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CMM's NBA Monday

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Posted Monday, November 26, 2012 01:32 AM   41 comments

New week ahead of us. Last week was terrible for me so hopefully we get on a good start Monday. I only got one for you guys.


Memphis Grizzlies -12.0
Classic tale of an elite home team hosting a bad road team missing key/star player. Cavs' outplayed the Heat with a lot of energy before their youth loses out to the savvy vets in the end game. Grizzlies averages an 8-point victory margin at home and can actually even stretch that further when the youthful Cavs goes up against their tall front court. This should be an easy stretch for the Grizzlies who plays the Raptors and the Pistons next so no real look ahead angle here. I'm also banking on the Cavs to comeback to earth after getting production from almost the entire roster against the Heat. It shouldn't be the same when they play the Grizzlies who are a lot better defensively.


Cha/OKC Over 199.5
This line is just about right. Cats games averages 196 while OKC goes for 202. On the road, Charlotte are giving up 107 and has been effecient in scoring even on the road. They are also 3rd in the league in terms of Pace of the number of possession they have per game. OKC are alot better offensively at home being able to rack upto 107 points on 49.7 in FG%. They are also 3rd in Offensive Effeciency, just behind the Knicks and the Heat. I see both teams dropping 90 easy on this game and the remaining baskets should fly pretty close to comfort say 2-3 minutes left in the game. I see a 112-104 type of game here. Cats may actually squeeze in a cover.




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ceycia says:
11/26/12 02:35AM
manutdfctts9899 says:
11/26/12 03:27AM
BOL CMM and guys
duncantutan says:
11/26/12 03:31AM
With you on the grizz. Had a bad week myself. Lets get it back cmm!
nidiot says:
11/26/12 03:45AM
Like the Memphis pick bro, best of luck 
MelKiper says:
11/26/12 04:30AM
duncantutan says:
11/26/12 07:16AM
Cmm. What do you think about spurs -5.5? Saw your post on the other thread. But don't you think 5.5 is too low? Think it's a trap?
consultant says:
11/26/12 07:26AM
Under normal circumstances Spurs shoud win with double digit margin...they are better in all aspects. Poor washington with low selfconfidence is no matching..On the other hand what makes me worry - yesterday pathetic display of spurs under both rims, I did not reckongnize their defence....Double OT should not be a factor that much - it was played noon...Spurs ML should be a banker, though a lot of juice there
duncantutan says:
11/26/12 07:38AM

Thank you very much. I do hope that yesterday's game won't be a factor. I'll be placing a low wager on SA
Kaka123 says:
11/26/12 09:06AM
The books are inflating the lines trying to protect themselves against elite home teams from covering the last two day. Clippers, Grizzlies, Knicks, Thunders all laying 12 or more points.
SlopJockeyz says:
11/26/12 11:12AM

With ya on Grizz and OKC over, 2 units each



Bravo2 says:
11/26/12 11:15AM
I love the over in the Cats/Thunder game.

What do you think of the spurs line? ML at -240.... Could they lose this game?  I know they played double OT yesterday but still, this line seems way off IMO.
CMJohnson1 says:
11/26/12 11:18AM
jerzeyboy56 says:
11/26/12 11:21AM
Glad to see you on memphis
tonytouchemall says:
11/26/12 11:27AM
gl cmm
majcichov says:
11/26/12 11:32AM
CMM has no statistics, so it probably will be minus. If you notice that some statistics do not write, they are in debt
WinSeeker says:
11/26/12 11:38AM
CMM, just keep it rolling and ignore the trolls!  
tinfoils says:
11/26/12 12:23PM
Good luck CMM!
Baby_BA says:
11/26/12 12:33PM
Spartacus10 says:
11/26/12 02:14PM
Good luck CMM
capskip says:
11/26/12 02:32PM
Bol tonight buddy.....
EatWeights says:
11/26/12 05:15PM
AAY says:
11/26/12 05:31PM

Good Luck

VietBlonde says:
11/26/12 06:13PM

Hi CrazyMilkMan,

BOL tonight and let's cash tonight and for the rest of the week!!!

MIKECOUU78 says:
11/26/12 06:26PM
keepitstrict says:
11/26/12 06:40PM
manutdfctts9899 says:
11/26/12 07:40PM
BOL guys
HermanoConte says:
11/26/12 09:07PM
memphis loss
Johnnyclutch22 says:
11/26/12 09:27PM
wow i took some sorry shooting games tonight char is playing like my sons 4th grade team and the knicks and nets are deciding to play d and miss every shot...cavs bn playing better w.out irving for some reason
Paidonjok says:
11/26/12 09:29PM
Wow, the CHAR/OKC game is so UNDER!!!!!!!  
SirCrayon says:
11/26/12 09:49PM
Dam you are cold as hell. Fade CMM time, not a good start to the week
jaggLer says:
11/26/12 10:06PM
DaddyDiesel says:
11/26/12 10:26PM
Rough night CMM, I took the wizards tonight.  Let's get em tomorrow.
Kaka123 says:
11/26/12 10:29PM
Kaka123 says:
11/26/12 10:30PM

Never heard that before.
LVTruck says:
11/26/12 10:31PM

Class Act 
c_had38 says:
11/26/12 10:54PM
These dudes are jaggoffs. Ungrateful punk-behind troll behavior. They wouldn't be reading the thread if he wasn't one of the best NBA cappers on this site. The very best in the world fail more than 1 out of 3 times, so cold streaks are unavoidable. They should be patient, factor in their own opinions and realize that in the long run, even blindly tailing would put you in the black. But if he's sooo terrible, why aren't you just blindly fading & getting rich? It's just as rare (and just as valuable) to find someone who's consistantly wrong 60+% of the time. In the end, YOU placed the wager. YOU lost, and have no one to blame but YOURSELF.
c_had38 says:
11/26/12 11:12PM
Wow, Big Brother doesn't even allow the a-word? What a bunch of behind-holes!!!
courtt44 says:
11/26/12 11:58PM

Starting a new system for myself....Gonna start fading CMM

nemesis101708 says:
11/27/12 12:06AM
 Persistence and discipline will get us over this hump.
CrazyMilkMan says:
11/27/12 12:15AM

If that works well then I'm gonna fade myself too.

cambo_soup622 says:
11/27/12 12:53AM
cmm u suck big time the past week you got only 2 games right out of 10
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