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Posted Friday, May 29, 2009 01:26 AM

MilkMan's NBA Playoffs Day 39

Perfect fade material all week long. Damn. I swear I'll hit this next one. I totally F* up all the totals in this Nuggies-Lakers Series and has never won one. Anyway, this Game 6 should be quite easy. Nope, no money line play nor will we tease picks/games here. Straight up bet on spreads. You all know how lazy this LA team is. They'd rather play anyone at home than to actually put up a decent fight on the road. Expect whinning from LA players and Phil himself after they lose this one. LA knows they are one of the best road teams out there and they know that they are damn too good against anyone. LA won't show up in Game 6 again. They're a couple of lazy bastards. Kobe goes for his usual, 20-30 point, 5-6 boards and a couple of assists but still lose thhe game

Denver Nuggets -5


Posted Thursday, May 28, 2009 02:54 AM

MilkMan's NBA Playoffs Day 38

Sticking to what is working:

Orlando Magic +7.5
But Cavs will win the game on a LeBron James 3 pointer at the buzzer.


Posted Wednesday, May 27, 2009 01:07 AM

MilkMan's NBA Playoffs Day 37

Will LeBron do the impossible and win 4 games in a row? Anyway, Kobe and the rest of that frustrated Lakers team will be heading back home to host the Nuggets. Nuggets have played the Lakers very well this series and them being physical has been doing well on the Lakers (see Boston-Lakers 2008 Finals). Lakers need to toughen up that front court to really contend. Lakers won't blow out the Nuggets. They will probably be playing them to the wire and win less than 5 points. Don't be surprised if they (LA) are able to get a double digit lead. Everyone know that they can do that but this Nuggets team, behind Billups just won't quit. They'd fight their way back in and make it a game. Denver to keep it close.

Denver Nuggets+6 (or better)


Posted Tuesday, May 26, 2009 12:10 AM

MilkMan's NBA Playoffs Day 36

Nice hit on Denver tonight. Let's get it going. I've already told you guys this one's next. There can only be one #23 and he should be 6'6". Not dissing the fans.

Trying to be like Mike -1


Posted Monday, May 25, 2009 12:58 AM

MilkMan's NBA Playoffs Day 35

Mile High City -4.5


Posted Sunday, May 24, 2009 06:09 PM

MilkMan's NBA Playoffs Day 34

Got to believe in Magic -1.5


Posted Saturday, May 23, 2009 12:26 AM

MilkMan's NBA Playoffs Day 33

Had the Cavs but I did enjoyed that game. Orlando got heart and the Cavs just don't know how to win when the game is on the wire. They're used to blowing out teams and sitting their starters the last 2 minutes. Anyway, enough about that. Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals and we're back to Denver colorado. As I've said in my last thread, I'm sold on Denver! They've got the killer instinct that the Lakers is missing. On a little slump the past 2 days so let's get back to what's working!

Los Angeles Lakers / Denver Nuggets OVER 211
First let's talk about the numbers. Lakers averages  106.2 ppg ranking 3rd in the league in PPG while allowing up to 98.6 ppg. That's easily combined to a 205.8 ppg. On the road they play up to their average scoring 104.6 ppg again, allowing up to 99.9 ppg. That's an easy total of 204.5 ppg. Denver, ranking 6th in PPG scores 105.1 ppg this season while allowing up to 100.4 ppg. They rack it up to 108.5 ppg while allowing the visiting team 100.0 ppg. Both stat combines 205.5 and 208.5 ppg respectively. When you average both team's game total average we get 205 ppg and 206.5 ppg which is a couple of points below the set total.

We're not really moving out of the stats yet. This time we check out their Over-Under record.Let's begin with the visiting Lakers. The Lakers stands at 46-49-1 O/U record, only 21-24-1 on the road. Denver on the other hand is 48-46-1 but a nice 27-20-0 O/U record at home.

