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Posted Monday, February 20, 2012 02:01 PM

The rest of the Josh Hamilton story

If anybody should care to hear how "crack" can effect your judgement permanantly, just digest what JOSh actually did that Monday night at Sherlock's in Dallas......

First, it sounds like Josh and his relationships have been, should I say, a "little on the rocks lately" Starting with the Mrs.....Josh and her have a little "disagreement" and Josh decides he is going to go out and drink his sorrows away

Heads to the bar or two and starts catching a buzz, Ian Kinsler is called to come rescue his sick ass and save himself from himself  Ian gets him to leave  but the crackhead (soon to be 100-200Million$$ richer) Josh thinks better when he gets back somewhere safely with Ian's help, and DECIDES he hasn't had enough ACTION for the night and goes back out and heads to Sherlock's to have  a few more

While watching somebody kareoking......Josh is starting to get his groove on, on a stairwell, when as best described, an AVERAGE looking "HO" approaches Josh and starts grooving and gyrating with the TEXAS LEGEND, crackhead himself, "the one and only" Josh Hamilton, tush to tush no less..........Make quick, small conversation and next thing you know, Josh is heading to the Back Men's bathroom like a MULTI GRADE STAKES STALLION heading to the breeding shed to take care of some "bizness".......

Somebody comes out of bathroom when  Josh  enters and avg looking  white woman  follows......probably thinking "OMG. this i... [More]


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