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CMM's NBA Monday

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Posted Monday, December 03, 2012 02:09 AM   32 comments

Dogs were alive and kicking Sunday night (even over at the NFL). Only got one play for Monday.


Milwaukee Bucks -4.0
Not going to over think this one. Hornets are 2-6 at home not because they are bad but because they host playoff teams early on. Bucks on the other hand had a roster shuffle and is yet to pay off. I think the experiment should come after a couple of game and this might be the one to do it. Bucks can match up pretty well against the Hornets. The tough scheduling for the Hornets should also affect their morale. Bucks just had two wins in their last 5 and both are wins after being down by a large margin. In their earlier head-to-head, Bucks got away by 4 points in a high scoring contest. Hornets shot for 53% from the field but the Bucks'52% clip from the 3 point line cost them. I think neither would happen again though the Hornets has been allowing their opponents 101.4 in 49.7% FG. I think this one is for the Bucks to lose.



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Tognaluk says:
12/3/2012 3:24:57 AM
im with you on this 101%

Baby_BA says:
12/3/2012 3:52:48 AM
Jaykay9294 says:
12/3/2012 4:03:14 AM
What if the line is -4.5, still take?
NickeL9 says:
12/3/2012 4:11:05 AM
My book is -4.5 right now but VegasInsider is reporting -3.5. I would wait until tomorrow and see if it moves down for better value.

nidiot says:
12/3/2012 4:13:33 AM
Such shitty action last night, already on the bucks BoL CMM 
Tognaluk says:
12/3/2012 4:37:46 AM
my line is in -5
HermanoConte says:
12/3/2012 5:35:24 AM
big game here, i have -3.5
stevenp says:
12/3/2012 5:48:07 AM
NO UDRIH TO RUN THE SECOND UNIT.  doren lamb was adequate against the celtics.  dunleavey also is questionable-- something about a midfoot sprain or something.  dunleavey didn't play against the celtics.   just some information is all.  history says new orleans and the hornets are overdue.  and, according to your script, new orleans is getting trounced by playoff teams.  milwaukee is yet to be a playoff team.  glta.  plus new orleans off two big point losses.  the vets had a players meeting.   new orleans will show up for they're every third game show up thang.
stevenp says:
12/3/2012 5:49:58 AM
monday would be your time to get charlotte that eighth win against road weary portland (6th game on the road) that they didn't get at home against philly on friday.
Paidonjok says:
12/3/2012 9:56:16 AM

I was just going to reply about that statement too, CMM.  

Your write up was to pick MIL but your last sentence 'I think this one is for the bucks to lose.' threw me off.......  Typo or a last second change?  
mtx says:
12/3/2012 11:13:09 AM
HE means if the Bucks lose, it's because the Bucks would have beat themselves, not the Hornets.
foster409 says:
12/3/2012 11:20:15 AM

gl my friend


VietBlonde says:
12/3/2012 1:24:25 PM
BOL crazymilkman, let's get this one!!! 
CMJohnson1 says:
12/3/2012 1:25:33 PM
StankyLeg says:
12/3/2012 1:26:59 PM
capskip says:
12/3/2012 1:44:46 PM
tinfoils says:
12/3/2012 1:50:02 PM
Good luck CMM!
MoneyInTheBag says:
12/3/2012 2:06:25 PM
MIL it is!
stevenp says:
12/3/2012 2:35:22 PM
your in luck-- dunleavey's going to play!  go bucks.   i'm suckered into charlotte.  ee gads.
JimmyTheLegend says:
12/3/2012 3:00:27 PM
Hornets +4, 10 straight home wins against Milwaukee. Bucks played a crazy game against Celtics two days ago and their next opponent is San Antonio.
sugabear says:
12/3/2012 3:44:08 PM
on it
TheBakerDude says:
12/3/2012 5:04:27 PM
With you 100% on this CMM!! 

don_vito says:
12/3/2012 5:06:32 PM
With you on this. Best of luck! Hoping for a strong week!
Kaka123 says:
12/3/2012 5:14:42 PM
GL. I'm on the other side thought. Watched parts of this Milwaukee team in their last three games against the Bulls, Wolves, and Celtics and they're not a very good team. Could easily see the Hornet winning this straight up.
playing4mylife says:
12/3/2012 6:23:00 PM

You clearly have not seen the Hornets play. They are absolute garbage without Anthony Davis. Milwaukee may not be that great, but at least they have Ellis & Jennings to score. You would essentially be banking on Ryan Anderson, Vasquez, & Aminu.

Take advantage of Anthony Davis's absence. It is huge.

Mil -4
shamuu says:
12/3/2012 6:34:27 PM
mm,,that's my play 2 day,,,shamuu,,,gl
Kvikings says:
12/4/2012 12:07:10 AM
wow you could nt of been more off on bucks tonite and the knicks the day before. road that to the toliet for 1100 550 a game.
Kvikings says:
12/4/2012 12:09:40 AM
cm  milk
Kvikings says:
12/4/2012 12:21:40 AM
  what kind of wacked picks do u have today cmm milk????
JimmyTheLegend says:
12/4/2012 3:07:51 AM
Tried to save you, now 11 straight home Wins against Milwaukee!
12/4/2012 4:03:04 AM
Look what he did

Lyon Villeurbanne (-120) /France, LNB/

Portland Trail Blazers [+1] (-108) /NBA/

Portland Trail Blaers - Charlotte Bobcats  under 192 (-108) /NBA/

New Orleans Hornets [+4,5] (-105) /NBA/

Denver Nuggets [-10] (-105) /NBA/

CrazyMilkMan says:
12/4/2012 4:23:10 AM

I guess you're new here. Everyone else knows that the dude running that website is just using my name. If it were me, I'd be banned from this site a long time ago.

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