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Posted Monday, August 20, 2012 05:00 PM

Please Hear me out. I am a smart 22 year old degenerate. Brooklyn.

Ok fella's. I have always been looking at peoples picks on covers, but never do I actually use there picks. I try to see who I can get good information from. Some people actually give good information. So having said that i am going to give you guys a few picks. I am not saying i am giving good picks but i am not giving bad picks either. I actually put some reaseach into these picks, so ride with me a little or just look at my picks. unfourtantly i wish i could bet every game but i cant. I am 22 years old with no job and a gambling and weed problem. But hey im still alive and well. here is my picks

Pick 1. NATIONALS -140. Zimmerman vs Hudson. (Braves) Obviously both these guys have been fantastic this year. I dont want to start giving stats on these guys but if you are a bettor im sure you know these 2 guys. Atl has been hot and alot of people ride with them. They are on a 2 game losing streak yet they are underdogs. -140 for nats i would say might be a little high. but obviosuly its nats they are feeling. And i think they take this one. Zimmerman pitches well every game where hudson has his ups and downs. Nats bats are the hottest bats in baseball and they have rocked hudson already this season. 12 innings 8.53 era hudson has agaisnt nats. I will take nats bats nd pitcher.

Pick 2. METS RL -115.  Dickey vs White (Rockies).  Now this should be a obvious game with both the pitching and batting. clearly mets have the rockies. but god do mets honesl... [More]

Posted Wednesday, February 16, 2011 07:18 PM

4-0 Start. Im back. Follow meee! or look

Last time i was on was in december and i did good going 4-0. Mayb lucky but i have been betting ever since. I am 20 and probably becoming a degenerate. Plus i smoke alot of weed. Brooklyn!!. But i am not a stupid kiddd when it comes to my money. Test mhy picks.
All the spreads seem high tonight so i did 2 teasers.
(2 Team teaser) 5 pointsHeat -4 Bosh is gon do work. More or less a revenge game. Im riding heat hard tonight in both my teasers.Boston -5.5 celtics beat these bum nets twice already. Last game                     by 23. Pierce is gon come out strong tongith after the                     miserably game he had against heat.
Lakers -6  They jus got slapped by orlando nd bobcats last             game.This is last game before all star break. plus lakers slapped them by 53 last time.Heat -4.     I really liek Heat tonight. Im gon take my chances with them. Its betting people. Lets get it!!!
Take these for now.Im going to continue my reserch for 735 games. post something at me. talk to me!!!!... [More]

Posted Monday, December 06, 2010 01:46 PM

New Comer NBA PICKS. Follow me . GIVE ME CHANCE

This is my first forum i am posting. Of course i do not win every bet i place . But i will promise you that i do win more bets then i lose. Follow me for a week or 2 and u will not be dissapointed. I am usually good with teasers. but i wil not post them considering a lot of people dont do teasers. Talk to me people


7;05 raptors VS PACERS -7            Pacers -7. Pacers -3 1st Half

Pacers have been a close to good team and are a great offense when they are on. Pacers are 4-5 at home and raptors are 2-7 on the road and raptors are not a good enough team to keep up with the pacers offense.I like pacers for half -4 and game -7.

8;05 Heat -5 VS BUCKS                Heat -5

I see this game possibly being a trap with this line so small (-5). The line is probably small because vegas thinks jennings is going to abuse the heat tongiht. They say heat have been losing agaisnt fast and good point guards. I think Heat put a end to this talk and kill the bucks tonight. Heat defense steps it up and bucks defense is not good enough for the heat. HEAT -5 is the pick

10;30 kings VS CLIPPERS -4            Clippers -4

Both kings and clippers are horrible teams. But i have seen clippers play good agaisnt a few go... [More]


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