Cha... [More]

Posted Friday, May 22, 2009 12:27 AM

MilkMan's NBA Playoffs Day 32

Almost went over but hell I'm sold now that Denver is the real deal. Anyway, forget about the Lakers game and the Cavs-Orl Game 1. Let's get this...

King James -9


Posted Thursday, May 21, 2009 01:57 AM

MilkMan's NBA Playoffs Day 31

Freak ass game in that Orlando-Cavs game. Bottom line, the Cavs suffered that defeat because they have an atrocious bench. Cavaliers' bench players were outscored by Orlando's bench by 20 points. Okay, so we're back to the West Coast and you all know what's going down...

Denver Nuggets / Los Angeles Lakers OVER 210.5

...and again, probably leaning on parlaying it with Lakers spread. And no, I didn't copy-pasted my last write up about the over 214 that didn't hit. It went 4 points down and it should be better now. The game was interesting with the first half going OVER easily. Then we saw the 2nd half coming short and still hitting 208 points. There should be a lot of scoring here and I'd expect only one low scoring quarter.


Posted Wednesday, May 20, 2009 12:34 PM

MilkMan's NBA Playoffs Day 30

Tough day with Lakers and the Over. New day today so let's get it started... Philadelphia pushed Orlando around and they even had to go to 7 games against Boston just to get to where they are now. They showed a lot of their flaws in both series and that they are very weak mentally. They are notorious in giving up big leads, even losing that certain game. Cleveland on the other hand has shown greatness and has blown out their opponent easily till this point. I'd say they're on a mission and like the Denver now, they have that killer instinct. Cavs take it all the way to the Finals. And with that we can do nothing but to.....



Posted Monday, May 18, 2009 03:17 AM

MilkMan's NBA Playoffs Day 29

We got that Lakers Game 7 alright. Boston was awful and I guess Orlando came around. Here's for Tuesday game:

Denver Nuggets/Los Angeles Lakers OVER 214

...and probably parlay it with LA minus the spread. I had the UNDER earlier but after some time deliberating on this game. I believe OVER would hit. No way in hell would Denver attempt to play half court against Phil Jackson's Los Angeles Lakers. They would get up a shot with say 10-12 seconds on the shot clock. Lakers score well against running teams.

Forget about that Houston series as you'll see both teams hitting the century mark. I don't see Denver giving up after being down even by double digits come half time. I feel that this will be another great series. Fish on Billups, Dahntay on Kobe, Ariza on Melo, K-Mart on Gasol, and Nene on Bynum. Bench should also be productive s Vujacic and Farmar can rack up the points when playing a faster pace of ball. Super bench scorer J.R. Smith should be his cocky self jacking up shots. Let's hope he drains them. I'm sure he'd want to steal the spot light from Kobe or even Melo and not fall behind in scoring.


Posted Friday, May 15, 2009 09:45 PM

MilkMan's NBA Playoffs Day 28

Real men don't do parlays. LOL. I got Boston to win the series and I even parlayed Boston ML with Lakers ML for -117 earlier but that's just my gambling itch for action. We were on Orlando the other day and we are lucky to have dodged that ugly Lakers loss. Anyway, Sunday we'll see two Game 7s and we should make money from it!

Los Angeles Lakers -12

No excuse for that Game 6 blow out. Rockets flat out took that game from Lakers and don't force yourself to believe that they gave that game away.


Posted Thursday, May 14, 2009 03:00 AM

MilkMan's NBA Playoffs Day 27

Crazy ass Denver game we have here. So we are headed back to a couple of Game 6 here, Thursday night. And yes, with Boston and Lakers tonight, ratings should be good tonight. Anyway, Boston is getting too much credit for that come back win. I say, Orlando panicked and there isn't any place for that in the Playoffs. Boston finishes this team but probably not in Game 6. They'll take the series and win it in Boston.

