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CMM's NBA Tuesday

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Posted Tuesday, November 20, 2012 12:25 AM   87 comments

Memphis got us (and i guess the whole forum) but I still think they're the right side. This 3 plays max a day is really neat. Let's keep it rollin'. Anyway, a lot have always been asking for my YTD. I really don't get it. It really defeats the purpose of finding info in the forum. I still do keep tab of how playing 3-plays max a day that's why I find it really profitable hitting a 64% clip. At the moment it stands at 34-19-2. Anyway, here is for Tuesday:


Toronto Raptors +5.0
Like last night's bucks-cats game, this one's pretty similar. If there's one team the Raptors can beat (at the moment) even on the road, that's the 76ers. Starters pretty much cancels each other out with a slight edge to the road team for having a second unit who can be productive. Just about every other stats are even as well. Don't bother with the ML, I think this one go down the line where the 5-points is a gift.


New Orleans Hornets +6.0
I think if you wait you can get 7. Hornets are an underrated team who can cover average spread such as this one. A lot should expect the Knicks to bounce back, as I do, but the Hornet have the personel to keep up with the Knicks. They are pretty good defending the paint and the perimeter. I think the Knicks are slowly settling down and their high averages will come back down to earth. I get this feeling that they won't be able to keep up the hot streak they started but stay somewhere in there where they are able to win games. I hope I'm getting what I mean across. You could also say that the Knicks are going to losen up a bit as they look ahead the better competition the next day in Dallas. Again, I see the Hornets keep up with the Knicks enough for a cover.


Los Angeles Lakers -6.5
Coach Mike's (possible) debut game. Don't be fooled by the Nets' 6-2 record. They had a lighter opening schedule. It did built them good momentum with a 5-game streak. Player roles should've been defined by now and the Lakeshow's offense should be able to overcome the visiting Nets. I don't think the Lakers will look forward to playing in Sacramento the next day. They probably go out here swinging.



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Iguodala says:
11/20/12 12:32AM
Heh, i have bet 30% of my bank to knicks @ 1.57.. Hoping the best 
Fools_Gold says:
11/20/12 12:34AM
Milk... great work so far!

Any thouhgts on the UNDER 208.5 in Lakers/Nets?...... seems a little high... I dont think the Nets hit 100 in this one.... Im seeing like 102-94 Lakers....
nidiot says:
11/20/12 12:55AM
On the other side with NY. I can't bet against them at the moment. 

Love the Craptors & LA is tight. 

Bantam says:
11/20/12 01:20AM
Hot_Picks_61389 says:
11/20/12 01:41AM
Same for tomorrow's games. GL to us then CMM.
chrisonfiya says:
11/20/12 01:55AM
ty for the post 
duncantutan says:
11/20/12 02:00AM
bol cmm. with you on LAL. can't go against NYK and NOH. siding with philly though.
ubetcha77 says:
11/20/12 02:06AM
WinSeeker says:
11/20/12 02:28AM
Hey CMM, just ignore those that ask for your record. The people who really cares already know. By answering those that ask only leads to bad outcomes...haters because they see your record and go big on your picks and likely during a time when you have an off day.  Then they would post how bad you really like they've been tailing from the beginning.  It just ain't worth the hassel!  If they need to ask to qualify you if you are worth tailing, then they shouldn't be tailing in the first place.
Just keep doing what you've been doing and, once in a wgile, take a bow for your work!  
Jm4n says:
11/20/12 02:30AM
I love all 3 plays.
TheLeaguesOwn says:
11/20/12 03:20AM
WIth you on all 3 plays. Also added TOR/PHI OVER 182 and BKN/LAL UNDER 208.5
The Winning Solution says:
11/20/12 03:22AM
lakers to the bank
tinfoils says:
11/20/12 03:32AM
Good luck CMM!
DENISS08 says:
11/20/12 03:32AM
Filipino boy,you are our KING
StankyLeg says:
11/20/12 03:53AM
manutdfctts9899 says:
11/20/12 04:50AM
BOL CMM and guys!!!
Botchokok says:
11/20/12 05:04AM
BOL bro...
Cheddbay says:
11/20/12 07:07AM
GL - Let's get the hat trick tonight!!!  
11/20/12 07:10AM
good luck for tues, another winning day
kslab28 says:
11/20/12 07:14AM
Casual_Gambler says:
11/20/12 07:23AM
Rolandoman says:
11/20/12 07:44AM

Hey CMM,

completely on your side with the New Orleans bet. If you look how New Orleans plays with Anthony Davis back in the line up is pretty fun to watch. The OKC game was just a bad time to face them after their lost to Memphis at home. Even with no rest they played very solid against Milwaukee and covered in the end. If you look at home games this far, New Orleans covered in 3 out of 5 times, but the game against Phili was just a mess to see how they wanted to create something in the offense without Davis. Davis was back in the lineup against Charlotte and covered 4 straight. A missmatch for New York will be the Hornets BIG's in Aminu, Davis and Lopez, they will crush them at the board. Anthony Davis is also a tough Defender who can guard Anthony a little better than most Forwards.

