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Posted Wednesday, February 16, 2011 01:53 PM

DAHMER'S 02/16 big Wednesday parlay picks

It's worked before and I think it can work again tonight.
Many bet's, painting the board..

I have many chances to win and corner some picks off of what I believe are my sure shot wagers. Of course this doesn't work all the time but you never know. You gotta be in it to win it baby! If you think I am crazy I want to hear about it because doing this was a part of my succsess on NHL games from 02/01 - 02/03 banking 10K. GLTA

Event 1:    Los Angeles Kings at Columbus Blue Jackets
Play Time:    2011-02-16 19:05
Selection:    Los Angeles to win
Odds:    -120
Event 2:    Phila. Flyers at Florida Panthers
Play Time:    2011-02-16 19:35
Selection:    Under to win
Odds:    Under (5.5) -125
Event 3:    Carolina Hurricanes at New Jersey Devils
Play Time:    2011-02-16 19:05
Selection:    Under to win
Odds:    Under (5.0) +115
Event 4:    Pittsburgh Penguins at Colorado Avalanche
Play Time:    2011-02-16 21:05
Selection:    Pittsburgh to win
Odds:    +130
Event 5:    Dallas Stars at Calgary Flames
Play Time:    2011-02-16 21:35
Selection:    Calgary to win
Odds:    -150
Event 6:    Minnesota Wild at Chic... [More]

Posted Thursday, February 10, 2011 04:28 AM

NHL LUCK FEB 1st-3rd.

I had a killer three day track to rise above. After the large profits I was only one away from something even bigger.

I never tried betting NHL because I have never personally been into hockey. I have appreciation for it I just never was introduced to it. A friend recently introduced me and I noticed the odds were better then what I regularly bet on (NFL,NBA) so I was fascinated to experiment with random parlay bets (Painting up the board) only on ML with a hopeful 3 team sure shot. I ranged from 3 up to 7 picks of $50-$175 ea bet (No overs or under's because I am new w/ NHL). I bought into a promotional % bonus that. I was REALLY upset with when I found out I had to roll the money over so many times before I could get paid.I thought I lost all my money until I had this recent victory. Try this sometime.



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