Master of Panic -7


Posted Wednesday, May 13, 2009 02:23 AM

MilkMan's NBA Playoffs Day 26

Nice hit with the Lakers. I thought they'd go score 150 on these guys. LOL. I don't know if it is just me or it is really tougher to cap games in the Playoffs with them refs really into games. I'm divided on to playing the totals and the side in Game 5 of the Denver-Dallas series. I tossed coin, asked my magic 8 ball and even waited for any form of hallucination or whatever and I got this:

Denver Nuggets -8.5

Tough beat the last time to those who got 2 points on Denver and below in Game 5. The make-up call was made and a win which possibly could be Dallas' was given. Denver will be demolishing the Mavericks at home sweet home.

Denver averages a total of 111.2 ppg their last 5 and has won an average of 9 points in this series. They've allowed their opponent to 102ppg in 45% in FG and 27.8% in 3P. Dallas has struggled with the physical style of defending by this new look Denver squad. Josh Howard has dropped from his 18.8ppg (spurs series) to 12.7ppg (denver series) and hasn't been a factor in the series. Look for Denver's Nene to seal the deal as he's hot at home averaging 24.5ppg as to 7ppg in that 2 road game in Dallas.

Again, Denver jumps on Dallas at the starting buzzer keeping a two or three possession lead and pulling away at the 2nd half like they would always do.


Posted Tuesday, May 12, 2009 03:57 AM

MilkMan's NBA Playoffs Day 25

Gonna keep it short and real....



Posted Monday, May 11, 2009 10:03 AM

MilkMan's NBA Playoffs Day 24

I can't believe last night's Bos/Orl total. I was quite sure it's well headed more than the set total when I decided to go to bed. That's the nba. You can't win them all. Anyway, new day today so let's get it started. Okay, I'd tell you to get Cleveland -9.5 or 10 or whatever easily but I won't. Well you could on your own but I have something better...well I hope:

Denver Nuggets ML/+1.5

Okay guys, don't over think this one. The line moving in favor of the Mavs even they have like 55% or something on them doesn't really indicate anything. The Game 3 line which dropped in Game 4 doesn't say much as well. Look back at the line set in Games 3 and 4 in the Denver-New Orleans series. Denver were 4.5 dogs in Game 3. After winning ATS, they are a 2-point dog the next game. It looks like it's going to happen all over again (like Cleveland blowing out an Atlanta team ).

Dallas should've bagged Game 3 and folded in Game 4 but the refs have a lot more on the Under thinking that Carmelo wouldn't make that shot (but ended up a two or three points above on most set totals). I know Dallas is forced to a corner on this one and a lot of people expects them to fight harder but I think Denver is mentally tougher at this point. Like what I've said in my previous thread, Denver is definitely on a mission. They have the "killer instinct" that the Lakers don't have now. They are hungry. Lakers are too full of themselves. They know too well that they are one of the best and... [More]

Posted Sunday, May 10, 2009 02:19 AM

MilkMan's NBA Playoffs Day 23

First time in the NBA Playoffs that I posted more than one game. And man, we find ourselves in luck getting 3-1 of it. Anyway, you know why you guys are here. You're looking for one solid play of the night and you know one solid play a day is a winning formula. Let's get it done:

Boston Celtics / Orlando Magic OVER 192.5

First let's talk about the numbers. Orlando averages  101.04 ppg ranking 10th in the league in PPG while allowing up to 94.35 ppg. That's easily combined to a 195.39 ppg. At home, they play up to their average scoring 101.2 ppg again, allowing up to 91.3 ppg. That's an easy total of 192.5 ppg. Boston, ranking 11th in PPG scores 101.8 ppg this season while allowing only 94.8 ppg. They rack it up to 98.6 ppg while allowing the home team 94.2 ppg. Both stat combines 196.6 and 193.4 ppg respectively. When you average both team's game total average we get 196 ppg and 193 ppg which is a above the set total.

