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Posted Saturday, September 08, 2012 01:33 AM

9/8 DeMarco-Molina

I like the over 8.5 at -155

Molina will pressure and he has good power but DeMarco has underrated slickness with good distance (works behind jab), decent headmovement, technically smart footwork, and sharp punching. For all his power, Molina's punches are too easy to see coming. If the fight does turn into a brutal war DeMarco is battlehardened and still in his physical prime with the heart of a pridefull Mexican champion. I'd put money on DeMarco but I know Molina will be the one pressing forward and the fight is in Molina's home state. Not worth the risk at -300.

I like the over, however Molina takes a great shot and he could possibly overwhelm DeMarco with his pressure, determination, and power down the stretch. Also I could see Molina's face getting busted up (especially his big nose) and the docter stops it on cuts. Trust me that with Molina's determination and DeMarco's sharp punches, this fight will get extremely bloody down the stretch.

Props aren't yet available for this fight, but if they were I'd bet heavy on the over with a safety bet on Molina ITD at plus oods.

Posted Sunday, October 16, 2011 12:49 AM


What were the odds on Demarco-Linares? I didn't bet but I definitely would have taken Linares big (and lost).

Any predictions on Demarco-Rios odds? There's a market for that fight at either HBO or Showtime so I see it as a very likely possibility. I'm predicting Rios -190. He's been the favorite in every fight since Peterson.

Posted Thursday, July 07, 2011 01:33 AM


At + 440 Antillon is good value. He was a point away from a draw with Soto (who is an underratedboxing genius). Rios has a sloppy defense but makes up for it with relentlesness, similar to Antillon. Neither fighter really impresses me and some seem to think Antillon can't hurt Rios. But Antillon's left hook to the liver is one of the most brutal punches in the business.

Antillon is definately worth a little tickle.

GREAT fight regardless. It can't help but be a war!

Posted Sunday, April 10, 2011 12:36 AM

Morales is the man

I thought Maidana barely edged out the fight but Morales surprised me. Even in his prime he couldn't shoulder roll the way he did tonight. That shit simply isn't taught in Mexico so I'm sure he picked it up himself with nonstop sparring.

BTW maybe one of the most educated  right hands in the history of boxing. I love Morales.

Posted Monday, December 13, 2010 01:01 AM

Post fight analysis for 12-4

- Khan still relies too much on his footwork for defense. He'd put his hands up at times Pacquiao style, and just like Pacquiao he'd get hammered with uppercuts. Where is the head movement? Counterpunching? He's got the best trainer and sparring partners in the world right? I personally got caught up in the "Khan is deveoping into a worldbeater" hype and unloaded big on Khan. I won but he doesn't impress me.

- Ortiz is stupid for not realizing that he is a beast at 140. He rehydrated to 154 I believe, and he has always shown bone crunching power, but yet he allows himself to get outboxed. Ortiz was at his best when he was a pure killer. I really do feel that Ortiz is one of the hardest lb-4-lb punchers in the sport.

- Lamont Peterson has 2 bad marks on his record but I think he has a complete game and can trouble ANYBODY at 140. Khans reach and speed would give him trouble though.

- I stated in another forum that I was going with all the favorites on HBO and Showtime to win their fights. Agbeko proved me wrong however. Agbeko last night versus Perez and last year versus Darchiniyan showed that in addition to great heart and conditioning, he has a great boxing IQ (lateral movement, counter-punching, shot selection, timing). I won't ever underestimate him again.

I hope others post their post-fight analysis as well so we can look back and make better decisions in the future.

Posted Friday, September 10, 2010 05:25 PM


WTF is nobody talking about this fight? This fight has all the ingredients to be a Fight-of-the-year candidate. Rios is a mean pressure fighter, but Peterson seems to be schooled on the inside and outside with respectable power.

As far as betting, I'm HUGE on Peterson. HUGE! Rios to me simply is not schooled enough to take on someone of Peterson's caliber. Peterson has the advantage in speed, power, height, reach, and IQ. But Rios' pressure can give anyone a difficult time.

Posted Tuesday, August 24, 2010 07:55 PM

Who best to represent boxing in mma?

James Toney is fighting Couture this weekend and although I respect his boxing skills,I personally don't think his shoulder roll style and athleticism (or lack of) translates well into the octogon.

If it was up to me I'd pick a prime Rafael Marquez because he knows how to get great power while maintaining his reach and distance. I also think the "Nacho Beristein style of boxing" translates best for bare knuckle fighting.

Off the top of my head other fighters I think could do well include:

Zab Judah - his father was a kickboxer and Zab has god-like athleticism for the first 4 rounds

Floyd Mayweather - excellent outside boxing game combined with extreme athleticism and a cerebral approach

Kermit Cintron - he has a reach and knows how to use it. He has great pop in his hands. He has a wrestling background.

