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Posted Monday, March 08, 2010 11:04 AM

Atlantic-10 Tournament Discussion and Plays

YTD: (102-72-7) (+37.05 units) (58.6%)

BIG PLAYS (12-2)

Totals 40-25-2

Sides: 61-47-5

Parlays 0-3

ML's 0-1

I played a non A-10 game had no idea what i was doing play (1-0) (Dmon and the gang)


Only had 2 plays the other day. Would have done well if I played on the mental leans...

STL +11

GW +13

STL had it all day, and GW was there most of the way. Tough push. I had a great season all in all and thanks to those who showed support and glad to see many made some money. 12-2 on big plays was a surprise for me, and glad that came through. 37+ units was big...

Now lets talk A-10 tournament. Taking place in AC once again and LUCKILY my schedule fell so that I can make it.

Here are the final standings....with teams in bold making the tournament

1. Temple 14-2  2. Xavier 14-2  3. Richmond 13-3  4. St. Louis 11-5  5. Rhode Island 9-7  6. Charlotte  9-7  7. Dayton 8-8  8. St. Bonaventure 7-9  9. Duquesne 7-9  10. GW 6-10  11. Massachusetts 5-11  12. St. Joseph's 5-11  13. La Salle 4-12  14. Fordham 0-16

Wednesday Night Games: (at home sites) Top 4 seeds have a bye until AC.

5. Rhode Island vs. 12. St. Joseph's

6. Charlotte vs 11. Massachusetts

7. Dayton vs. 10. GW

8. St. Bona vs 9. Duquesne

No lines out as of yet.

In AC games a... [More]

Posted Saturday, February 13, 2010 07:32 PM

Saturday Atlantic-10 Hoops **Couple good ones**

YTD: (83-55-6) (+34.92 units)

BIG PLAYS (10-2)

Totals 33-15-2

Sides: 50-40-3

Parlays 0-3 (-.75 units)

1-1-1 day..lost 1/3 of a unit. no big deal. My rams took one on the chin, and it hurt bad. Game tomorrow at Temple really could set them straight, and probably come as close to a lock up bid as they could be (cant be full lock up in this conference right now) aka giving them some room for error (say a loss at STL).

I will be playing the Fordham ML +425 or so small. They only really have 2 "winnable" games left on the schedule. Something tells me they steal one somehow, esp after how close they played Charlotte. Those games are at home against GW and home against the Bonnies. They still have URI, Richmond and Xavier still...all losses.

Few games:

GW @ Fordham +10 142

Dayton @ St. Louis +4 115

Rhode Island @ Temple -5 133

Richmond @ St. Bona +3.5 128.5

Xavier @ Florida -4.5 144

My leans: (have not looked at totals yet)

Richmond -3.5

Xavier +4.5

Really like these 2...chance for 2 unit'ers

Fordham ML

Posted Saturday, January 09, 2010 11:30 AM

Saturday Atlantic-10 Hoops

YTD: (56-34-2) (+29.38 units)


Totals 18-7

Sides: 38-27-2

Parlays 0-2 (-.5 units)


Richmond/Duquesne OVER 123 (2 units)

Mass -14.5 (1.75 units)

Richmond -1 (1.25 units)

For fun 4 team parlay:

Richmond OVER 123, Temple UNDER 134, St Bona Under 145.5, Mass OVER 146 (.25 units)

I almost caught the 4 teamer, missed it in the bonnies game by 4ish pts. 2-1 on day and 0-1 with a parlay, still finished up over a unit combined, even with the parlay. Up to almost 30+ units.

Great run right now 16-5 last 21. Love to keep it up tomorrow.

Lines for tomorrows games:

Duquesne @ Dayton -11.5 127

Fordham @ St. Joseph's -13 146.5

St. Bonaventure @ Charlotte -6 152

Richmond @ St. Louis +3.5 115



Charlotte -6 (fairly large...potentially a BP)

St. Louis +3.5, but will wait and see. I hope it gets to 4 or more. St. Lou is so tough at home and I expect some scalps against the upper teams in the conference


Thats all for now....

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Posted Monday, September 28, 2009 07:56 AM

*Atlantic-10 2009-10 Hoops Season Preview*

What's up guys. It is that time of the year to make more money...Looking forward to this year for sure and hopefully another profitable one. I do soley A-10 hoops and have for the past few years on this site. For those that wonder why, well I went to URI, got a chance to follow all these teams closely, and have continued to do so since graduating a handful of years back. Lets get right to it.

Last year in the A-10, we had 3 dancers. Temple, X and Dayton. Dayton made a nice little win against WVU...but not a ton of success for the conference tourney wise. X got bounced before they should have. Anyways, this is my thread to give an insight into what to expect this year (pretty much just my opinion) of what these teams have to offer. I will give their record last year, conf play and overall, mention some graduation losses, and a few comments about what to expect this coming year. I will break down the teams in alphabetical you guys will have to wait for X til the end...

Great shot to dance: Dayton, Xavier

Decent shot: LaSalle, Richmond

Outside/little shot: Everyone else sans GW and Fordham

As a whole, the conference I think will take a step down in terms of team dominance. So many big names graduated, while not quite as many big stars remain. Xmas, Brown, Nivins, Baron to name a few have all departed for greener pastures, NBA, overseas, etc. While it is POSSIBLE that Dayton lives up to the hype and X's young cast makes a ru... [More]

Posted Tuesday, May 26, 2009 08:56 AM

Some off Season Atlantic-10 Info

Figured I condense and talk a little bit about whats going on the in the A-10 off season as there are some stories...
1. Jio Fontan, PG of Fordham does not want to play for them and wants to transfer, as Trey Blue already has. Fordham does not want to let him leave. Its a struggle right now, but Jio and his dad say he is NOT playing for Fordham next year. Wonder if he doesnt, how well the books will adjust...
2. Derick Brown is NBA bound, barring pulling back as he has declared. Hope he stays
3. Mack will be the new coach in Xavier now that Sean Miller has departed. They do well from in house coaches, as Miller was one himself...
4. Teams are now hosting 1st round games in the conference tournament. Quarters, Semi's and Finals will stay in AC for at least the next year or so.
Those are the only major things I can note right they come in, Ill try and update stuff. Some VERY GOOD recruiting has come in overall, especially to teams like X, Charlotte.


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