Kevin Garnett's loss has been a great difference to the Celtics' 49-42-1 o/u record. Without him to man the middle as Boston's only legit shot blocker, they are 15-4 o/u without him. I see this trend continuing. Also, you'd like that line adjustment from 189 to 192.5. Just like last night's Denver/Dallas total which is re-adjusted to a high 209 points and went over at the final seconds of the game.

I see another foul fest late in the game. Also, Dwight will again have an easy time downlow with almost no real threat aga... [More]

Posted Saturday, May 09, 2009 01:59 AM

MilkMan's NBA Playoffs Day 22

I apologize for that bad play yesterday. Lakers seem to be rolling again now. Over seem to be hitting really well as of late with them officials constantly calling fouls left and right pushing the total high above. Anyway, I don't know if this is bad but this time I have all four actions on both games.

Denver Nuggets ML/+4
Denver/Dallas OVER 209
Cleveland Cavaliers -8
Cleveland/Atlanta OVER 180


Posted Friday, May 08, 2009 07:57 PM

09 May 2009 : Soccer Bets

Soccer YTD: 10-2-7
Unit Count: +26.75

Barclays Premier League
Portsmouth at Blackburn Rovers -0.5 (-105)   2.05u to win 2u
Tottenham Hotspur at Everton 0, -0.5 (-115)   2u to win 1.9u
Liverpool -1 (-105) at West Ham United    5u to win 4.8u

Coca-Cola League One
Millwall v Leeds TO END AS DRAW  2u to win 4.5u

Spain Primera Liga
Athletic Bilbao v Real Betis TO END AS DRAW  2u to win 4u
Real Madrid TO WIN at Athletic Bilbao 4u to win 8u

Major League Soccer
Each at -110 (Asian Handicap) 1u to win 0.9u
Kansas City at Columbus
Toronto at D.C. United
New England at Chicago
Fc Dallas at Houston
Real Salt Lake at Chivas Usa


Posted Friday, May 08, 2009 12:24 AM

MilkMan's NBA Playoffs Day 21

I wasn't paying attention and when I check we're actually 5-1 in the last 6 days picking the best winner from the bunch. Let's hope we keep winning. I really don't like Friday card and so I suggest you guys play with caution. Do watch out for a good 2nd half steal if ever we find one. Anyway, here you go:

Houston ML

Reference: Los Angeles Lakers @ Utah Jazz+2.5 Game 3.

Seriously. The first thing that comes to my mind is that Game 3 game where we see an anemic Lakers team. LA is 3-4 ATS in the playoffs and they have played basketball as if they are following a script. I like the emotions brewing in this series with a Ron Artest ready to inflict disaster anytime (which is more like a double edge sword).

Battier and Artest will sure step their defense up and prevent another Kobe Bryant Late Night Show in Texas. Lakers seem to still show less interest in blowing out teams and holding on to huge leads. As seen in both Game 1 and 2, they've given up double digit leads and even allowed themselves to fall a couple of points behind. I do not want to place the blame on Phil and his coaching pattern nor would I hand it to the Lakers Bench's lack of production.

Houston gets around this one as they have yet to get a win at home against the Lakers since 3/16/08 when they played against a team without Bynum and Gasol.


Posted Thursday, May 07, 2009 08:20 PM

08 May 2009 : Soccer Bets

Soccer YTD: 9-1-4
Unit Count: +27.55

Coca-Cola League Championship
Preston v Sheff Utd   2u to win 2.8u

Italy Serie B
Livorno v Triestina   3u to win 1.5u

Germany Bundesliga I 
Bayer Leverkusen v Arminia Bielefeld   10u to win 5.72u  

Singapore S League
Young Lions v Woodlands Wellington FC TO END AS DRAW   1u to win 2.2u

