Posted Friday, March 16, 2012 07:05 PM

FRI 3/16

MIA -3.5  OVER
SAS +4.5
MIL -1.5

Posted Wednesday, March 07, 2012 06:08 PM

Duuude...hittin @ .700!

Went 2-1 last night, now 10-4.  Granted, I JUST started posting...and I don't post all the time (so take it as you will).  ALSO, would like to note that 2 of the losses were to the Mavs, which I've been tailing and HOPING for a loss ATS (I'm no rookie, but I know how UDDERLY STUPID that was of me)

STILL...  .701, and looking to gain some fans! !


Notable picks last night--CHAR, BOS


WED 3/07/12:

Raptors +2

Bobcats +7

T'Wolves -1

Suns +10

Spurs -6.5


Posted Sunday, March 04, 2012 12:45 AM


for your BANKROLL'S sake!

They are not shaping-up to the second-half (of the season) team that many people were predicting....or hoping for.  Yeah, Dirk was just "this or that"  or, "Lamar JUST came back" but please don't make excuses for them.  Heck, Dallas sports radio has given them plenty of grief (still do, STILL WILL).  From the trades of Chandler and Barea, to their new punchline Odom.
But let's keep it up-to-date, and focus on the betting angle.  Going into tonight's game vs the Jazz, the Mavs had one-third of their current "9-in-12" streak completed.  And surprisingly, they were 0-3 SU AND ATS!!!  I marked my concern for this back on 2/28, when they were going to host the Nets (+10.5).  I made it a point to say "hey, @MEM tomorrow night...looking ahead"  And though Dirk left with the back problems (2Q), the Mavs managed to have their biggest quarter WITHOUT him (3Q).  Infact, they won the 2nd half out-right...but still came up with a SU loss.

vs NETS  L1 (margin -11.5)
vs GRIZZ L11 (margin -9.5)
vs HORNETS L5 (margin -12)
vs JAZZ W6 (margin -1.5)

In my opinion, the Nets were just fresh and had the prospect of getting some defensive players back that night.  And like I mentioned before, the Grizzlies were just hungrier and had more to play for (establishing a playoff spot).  So even with the pathetic road-tripping Jazz in town, it was already looking to me li... [More]

Posted Thursday, March 01, 2012 06:06 PM


3/3 last night...4/4 previous...let's see:

*no strong feelings on tonight's card-just wanna air that now*

OKC/ORL - UNDER 192 (early morning,like 193 even moreso now)

MINN - +4.5 (again, early morning pic...leaning towards UNDER here too)

SAC +4.5 (like the squad, willing to spend on the spread)



Virginia -3
Washington HUSKIES -6, UNDER 126
SACRED HEART +8.5 (Long Island is perfect @ home, but SH is fresh and ready to score)  Try a few $ on the ML +330

Posted Tuesday, February 28, 2012 04:22 PM


Cavs +3.5
-Cavs/Celts OVER 182 (b2)

Sixers -3.5
-Sixers/Pistons OVER 183

Raptors +9.5

Nets +10.5
-Nets/Mavs UNDER 189


T A&M +5.5 (b1)
lean towards OVER 118 (b2)

Vandy -3.5


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