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Betting tickets: 6-teamer hits for $2K

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Posted Sunday, September 11, 2011 04:32 PM   3 comments
My favorite types of gambling stories are the ones that provide some insight on the individual sweats, and there were plenty of sweaty gamblers on Saturday.

For example, imagine having a big parlay come down to Michigan +3.5. Well, Covers.com writer Josh Nagel did. His little little 6-teamer paid a nifty $2,080, thanks to the Wolverines' heroics ... err ... Notre Dame's atrocious defense.

Anyway, you can send your pics and screenshots of your winning wagers to our Twitter feed, @CoversSports. I'll be posting them on the blog.

I'm really hoping to see tickets from folks who bet on Utah and went to bed thinking they had won only to wake up to a loss.

I had Utah, and my book ruled no action. I bet there were some horror stories, though, and I'm glad I wasn't a customer service rep Sunday.

Here's the official statement from the Pac-12 on the Utah-USC ending:

"The final play of the game between USC and Utah was ruled properly and the touchdown did stand. There was a miscommunication between the officials and the press box that led to the confusion about the final score. We will make the appropriate adjustments to improve communication between on field officials and press box personnel so that we avoid any scoring issues in the future. -- Tony Corrente, Pac-12 Officiating Coordinator:"

Why it took two hours to correct the "miscommunication" is another question, and one I'm sure Vegas books, like the Hilton who paid out on both sides, would like to know.

"I still think some of their "fans" laid 8.5," one frustrated Vegas book manager told me in a somewhat sarcastic tone.

This nice 6-teamer from @REDeyesJEDI was a winner no matter what the Pac-12 made the score.

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J_Logan says:
9/11/2011 6:55:13 PM
Nagel's buying the first round next time we're in Vegas. Nice one Josh. I was freaking out at that finish with nothing on the line. Can't imagine what you were going through.
Rizzo says:
9/11/2011 7:27:35 PM
nicely done Josh
Josh_Nagel says:
9/12/2011 2:29:58 AM
Thanks guys. I had actually just been revived from my heart attack with Georgia -- which ended with no time to hedge the final game -- and sat in the book speechless and stone-faced for the first 3 quarters. I try to play one like this with my top picks every week, just in case. Best/worst sweat I've had in a while. Good luck to you guys.
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