Wladimir Klitsko - I seriously think that with the 4oz gloves he can ROCK an opponent with just a jab. And if he lands one right he'll knock his opponent unconcious.

Marco Huck - extreme power in both hands and a thick strong body that could take some punishment.

Manny Pacquiao - amazing footwork and athleticism

Who do yall think would do well in the octogon?

Posted Monday, August 23, 2010 01:20 AM

Best punchers in MMA?

I'm really really new to MMA, but I'm starting to like it. I have a boxing background and I'm entertained by fighters who take advantage of the small gloves. I saw Strikeforce Houston on Saturday and I must admit I was very impressed with Noon's punching and King Mo's a little bit as well. Who would yall recommend to watch for mma punching skills?

Posted Sunday, August 15, 2010 07:15 AM


After watching the Pascal-Dawson fight, I couldn't help but see the similarities between this fight and the eventual Pacquiao-Mayweather fight. Mayweather like Dawson has the skills, height, reach - but he didn't take enough chances until it was too late. Mayweather oftentimes loses rounds to lesser fighters because of a lack of activity(De La Hoya, Castillo). I think Mayweather is better than Dawson, but I also think he takes even less chances than Dawson. Why did Mayweather not KO Marquez even though he had every concievable advantage and had him hurt? Hell why didn't he do more than just potshot and hold - BECAUSE HE'S A LITTLE BITCH that's why. After watching the Pascal-Dawson fight I noticed that the boxers with the highest "boxing IQ's" are rarely brave. This fight made me appreciate Juan Manuel Marquez more. In the rematch with Pacquiao,many of Marquez' counters were the result of him being in range, which put him at risk of punishment, but Marquez kept confidence in his intellect/skills against an opponent with an obvious athletic advantage. I give Pascal credit for fighting a "clever" (combos made it hard to counter him, stealing early rounds with late bursts of activity) fight, but I'm not convinced he's the better fighter. Anyhow if there is a rematch I think Dawson wins it hands down. I'm all over the place with my thoughts but I'm too tired to organize em right. But do yall feel me with the Mayweather-Pacman comparison? BTW, I don't have a pick for the Maywe... [More]

Posted Sunday, August 08, 2010 04:51 AM

Dawson vs Pascal

Kotelnik was robbed vs Alexander. What are the chances of Dawson getting robbed in Canada vs Pascal? Who's promoting the fight. Where are the judges from. Who will be the referee? Help me out. Do yall remember the hometown ref in the first Bute-Andrade fight. He blatantly cost Andrade the fight.

Even if the judges are legit, I can see them being swayed by 15,000 fans rooting for the fighter coming forward (Pascal).  The crowd will be cheering for any punch that Pascal throws, even if it doesn't land.

Dawson has almost every advantage in this fight except for his chin. I like Dawson by split dec, even though we'll all think it should have been unanimous.

Posted Thursday, July 29, 2010 09:08 PM

Marquez vs Diaz

Everyone and their mom is picking Marquez (I am too), but if youv'e seen Juan training (I live in Houston) then you would have to view the line as inflated. Ronnie Shields has Juan throwing combinations and then sliding out. Diaz has faster hands than Marquez and I can see Diaz once again winning most of the early rounds. They've also been working on using the jab alot more (Diaz has a better jab in my opinion) and "fighting in spurts" so as to not tire or be as susceptible to uppercuts. Speaking on uppercuts, they're also working on defending this punch and countering it with combos. I've heard some say that Diaz isn't capable of changing his style and that is complete bullshit to me. Diaz will never be light on his feet, but at 37 yrs old, Marquez isn't either. I'll concede that Paulie made Diaz look bad, but Paulie's got amazingly quick feet and a long fast jab. Paulie's style is Diaz' kryptonite. Diaz' bad showings is why the line is more inflated than it should be.

 I'm picking Marquez by a very uncomfortable dec. Marquez always has a mid rounds surge (not counting Mayweather fight) and I believe Marquez can hurt Diaz with one punch but not the other way around. I hate to dissapoint but I guarantee this fight will be more tactical than the first. I'll probably end up pounding the over and/or the Diaz +15.5  points prop.

Posted Monday, July 19, 2010 01:44 AM

Danny Jacobs vs Dmitry Pirog 7/31/10

Is anybody else out there salivating over this fight. I wasn't too familiar with Pirog before the fight was announced and I initially thought Jacobs would win. Now that I've begun researching this fight, it's a complete toss-up for me. Jacobs has the athleticism, but Pirog has the higher boxing IQ. Even if I don't bet on this fight(I probably willl though) I'll give my prediction after further research. Pirog has never fought on US television, so I implore anyone not familiar with Pirog to research him. As a boxing fan, I'm looking forward to watching 2 undefeated boxers in their prime with good KO ratios and boxing skills, go at it. Goldenboy promotions needs to be applauded for having such a kick-ass undercard for A PPV.


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