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CMM's NBA Thursday

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Posted Wednesday, November 28, 2012 10:58 PM   53 comments

Finally gotten a sweep after sometime. Here's for Thursday:


Miami Heat -6.0
First time the Spurs are made as dogs and they are this much. I think this is a perfect spot for a fade on the Spurs. Last game of a 6-game road trip and playing 4G5N on the road. Miami are hella fresh and got nothing to look forward to with that 4 day rest. Last year, Miami won by 22 against the Spurs outscoring them in the 2nd half 71-35 with Wade sitting it out. Even with the Spurs going on light assignments I feel that they'll still feel the fatigue from playing almost a week on the road already. Heat should come out on top on a high scoring afair 107-92.


Golden State Warriors +1.5
Don't over think this one. Warriors are hella improved and has a better W/L% over the visiting team. It is also not a secret that the Nuggets are a bad road team. Both teams looking to be in great form. I think edge is on the Warriors because of their 3-pointing and bench scoring. Denver are pretty horrible in defending the 3s. In their first 2 games, they have allowed the Warriors to drain 9 and 7 on 36% and 41% chances while they themselves are hitting only under 25% clip. Two players seem to have a field against the Nuggets and they are Jack and Landry. I think they are effective when the Nuggets goes small. Warriors are also enjoying a long rest and will take another one off after this game. Denver, on the other hand, will most likely look forward to a rested LA team (where they are up as another fade material going 3G4N).




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ripkarl says:
11/28/12 11:03PM
Paxel says:
11/28/12 11:09PM
manutdfctts9899 says:
11/28/12 11:14PM
CrazyMilkMan says:
11/28/12 11:22PM
No love for the Warriors?
nykjets says:
11/28/12 11:29PM
with you with HEAT. bol cmm
Stutterstep says:
11/28/12 11:34PM
gsw bro..
StankyLeg says:
11/28/12 11:37PM
Like them both!!
anterazor says:
11/28/12 11:38PM
thanks to a very low scoring 4th quarter we went 2-0!!!!! thanks CMM for the today!!!!
jtelemaq says:
11/28/12 11:41PM
mtbaker says:
11/28/12 11:41PM
ntrinh12 says:
11/28/12 11:46PM
duncantutan says:
11/28/12 11:58PM

going gsw. i think they'll lose this one after getting the last game vs utah with the points.

not so sure about spurs. this is coming from a fan though.

bol cmm

Paidonjok says:
11/28/12 11:58PM
Man, you are way too fast for me!  I'm still dealing with the Clipper/Minn game.  

Only player props tonight!

I like Miami but fear that SAS will cover.  They been covering everything!!!

I like GSW.  They are definitely underrated.  
VietBlonde says:
11/29/12 12:13AM
BOL CrazyMilkMan!!!   Let's cash this one also
kvnjensen says:
11/29/12 12:24AM
i'm hella hard on the heat, they're just going to have one of those games.
not so hella on GS, but definitely leaning that way.
good day today

CrazyMilkMan says:
11/29/12 12:48AM

LOL. I hope that's not a bad thing.

Spurs' first time getting points and 6 is a bit too much. Spurs went 7-9 when they are getting points. I'm giving enough value on their scheduling getting to them than anything else.

Warriors should get the job done as well.


CrazyMilkMan says:
11/29/12 12:49AM

Could've gone 3-0 if you caught the Blazers 1Q!

ravensfan52 says:
11/29/12 01:10AM
Best of luck CMM
duncantutan says:
11/29/12 01:40AM
what play do you like more cmm?
3BallBomber says:
11/29/12 01:57AM
Miami Cheats
ManassaMauler says:
11/29/12 02:06AM
Dogjimbo says:
11/29/12 02:15AM


Quantum_Leap says:
11/29/12 02:27AM
alright, man. Good thinkin and hope they hit
ihavenopatience says:
11/29/12 02:59AM
idk man tough spot taking miami imo spurs yes have had a long road trip but personally im not too into betting on angles spurs have had b2b blow out wins so starters have had plently of rest. I think spurs 1h is a good bet hopefully miami will be sluggish coming out of the gate, before really getting warmed up


quanza says:
11/29/12 03:45AM
On both..

