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CMM's NFL Monday

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Posted Monday, November 19, 2012 12:14 AM   32 comments
Chicago Bears +7.0
OVER 36.5
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topend22 says:
11/19/2012 1:18:04 AM
Who is playing QB for Chi?
billyweather says:
11/19/2012 1:18:55 AM
topend22 says:
11/19/2012 1:20:29 AM
Yikes... I would be a little scared on that one. I like sanfran myself.
RuberBunsNStikR says:
11/19/2012 4:43:26 AM
I would tell you to stick to basketball milkman but your basketball season is looking quit miserable also. Fade here fellas! Niners and Under! You cannot even make an argument for Chicago! Fade Milkman her and in the NBA for best results!
RuberBunsNStikR says:
11/19/2012 4:43:40 AM
I would tell you to stick to basketball milkman but your basketball season is looking quit miserable also. Fade here fellas! Niners and Under! You cannot even make an argument for Chicago! Fade Milkman her and in the NBA for best results!
RuberBunsNStikR says:
11/19/2012 4:46:04 AM
You and Pucku both are here year after year posting continuous losing season. I wish you guys would just disappear from existence for the sake of these poor gamblers looking to tail someone seasoned. If only your true record was posted with your posts then people would see. Until then all I can do is warn people when I see your obnoxious threads! Go away guy!
Bobbys_pregame says:
11/19/2012 5:34:00 AM

fuck the doubters milk and keep posting your plays
you been good for a long time and we all go through droughts every now and again.

RuberBuns has obviously blown everything he had on one of your picks and is volatile and bitter.
Most likely has no job either and contributes nothing to society and  feels like the world is against him

Liking the over 36.5 myself 
Gingers says:
11/19/2012 6:21:39 AM
I'm on niners on this one... Niner D is better IMO and as far as QB goes kaepernick is better than campbell . but bol
chief33 says:
11/19/2012 7:39:10 AM
Wow, the guy is 33-21 for the NBA this year.  Keep fading him.  As for NFL, no clue what he is. 
chief33 says:
11/19/2012 7:39:53 AM
Thanks CMM, keep the picks coming, wasn't sure in my last post if I made that clear, you are the man!
shimmersun says:
11/19/2012 8:39:02 AM

nc1capper says:
11/19/2012 9:10:17 AM
yo tool, CMM is a legend around here, you are a schmo with 35 posts, do us all a favor and fade your damn self out of here, respect the legends 
Dark_Tonio says:
11/19/2012 9:25:38 AM
Milk has had some winners last couple of weeks in football
Parlaid says:
11/19/2012 9:26:37 AM
Dark_Tonio says:
11/19/2012 9:26:45 AM
Milk also had the knicks yesterday
Dark_Tonio says:
11/19/2012 9:28:30 AM
Reuban ?? Do you like BUNS?  aRE  you a liker of woman's  buns?? Or are you a hostile man hating FAG ???? LOL
Dark_Tonio says:
11/19/2012 9:35:43 AM
Back too the game  bears are 0-7 L7 AWAY AGAINST niners. I have been posting MY PLAYS BUNS- take a look. Im leaning bears and over myself. Not locked in yet , still capping this game .Trends are meant to be broken  what goes down must come up. The under has been the play in an insane number of games with the niners and also the bears. Both are do for an OVER GAME , factoring in the TO ratio both these teams have Im seeing a couple of scores on TO'S  as well. Im also FACTORING IN that most of the PUBLIC is going to be on the under and MOST OF the idiots ( like you buns ) on covers is going to be on the under.
Metallica2467 says:
11/19/2012 9:47:06 AM
On them as well.
Good luck
BigChussy says:
11/19/2012 9:48:02 AM

You joined Oct 2012, yet you know that CMM has losing picks year after year?   Anybody who creates multiple names just to trash others, really needs to do some self-introspection.
bobafett says:
11/19/2012 9:59:51 AM
1BigJohnson says:
11/19/2012 10:06:26 AM
I want to take the bears, but the home team has won the last 8 of 10 games between these two. Both have very good defence so the under looks good.
TheBakerDude says:
11/19/2012 1:00:50 PM
CMM, with you all the way!!


CHI +7!!
Paidonjok says:
11/19/2012 1:11:02 PM
CHI(+7.0).  I like it.  It's the battle of the defense tonight.  Whoever hits harder, wins.  I'll be surprised if there is 1 TD in this game!  
Pho-20 says:
11/19/2012 1:17:27 PM
Good luck milkman , hopefully we both hit here I got frisco at -3 and -3.5
Macwestie1 says:
11/19/2012 1:17:57 PM

Who the F*CK are You?? 






........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')  


..........''...\.......... _.•´  



Paidonjok says:
11/19/2012 1:22:15 PM
Unfortunately, I won't have the luxury of that beautiful spread that you picked up, CMM!  However, the over bet would be very scary if you ask me.  BOL to you, CMM!  
idle_havoc says:
11/19/2012 1:22:55 PM
 I didn't get the lie at +7, it's dropped to 3.5 now (ya snooze ya lose) right now I'm undecided but leaning a small wager on SF ML just for action
TheBakerDude says:
11/19/2012 4:48:51 PM
With you all the way on CHI +7!  

People forget Campbell had a good run in Oakland,

He was set to go to the playoffs until he got hurt... then they brought in Palmer...

VietBlonde says:
11/19/2012 7:22:43 PM

Hi CrazyMilkMan!!!

Thanks for sharing and let's GO OVER!!! I am staying away from the team spread.



Stay hot my friend

manutdfctts9899 says:
11/19/2012 7:50:39 PM
hehehe well done CMM

BOL guys
jmj8829 says:
11/19/2012 8:06:02 PM
Although I agree with I guys and CMM is a legend for sure!!!! It don't have a fuckin thing to do with how many post u have weather u can offer something with some substance to this forum! I see this shot all the time. I have been on this site for 8-9 years now and rarely post but that don't mean I don't know what I'm talking about. Some of u need to get a fuckin life!
sandrew says:
11/19/2012 8:20:43 PM
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