Copa do Brasil
Fluminense RJ v Goias   2.55u to win 1.9u


Posted Thursday, May 07, 2009 01:50 AM

MilkMan's NBA Playoffs Day 20

We are killing it! And yes we'll continue to roll. One game on Thursday night and it's a sad Hawks Tale again in a Kingdom far far away. This game will be another tag team matchup between LBJ23 and MoWil against the band of Hawk's Joe Johnson and Josh Smith. The play for the day is as what you have predicted:

King James-13


Posted Wednesday, May 06, 2009 08:10 PM

07 May 2009 : Soccer Bets

Soccer YTD: 4-1-2
Unit Count: +11.95

Copa do Brasil

Corinthians v Atletico PR   5u to win 2.5u

Major League Soccer
Kansas City Wizards v DC United    2u to win 2.6u
Real Salt Lake
v LA Galaxy    2u to win 1.6u

Copa do Brasil

Corinthians v Atletico PR   5u to win 2.5u
Fortaleza v Flamengo RJ   3u to win 3.6u


Shakhtar Donetsk v Dynamo Kiev    2u to win 2.2u
Hamburg v Werder Bremen    2u to win 3.8u


Posted Wednesday, May 06, 2009 02:50 AM

MilkMan's NBA Playoffs Day 19

Nice hit with the Cavs and Cavs 2nd half. That totally erased the sour tasting Lakers bet we had the other day. Anyway, Wednesday cards looks very dangerous. I suggest you guys to not roll so much of your winning as we can easily get more after getting a couple more samples after Game 2. So with that, let's try this:

Los Angeles Lakers -9.5
Okay, the only reason why I'm on this play was because it's just too wierd. LA failed miserably the first game losing by 8 points to a Ron Ron and his new do'. After that game, where Houston is an 8/8.5-point dog now they are given another point for people to buy some more of Houston.

Lakers has yet to lose two in a row at home. After losing a home game, they win the next home game at an average of 8.44 points. I think I'd like to take my chance here. Another thing to watchout for is that LA is notoriously giving up good leads (like Orlando). They are only an average 3-3 ATS in the playoffs.

I see the old people (Fish, Pau and Odom) shake away that bad Game 1. I'm quite sure they got a lot from Phil after the game and before they go into this one.


Posted Tuesday, May 05, 2009 08:22 PM

06 May 2009 : Soccer Bets

Had a nice little 2-0-1 Tuesday. Warming up the Wednesday cards. Here we go. Sorry I wasn't able to be go in to a discussion with you guys. Hopefully we can exchange insights and analysis today:

Soccer YTD: 2-0-1
Unit Count: +10

UEFA Champions League
Chelsea (Asian Handicap) +0  2u to win 1.9u
Chelsea (Straight Up)   1.5u to win 2.45u

Copa do Brasil
Ponte Preta   2u to win 1.2u

Romania Liga 1
Politehnica Iasi   3u to win 2.25u


Posted Tuesday, May 05, 2009 04:54 AM

05 May 2009 : Soccer Bets

Plays across different leagues. Since NBA and MLB been really nice I'm testing football(soccer) out:

UEFA Champions League

Manchester United 5u to win 3.5u

AFC Champions League
Al Ittihad Jeddah 2u to win 1.5u

Switzerland Super League
Young Boys 25u to win 5u


Posted Tuesday, May 05, 2009 01:36 AM

MilkMan's NBA Playoffs Day 18

Tough loss with the Lakers. Who knows that Ron Artest would have a good game with that new do he's wearin'. Anyway, lucky we had that under in boston and the 2nd half celtics play. I like one home and one road team tomorrow. Dallas being the other one but I think this homer is one hell of a team to be bettign against.

King James-11.5
I know Atlanta has played the King down the wire in 3 of their last 4 match-ups this season but I'd rather take my chance on a team that has a winning margin of 15-points at home. If Atlanta was pushed to 7 by a Wade-lead Heat squad (losing an average of 21.25 points) I wouldn't want to imagine how they will perform in the King's court. BronBron has real support now compared to Wade's solo performance in Miami. Atlanta will now have to look out for them Cavs' shooter and try to keep the ball out of LBJ23's hands.