Big Play for me with Hornets probably getting to a +7 because the public will be all over the Knicks in this one.
jerzeyboy56 says:
11/20/12 09:06AM
Kaka123 says:
11/20/12 09:37AM
Don't like the Lakers pick. Major guard disadvantage for the Lakers with Nash out and Blake doubtful for tonight if he can't play. Williams and Johnson should have an easy time.
depbmoc says:
11/20/12 09:50AM
2-1 yesterday buddy . 

more money in the pocket 

are you the devil ?  

good luck man of milk 
jeroutsong78 says:
11/20/12 10:34AM
Incredible job so far milk
wiseman22 says:
11/20/12 11:01AM
hitmanwhitman says:
11/20/12 11:48AM
I have followed you and CM Johnson and you two don't need to post your record it speaks for itself. I have had a good start to NBA thanks to you and wish I could become half the capper you are
jerzeyboy56 says:
11/20/12 11:56AM
I have followed you and CM Johnson and you two don't need to post your record it speaks for itself. I have had a good start to NBA thanks to you and wish I could become half the capper you are

Been doing the same and its been going so well I even stopped betting on football 
JAPES81 says:
11/20/12 12:09PM
TexanGambler says:
11/20/12 12:15PM

20.00 PARLAY
New Orleans

20.00 PARLAY
New Orleans

be4orr says:
11/20/12 12:18PM
Underdogmania says:
11/20/12 01:02PM
I'm on them! BOL
Ckpich says:
11/20/12 01:51PM
abnormality says:
11/20/12 02:09PM
I get more than a bit uneasy when you are on the other side of me, but I do like the Lakers and especially like the Raptors pick.

manutdfctts9899 says:
11/20/12 06:53PM
BOL guys
AAY says:
11/20/12 07:00PM
CMM Good Luck bro
BigLick08 says:
11/20/12 07:00PM

Philly beat Raptors at Raptor's home, has anything change? If anything they're playing at Philly's home now. I rather tease it to -1. Raptors are 1-4 on road, don't see any of this change. Lowery is the guy for Raptors but he's still out. I only see two players on Raptors that scors, Barsomething something, and DeRaozan. Calderon does more on assists... Philly out run them here. 
hawgpix says:
11/20/12 07:21PM
StankyLeg says:
11/20/12 07:28PM
No Anthony Davis
CrazyMilkMan says:
11/20/12 07:48PM

No worries. Star Player rule in effect.

CrazyMilkMan says:
11/20/12 07:51PM

Lakers line is hella weird anyway. Gerald Wallace is back and yet he seem to not have any effect on it. Deron isn't Deron yet. Something's wrong with his game. Perhaps they need more time to gel as well. Johnson gets Kobe so i don't think he'll have an easy time.

Iguodala says:
11/20/12 07:53PM
Please, CMM, add me to friends so i can follow ya. Really appreciate your posts! ;)
DJLeft_unheard says:
11/20/12 08:02PM
Paidonjok says:
11/20/12 08:09PM
Without Davis, it pretty much guarantees NO to win.  

My money is already on the Knicks at -6.5.  At this point, it's a bargain and Knicks might win by 7 just to cover the up-to-date spread at -7.5.
mikla says:
11/20/12 08:50PM
GL CMM. Came home a little late, so I didn't get a bet in on the first two games. I'm on the UNDER in the Lakeshow game.

I hope we both cash  108 - 92 game would be great 

I've sent you a friend request. You and bodio were the reason I took a peek at almost daily 2½ years 
manutdfctts9899 says:
11/20/12 09:05PM
BOL guys
Paidonjok says:
11/20/12 09:18PM
Fuckin' Lowry misses 2 FTs to trail more than 5 points.  Toronto 4th quarter meltdown....
eLeet says:
11/20/12 09:21PM
CrazyMilkMan says:
11/20/12 09:23PM
Horrible 4th Q for the Raps.
eLeet says:
11/20/12 09:23PM
manutdfctts9899 says:
11/20/12 09:31PM
Raptors such a crap 
DJLeft_unheard says:
11/20/12 09:31PM
Paidonjok says:
11/20/12 09:42PM
If you tell me that Vegas didn't have their hands on this game, then Toronto really sucks.........
choochootrain says:
11/20/12 09:49PM
Craptors will be craptors

better not be Cold milk tonight, followed all ur picks with and under on lakeshow
choochootrain says:
11/20/12 09:50PM

how much lowry got paid by mgm tongiht?
Thanatoa11 says:
11/20/12 09:52PM
Noh down 19 pts. I hope lakers cover
ReppinDaBurghh says:
11/20/12 09:55PM
Guys who regularly tail CMM, how often, if ever, has he gone 0-3 this season?  I'm tempted to double or triple my Lakers bet because I can't remember him going 0-3 in recent memory.  Somebody update us on that if possible.  And CMM if you're reading this before 10:30, advise on whether or not you think doubling down on Lakers before gametime is a good move?
bluecob4lt says:
11/20/12 09:56PM

That's just poor money management.
Botchokok says:
11/20/12 10:04PM
FXXXXing craptors... blewing everything in the end.
ReppinDaBurghh says:
11/20/12 10:13PM

Yeah you're probably correct.  I actually didn't jump on either of his early games and only jumped on the Lakers when I placed my bets (Or bet, tonight) today.  So I'm even on the day.  I have been tailing CMM and CMJohnson for the past couple weeks and am on a 15-3 tear thanks to them.  But I just felt with only three games on the schedule tonight, perhaps CMM may have forced three picks to continue his three picks a night trend.  

