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Posted Wednesday, October 21, 2009 07:58 PM

Can I Be The Bookie?

So I've often wanted to become the bookie, and take the opposite of the public.  I figured I could theoretically take the opposite of them if I place all of my action against the public.

What I'm wondering is.........I've found one website that gives me betting trends (sportsbook.com).  They give you the percentages bet on each side.  What I don't know is this the percentage of money bet on that side, or the percentage of total bets on each side.  If it's the amount of money bet, then I can accurately go against the public and become the bookie.  If it's only the percentage of total bets, then this won't help at all.

Does anyone know this info, or where I can get percentages of total money bet on each side.  I've also realized that I am just getting the info (i think) of sportsbook.com and not really every other sportsbook.

What I did tonight was take the baseball game, college football game, and all the nhl games and take the minority in percentage on the side and on the total in every game.  I understand that there is soccer, horse racing etc. that the books may cash in on tonight but I feel like this is a good controlled experiment.

Can I get some thoughts or ideas?


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