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CMM's NBA Monday

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Posted Sunday, November 18, 2012 10:31 PM   45 comments

Monday Game. Let's start it right.


Charlotte Bobcats +4.5
Milwaukee is one team that the Cats can beat at home. IMO, both teams are supposedly even at every position. Stats will say otherwise but if you follow both teams it seems like one players cancels out another. 4.5-point bonus will come a long way in what I think will fall into a close game that's why we didn't bother going the ML route. Bucks plays the champs in their next schedule so you can expect them to let up a little coming to this game. Also trying to play against the 3-game streak and a 3-0 road team. It's making things a little easier to take the Bucks. Cats are actually playing well the last 5 games (even in losses against NO and Mem) and I think this momentum pushes through a bit. Both teams are rested and no scheduling prior to this game will affect their game.


Memphis Grizzlies -6.5
It's no secret that the Nuggies are a bad road team. Grizz are on a high right now and this is a team that's scary to go up against upon picking up steam (look back to their playoff run 2 years ago). Denver will probably have a hard time against the Home team's interior play. I see a 107-87 type of game here where Memphis' defense will get to Denver.


Los Angeles Clippers +4.5
I see the Clips doing over what they did when they beat the Spurs in LA. The 4.5 points could come a long way as well.



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JeffDM5 says:
11/18/12 10:47PM
je5usPiece says:
11/18/12 11:03PM

Bucks are a good team. Bobcats are not good at all. 
TheLeaguesOwn says:
11/18/12 11:08PM
I wanna pull the trigger on the MEM game but I feel like the O/U might be a little safer. It looks like a letdown spot. 
nidiot says:
11/18/12 11:19PM
Hot_Picks_61389 says:
11/18/12 11:21PM
manutdfctts9899 says:
11/18/12 11:50PM
Bram says:
11/18/12 11:59PM
Still considering LA/Spurs but I'm 100% with you on Memphis. I'm going to ride their streak until they crash. BOL 
jerzeyboy56 says:
11/19/12 12:01AM
Bol bud
MoneyInTheBag says:
11/19/12 12:18AM
husker2233 says:
11/19/12 12:20AM
Taking the Girzz....BOL all
chrisonfiya says:
11/19/12 12:45AM
bol sir
mlgneo says:
11/19/12 01:04AM
Grizz all day 
manutdfctts9899 says:
11/19/12 03:36AM
WinSeeker says:
11/19/12 04:15AM
I think public will be on Spurs with revenge angle. I'll wait for line to get better on Clippers and play them then.  
Cheddbay says:
11/19/12 07:54AM
Good Luck! 
Paidonjok says:
11/19/12 08:25AM
After handing Knicks their first lost, I think Memphis is playing with some serious swagger.  I wouldn't bet against them at all.  
Botchokok says:
11/19/12 09:22AM
BOL and thanks...
TheReignman says:
11/19/12 09:40AM
lovelymoney says:
11/19/12 10:58AM
depbmoc says:
11/19/12 11:20AM
i would say you are like money in the bank. but my bank money isnt making me shit 

you are like smith and wesson stock my friend 

good luck and thanks for your picks 
wiseman22 says:
11/19/12 11:21AM
bol cmm
Ckpich says:
11/19/12 12:10PM
tinfoils says:
11/19/12 12:20PM
Good luck CMM!
Johnnyclutch22 says:
11/19/12 12:51PM
DENISS08 says:
11/19/12 02:12PM
HWPEB says:
11/19/12 02:29PM
 Mucho arigato!!!
bigmikeLA says:
11/19/12 02:35PM
milk man delivers! freakin awesome brotha! 
Mikado says:
11/19/12 03:35PM

Your Cats play looks good CMM.  I'm on it too.

Many people still think this is a garbage team.  They will be a solid play ATS for a while as long as people still treat the team this way. 
Mikado says:
11/19/12 03:37PM
Cats are a few points too high on value each game.  This game should really be close to pick em. 

ubetcha77 says:
11/19/12 04:23PM
with you on mem and lac buddy! BOL 
AAY says:
11/19/12 04:56PM
CMM Good luck
Underdogmania says:
11/19/12 05:15PM
mikla says:
11/19/12 05:35PM
BOL to you, CMM 
3BallBomber says:
11/19/12 05:36PM
manutdfctts9899 says:
11/19/12 05:48PM
BOL my friends
Quidy says:
11/19/12 06:15PM
StankyLeg says:
11/19/12 07:00PM
TheLeaguesOwn says:
11/19/12 08:41PM
Hopefully you and the rest of the great cappers on here are right about MEM -6.5 tonight.

chrisonfiya says:
11/19/12 11:24PM
2/3 good start. Man everyone was on memphis too bad it didnt go through
samson96 says:
11/19/12 11:37PM
Paidonjok says:
11/19/12 11:42PM
2-3 is still a great night CMM!  You can't win it all but as long as you are on + territory per day, that's good enough.  
JimWoody says:
11/19/12 11:47PM
2-1 For NBA tonight   Looking forward to tomorrow.
manutdfctts9899 says:
11/19/12 11:51PM
CMM and guys

BOL tomorrow
CrazyMilkMan says:
11/20/12 12:31AM
 Thanks fellas.
fc62bf332f944e79a1b68f2f1fee864a says:
11/20/12 10:25AM

I took the Bobcats last night. Great pick bro!

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