Cleveland isn't wasting any time here. They'll get it rght in 4.


Posted Sunday, May 03, 2009 06:35 PM

MilkMan's NBA Playoffs Day 17

Thank You Denver! Let's keep it rollin now fellas! Got an early pick for you guys:

Los Angeles Lakers -8

Kobe wins by double digit at home. 


Posted Sunday, May 03, 2009 01:08 AM

MilkMan's NBA Playoffs Day 16

Our last pick didn't go to OT as I was hoping but the important thing is we get ourselves that cash! Boxing bets were amazing as well going 3-0 which is quite something since I rarely bet on fights. Anyway, back to NBA and let's take on (and probably as you guys have predicted):


I got Denver to get it done in 6. Nuggets has owned the Mavs this season. Again, they are on a mission. They are quite a surprise this post season seeing people like Carmelo sharing the ball, JR Smith has better shot selection, and Denver finally adding the word "Defense" to their dictionary (8th in the NBA in Defensive Efficiency).

Anyway, Denver averages double digit margin in winning games at home and they've definitely made a statement after the New Orleans series. If you count out the last game against Portland, Denver is 18-3 their last 21 and 16-1 at home and I tell you 15 of those 16 games they won at home are by double digits. Of course you still can't count Dallas out as they've been playing amazing ball as of late winning 9 of their last 11 games and 10 of those are against teams with winning record.

Point here with the Denver play is that I see how important home court is for this series (of course it is in all series) but we can just not give enough edge on a home team cheering their team up. Although Dallas has shown that they can get wins on the opponent's floor (even against San Antonio) they'll have a lot of problems playing against ... [More]

Posted Saturday, May 02, 2009 01:44 AM

MilkMan's NBA Playoffs Day 15

Don't you just hate it when you feel that you're on a slump but your bank roll didn't think so? Anyway, Let's get this hot one out early on. Nice game in Miami, it really is scary to play against an angry Dwyane Wade.

Chicago Bulls / Boston Celtics OVER 196.5

This won't even be close. Expect another hard fought game that will most likely go to overtime. Refs will be in this game again and push the total when needed. LOL.


Posted Friday, May 01, 2009 10:38 AM

MilkMan's NBA Playoffs Day 14

Rough night with that UNDER. Reddick played pretty well and perhaps did more than Lee offensively. That 5 3-pointers hurts and Superman isn't really missed with the underrated Gortat. I have this new found respect for Internation bigs now like Scola and this dude. Anyway, I'll try not to take too much of your time with numbers and all. LOL..

I tried checking out the side but it gave me great headache deciphering a winner out of the season and playoff stats. They're pretty damn even on almost every area. Notice also this worthless trend. When the final line ends at 186 or better it's only then that this series will go UNDER. If it opened and ended below 186 it always goes OVER (Game 2's total is 184 and Game 5's total is 182)

Atlanta Hawks / Miami Heat OVER 182

Covers has J.O. and Wade listed as Probable but hell I doubt they'd let this game pass by and not even try their hardest to push for another lifetime. Miamia is outright humiliated and banged heavy by Atlanta in Game 5. Josh Smith's dunk in the waning moments of the game is just flat out disrespect. We're banking on the over for the Heat to show up with D-Wade feeling much much better than he did in Game 5. I say he put on that Flash persona again and score with the Hawks team.

With so much emotion to fuel this Miami Heat squad I say they do something about this "disprespect" and push it to 7. Atlanta will most likely put up the points and score. This should go 185 at the very least.... [More]

Posted Friday, May 01, 2009 10:32 AM

It's not too late for this easy money.

Manny Pacquiao -250

And if you have extra dimes.. throw in these for fun:
Pacquiao to win by KO, TKO or Dq +125
UNDER 9.5 Rounds +105

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