines yet but I particularly like the Cavs right now. They have the same killer instinct from the Cavs of last year. I wouldn't want to be caught napping and not riding that 9 game winning streak (should be at 12 if it weren't for some guy called Sundiata Gaines' 3 ball). The ATS streak of 5 should coast to 6 and they should rack up more with the Knicks and Nets up next). LeBron is just beastin' it up the last few games dishing out double digit dimes in 6 of the Cavs' 9 wins, talk about not missing MoWill. Right now, I got the Cavs minus anything with the Heat playing 3 games in 4 nights with the last two games being back to back road games. Heat is 3-6 ATS on back to backs.

Cleveland Cavaliers ATS


Posted Wednesday, February 03, 2010 09:44 PM

Late Game [SAS@SAC]

San Antonio -4.5 and UNDER 200.5

Profited from fading the Spurs and Sacto-Town the last few games. Even without Tony Parker, SanAnt rolls!


Posted Tuesday, February 02, 2010 11:49 PM

CrazyMilkMan's NBA Wednesday

0-4 Tuesday. Three plays for Wednesday. Fade away gents, Milk's been on a bad steak.

Philadelphia 76ers -1.5
Gerald "THE BEAST" Wallace +9.0
Utah Jazz -7.0


Posted Tuesday, February 02, 2010 01:45 AM

CrazyMilkMan's NBA Tuesday

Here are my thoughts for Tuesday:

Memphis Grizzlies +10.5
I don't know why they are set this much as dogs. They just covered 7 of their last 10 games and won 6 of its last 10. Cavs are just scary right now. 8 game winning streak and has covered 6 in a row, two of which are as double digit faves. Grizz are playing 3 games in 4 nights and they could feel the fatigue specially after the Lakeshow pushing them far enough last game. IMO, I have no Idea why the line is so high, are the books suggesting a blow out? The last time they were double digit dogs was way back in 11/30/09. They were on a 3 games in 4 night against Utah. Then again, that was a bit before they started their mad rush on stringing W's after W's. Anyway, with the way the Grizzlies are playing, I'd take them plus this much points even against a 19-3 home team on a 3-4 scenario.

Milwaukee Bucks +10
You gotta love the Bucks on back to back nights. They are 8-2 ATS on b2b and they off a nice little blow out against the struggling Heat team. This team also has enough talent to keep up with any top teams in the league. They've won 6 of their last 10 and has covered 8 in a row and 9 of its last 10 games. Orlando is as scary as the Cavs at home holding a 18-4 home record with a 12-10 ATS belt. Both stats are just as good as the other and I won't be surprised if this game ends up to be a blow out.

Atlanta Hawks +1
We all know how good OK City is but they are still that team that can't str... [More]

Posted Sunday, January 31, 2010 11:49 PM

CrazyMilkMan's NBA Monday

Memphis Grizzlies +2.5

Leaning on:
Washington Wizards +5


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