But regardless, I haven't seen him go 0-3 in awhile, so I thought it was worth asking.  Betting the trends.  I'll probably stick with my 1 unit play though instead of upping it to 2 or 3 units.  My luck Lakers would win by 6 (I got them at 5.5, at 6.5 now) and I'd end up losing the juice instead of winning the initial bet.
Julespussy says:
11/20/12 10:15PM

Terrible terrible move.  Chasing at its worst.  Increasing your bet size through nothing to do with the event itself.  Might win of course but that doesn't make it a good idea.  Why would CMM suddenly think this is a stronger bet because 2 unrelated events took place?
ReppinDaBurghh says:
11/20/12 10:24PM

Wasn't asking if he thought it was a stronger bet because of the result of the previous bets, didn't mean to intend those bets had any correlation to the Lakers bets.  Was simply asking how confident he was in the Lakers bet.

But you're right, I'll just continue betting at my normal pace and hope for the +1 unit night.
ReppinDaBurghh says:
11/20/12 10:25PM
Side note:  I didn't lose anything tonight and I'm on a killer winning streak right now (Thanks to CMM and CMJohnson) so I don't know if what I suggested would be qualified as chasing, seeing as I'm not looking to make back any losses.  
CrazyMilkMan says:
11/20/12 10:26PM

Look ahead to tomorrow's games @ReppinDaBurghh.


Looks like a minus day today. Don't bother forcing one in. Loads of games/wagers to be played the next day.

mlgneo says:
11/20/12 10:28PM
ML > Spread for LaL if you want to be safe. went big......
manutdfctts9899 says:
11/20/12 10:33PM
YES CMM u're rite....shud have gone 1-1 but well......what can we do....BOL to all for the lakers game!!!
vegitix says:
11/20/12 11:02PM

Im so sorry for the lost bro..I know you've been strugling last week winning and today as well... I hope you get back on track. BOL 
vegitix says:
11/20/12 11:03PM

If you've been following him I'd think twice. He's been in a losing streak lately. 2-8-0 probably
manutdfctts9899 says:
11/20/12 11:12PM
how did u get the records dude?
ubetcha77 says:
11/20/12 11:16PM
you'll win it back kababayan tomorrow's another day! BOL always 
manutdfctts9899 says:
11/20/12 11:21PM
BOL CMM and guys
vegitix says:
11/20/12 11:21PM
:) not so accurate but from today its alrady -2+last week... dont worry bro you'll get back on track just focus BOL

I have a best secret guy that i've been tailing

vegitix says:
11/20/12 11:23PM
not so accurate but from today its alrady -2+last week... dont worry bro you'll get back on track just focus BOL

I have a best secret guy that i've been tailing

vegitix says:
11/20/12 11:29PM

I've been reading his post and checking his prediction...He ain't actually bad. I like all his prediction and expanation which make sense but he's been in a losing streak but i know he'll get over it and go back on track

vegitix says:
11/20/12 11:29PM

I've been reading his post and checking his prediction...He ain't actually bad. I like all his prediction and expanation which make sense but he's been in a losing streak but i know he'll get over it and go back on track

vegitix says:
11/20/12 11:31PM
:( Sorry mor the multiple post here...having a problem with my connection...
manutdfctts9899 says:
11/20/12 11:49PM
eLeet says:
11/21/12 01:01AM
man what a bad day to tail
dade911 says:
11/21/12 01:04AM
omg , last night i decided to take memphis only and i loss. but i noticed you hit the other 2. today i decided to play all 3 and i loss all freaken freaken suck milkman..can believe my boy recommend me to go along with you...
kontramasa says:
11/21/12 01:21AM
fucking haters , who told you to tail him ?
WinSeeker says:
11/21/12 01:28AM
See my post #11. I didn't think it would happen TODAY!!  Win some, lose some...AND GET IT BACK TOMORROW!!  
I'll be tailing again!!  
TheLeaguesOwn says:
11/21/12 01:29AM
Let's bounce back tomorrow. 

To all the haters: He's a god when he's hitting 3-0 but he's a moron when he's 0-3 ONCE in a while? 
Either cap yourself or stop tailing him?
duncantutan says:
11/21/12 01:37AM
changed my mind and tailed on all three milk (even raps). let's get it back.
zzsignup says:
11/21/12 01:46AM
LOL if you gamble long enough you're going to hit a few 0-3 stretches.

CMM is hitting about 61% of his NBA picks (main picks only), and is 5-4 last 9 (that's including 0-3 from tonight).

TexanGambler says:
11/21/12 01:10PM

choochootrain says:
11/21/12 09:10PM
tailed u yesterday, will do it again, cold milk all day
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