Posted Tuesday, January 10, 2012 02:30 PM

A stock that I'm invested in.......

I have a small stake in a company Z3 enterprises : symbol BIBB. If you look at financials this stock looks like a dog, but that was then this is now the company is in a development stage and has done a complete 180. Its has new management that has succeeded everywhere they've went and spearheaded technology that N.A.S.A.uses today. The company has patents involving motor|generators.that can convert any vehicle on the road to a plug in hybrid, and also make a full load truck get 30 mpg not to mention make large generators about 20% more efficient.(In the engineering world that's groundbreaking stuff!)The initial prototype is being built and should be finished by the end of q1. I believe with the combination of technology, and management this could be a $5-10 stock by the summer. go to hpev.com to check out the management team ,and technology, and check recent sec filings. Remember always do your homework before you invest in anything! I am taking on risk, this is anything but a vanilla investment, but personally think i have a big time play here, but id love some feedback and opinions.. 
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Posted Tuesday, January 10, 2012 12:49 PM

Learning to Handicapp

Whats up everybody? Im new to the covers forum and sports betting. I understand how to read lines and place bets.I would like to start looking at the games from the pros point of view is there anyone that help teach me some things or point me in the right direction as far as a course or some good reads on handicapping? Any help would be appreciated.


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