LasVegasLord says:
11/29/12 03:55AM
Golden State
duncantutan says:
11/29/12 04:44AM
Crap! Leaning sours but hard to go against a hot milkman.
I guess no play is the right play for me there (pretty sure I'm gonna kick myself if I choose a side and it loses)

Going with GSW then. Bol to us guys!
manutdfctts9899 says:
11/29/12 05:01AM
BOL once again guys!! get the perfect 2-0 tomorrow
Majestic1 says:
11/29/12 08:25AM
GL Milk. Leaning on the heat
23skidoo says:
11/29/12 08:52AM

Hey Milkman,

Thanks for  great write ups.Are you possibly watching these two lonely games and their totals?

Note *last major line moves on totals if we tailed proved profitable.

Re: Tuckered out Cavs vs. rested Phx Tuesday Total opening 205 to a close at 201 (Final total 169 under 91-78 Phx.

&  then yesterdays Tired over travelled Rocket squad @ Okla Total opening 205 to a close of 210 ( Final total 218 over 120-98 Okla


Heat /Spurs Total opening 205.5  NOW 203.5 (play under)

Nuggets/Warriors Total opening 198 NOW 200 (play over)


Stutterstep says:
11/29/12 09:02AM
cmm im leaning miami coz kawhi and capt jack are out.. to me they are the spurs' best wing defenders... without them... lbj and wade will simply just run wild... seeing this as mia by 15... BOL BRO 
Botchokok says:
11/29/12 09:42AM
Johnny5 says:
11/29/12 09:57AM
That Heat line falling. Started for me at 6.5 now 5.5
kulprit says:
11/29/12 11:10AM

Good job on the sweep!

I like MIA for the same reasons you listed.  One thing I don't like is SA is 2-0 ATS on b2b games, and both those times were on road trips.  Might be a small bet for me.

Good luck!

Ckpich says:
11/29/12 11:11AM
Louis_IV says:
11/29/12 11:15AM
mtx says:
11/29/12 11:31AM
Why did the line drop to 5.5???
phat03 says:
11/29/12 11:33AM
tomherst says:
11/29/12 11:53AM
great write ups my dude get it
dustyvaultz says:
11/29/12 12:27PM
hard to go against the milkman but im on the other side of  both here
tinfoils says:
11/29/12 12:33PM
Good luck CMM!
lion_kinggg says:
11/29/12 01:24PM
Do you keep a record? If yes how you run? Thanks and bol
holtnt says:
11/29/12 02:01PM




@ CMM  FYI:  Shane Battier is out…





the money (80%) early this morning was on the Spurs…  As of 2:00PM money has poured in on Miami (52%).  At 6 points flip a coin, but I think this

will be a heavy weight fight with both teams eclipsing the 100 point mark.  Over the Total in this spot and siding with

the Public on Denver minus the chalk…  Just my humble opinion… 

SportsFreak69 says:
11/29/12 02:03PM
Best of Luck 
manutdfctts9899 says:
11/29/12 02:12PM
 have a great day guys!! hopefully it will be fruitful for us in the 3 games of NBA and NFL 
NYBartender says:
11/29/12 05:47PM
5Dimes has Spurs at +12
NYBartender says:
11/29/12 05:49PM
Gregg Popovich is punting against the Heat and will hold Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Danny Green out of Thursday's game to give them a night of rest.

Ah, thats why. Wish I got in on this line last night.

11/29/12 06:13PM
CrazyMilkMan says:
11/29/12 08:21PM
Woah! No Duncan, Parker, Green and Ginobli tonight!
Bruce-wayne says:
11/29/12 11:18PM
dammmm Miami killed me i had a nice parlay with some ncab action..
vs a spurs team with out their big 3 and they couldn't cover?? im disappointed! miami needs to improve their defense 
anterazor says:
11/29/12 11:49PM
i had Miami ML -245. winner!!!!! Golden State doesnt look good to finish the 1st half. hope they can bounce back.
DENISS08 says:
11/30/12 12:18AM
CMM  u r the BEST HERE.... 
anterazor says:
11/30/12 01:20AM
wow CMM golden state outright! wild finish!!! geez i'll take it!
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