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CMM's NBA Saturday

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Posted Saturday, November 10, 2012 12:27 AM   43 comments

Got only two for Saturday so far.


Dallas Mavericks -6.0
Fading the Cats. Simple as that.


Detroit/Houston UNDER 191.5
Scheduling should get to both teams en route to the UNDER. Houston is easily figured out now and Detroit should be tired playing the final game of a 6 game road trip.



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DENISS08 says:
11/10/2012 1:30:41 AM
CMJohnson1 says:
11/10/2012 1:32:30 AM
Can't argue sir...BOL
bwong143 says:
11/10/2012 1:32:42 AM
solid pick... remember me CMM... pro pinoy
bwong143 says:
11/10/2012 1:33:27 AM
ey also what about the bos game tom? 0 wins ats yet for bos
JayO1872 says:
11/10/2012 1:39:38 AM
Thanks CMM
Kaka123 says:
11/10/2012 2:25:10 AM
Tubong_Lugaw says:
11/10/2012 2:57:18 AM

BOS ml jennings got thrown out chances are he is suspended but il go still with DAL ML and -1 DEN parlay play
PicKnRole says:
11/10/2012 3:19:42 AM
Chen179 says:
11/10/2012 4:47:07 AM

CMM, How you like nuggets -1? i've watched both GS and Nuggets play yesterday and i gotta say its a huge mismatch.

Nuggets: shot blocking abilities, stronger roster, depth and athleticism. Riding on a 2 win streak + 5-2 ATS against GSW

GSW: Just got blown by lakers. Brandon rush out.

Line is just nuggets-1. I see nuggets winning by 8.



duelich says:
11/10/2012 5:30:29 AM
Hey CrazyMilkMan, I just want to thank you for your write-ups. Covers has few gems and you are amongst them. I came here 2 years ago without knowing s**t about basketball and the next year I won my H2H Fantasy league on ESPN and now I think I start to understand basketball and that in large part because of very few Covers posters and you are amongst them (actually the only one other basketball poster I mark out is mtbaker - no offence to those who post nice picks, but you give a fish and these two guys teach to fish so all the kudos to them). BOL to you.
bettinbig5 says:
11/10/2012 6:31:51 AM
Chen179,  Nuggets -1 is definitely one of my more favorite bets for tomorrow.  GS is better than people think, but I think your analysis is spot on.  Also take a look at the Mavs tomorrow...
EatWeights says:
11/10/2012 6:41:24 AM
wildhooks88 says:
11/10/2012 7:25:32 AM

Like denver as well. I'm taking the over there though its 203

Cheddbay says:
11/10/2012 7:49:59 AM
Good Luck! 
JDH55 says:
11/10/2012 8:26:27 AM
Thanks for the insight 
ewickz says:
11/10/2012 10:11:18 AM
PickPlay says:
11/10/2012 10:14:38 AM
LVTruck says:
11/10/2012 10:15:28 AM
11/10/2012 10:47:10 AM
love the writeups, BOL
PicksOnly says:
11/10/2012 11:06:18 AM
Hi CMM, longtime covers viewer here (just not a poster). Do you bet online or do you ave a bookie? Just wonderin' where you get your odds because my only bookie gives me +.5 additional on some games which causes me to push/lose like Miami's game yesterday.
kevzim812 says:
11/10/2012 11:11:55 AM
BOL CMM.  Spot on with the Bucks last night.
jerzeyboy56 says:
11/10/2012 11:59:50 AM
bol cmm
Quidy says:
11/10/2012 12:14:19 PM
lewis69692003 says:
11/10/2012 1:17:55 PM
I went 4-0 yesterday with your picks. Lets do it again!
depbmoc says:
11/10/2012 1:18:10 PM
Thanks milk man 
I was 2-0-1 Yestrday 
Had minn -2 
buttnhelmet says:
11/10/2012 1:19:19 PM
Cmm, thanks for the pixs!
TheReignman says:
11/10/2012 1:23:22 PM
Chen179 says:
11/10/2012 1:41:42 PM
also leaning 76'er +2.5..
keepitstrict says:
11/10/2012 1:44:28 PM
tinfoils says:
11/10/2012 2:05:52 PM
Good luck CMM!
StankyLeg says:
11/10/2012 2:27:07 PM
FeedMeCappers says:
11/10/2012 2:35:14 PM
hate seeing you on the other side of the rockets total.. should have looked in here before locking it in.  Oh well.. I think it will be really close.  GL
goodguy says:
11/10/2012 2:38:17 PM

GL Bro!

VietBlonde says:
11/10/2012 4:20:28 PM

BOL CrazyMilkMan!!! Keep the  rolling in.

 Thanks again

JAPES81 says:
11/10/2012 4:47:05 PM
Solid picks last night!!!  
phatmac says:
11/10/2012 4:51:12 PM
The-OG-GunClapa says:
11/10/2012 5:01:21 PM
44-dimes says:
11/10/2012 5:03:18 PM
On the other side CMM-----------Got the Kitties
manutdfctts9899 says:
11/10/2012 5:10:54 PM
BOL CMM n guys 
fade_Bayno82 says:
11/10/2012 8:11:29 PM
Always like your picks CMM!

With you on Dallas. BOL
Baby_BA says:
11/10/2012 8:18:54 PM
travisaimsn says:
11/10/2012 11:25:04 PM
good call on the under. 
fade_Bayno82 says:
11/11/2012 6:12:43 PM
Dallas couldn't have played any worse.
I swear Collison was on the take! Was playing like a member of the Washington Generals..
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