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Posted Tuesday, October 18, 2011 09:08 PM

THE BEST Handicappers wanted HERE YOU pick 5 games per week starting now week 7

I'm starting this NEW thread contest  because the other one went M I A  i havent seen it pass two weeks !

RULES  : sides or toatls ONLY  STRAIGHT wagers !

YOU can buy a half point  or 1 or two 2 points  post the adjusted the price !

EVERY one starts with a fat $10,000 Bank roll place your wagers accordingly to the sports book ODDS 

YOU Have up until game day to make your picks I will track everyones progress and plaese help ME too i'm only 1 person if i make a mistake point it out I will adjust it !

LETS See who has MOST UNITS won at end of season Playoffs and superbowl counted !

WHO"s IN ? would like at laest 25 people  !

Posted Monday, September 19, 2011 11:03 PM

LAREADY major inuuries and it's ONLY Week starters OUT for season WTF ???

I think i shoulg reports this cause i sure do not see it anywhaere on covers main page that is !



AP Source: Chiefs’ RB Charles tore left ACL vs Lions

DONE for season


Charles had an MRI exam Monday that revealed the extent of the injury, and coach Todd Haley said he would join tight end Tony Moeaki(notes) and Pro Bowl safety Eric Berry(notes) on injured reserve. Moeaki tore his left ACL in Kansas City’s preseason finale against the Green Bay Packers, while Berry tore his left ACL in a 41-7 season-opening loss to the Buffalo Bills.

Panthers LB Thomas Davis tears ACL—again

Thomas Davis(notes) has torn the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee for the third time in less than 23 months.

The injury occurred during the third quarter of Sunday’s 30-23 loss to Green Bay when Davis’ leg got twisted in a pile of players. It’s another huge blow to Carolina’s defense, which lost fellow defensive captain Jon Beason(notes) for the year with a torn Achilles in the season opener against Arizona.

Green Bay Packers’ safety Nick Collins to be put on injured reserve with neck injury:

Philadelphia Eagles

Victor Abiamiri DE Injured-Reserve




Torn Achilles tendon


Pittsburgh Steelers

Willie Colon T Injured-Rese  Triceps

Byron Leftwich QB... [More]

Posted Thursday, September 15, 2011 02:49 PM

THE absoulute Wiseguys and sharps MM system proven to bust vegas every year !

TO put it bluntly screw martingdale  the labby system back labby and all other BS  systems YOU read !

I'm using the 5% rule based on 5 games per week starting bank roll 
$1000 win % is 65 %

total games bet for 17 weeks is 85   must win 56 lose 29 

YOU increase your bet size by 5%  each week or less depends on how much money you want to MAKE !
NOT win money  MAKE money !

HERE we go  week by week 

we can bet $50  per week NOT per game

week 1   5 bets $10 each

$10 to win $9

week 1 4-1  won $38  - 10 =  $26 profit ok i have  to lose 1.7 games per week  so some weeks it's one loser some weeks 2 losers
yes 12 weeks out of 17 i need 2 losers !

wow this is going to be a long thread  showing how to work the wiseguys money management SYSTEM
OK  so for 12 weeks i need to go 3-2  the other 5 we go 4-1

lets go 3-2  through to week  13  then 4-1  final 4 weeks incraesing bet size by 5%  !

OK we won 4 bets lost one   WE risked $50 so bank was $950

WE won Back $76  4 X 19 = $76  YOUR risk was 10$ you won 9$

are we clear so far  ?  LOL 
  Bank roll is now $1026 

cannot increase wager size yet

ok for weeks 2- 13 we went 3-2  

 to... [More]

Posted Monday, September 05, 2011 08:43 PM


FROM 1990 all the LOSERS  results ATS and S/U ops sorry make that 1991 because i do not have the 1989-90  loser

O wait  a min yes i do

BRONCOS lost to SF  in superbowl  in Jan of 90

sept of 1990 - 1.5 @ raiders LOST  9-14  0-1  

Bills lost to Giants jan 91 

sept 91 -7  home vs dolphins W  s/u LOST   35-31  1 w 0-2

of courseBills lost 4 in a row so


LOSE to REDSKINS  jan 92 sept 92  vs Rams at home - 11  W

40-7   2 w  1-2 ATS

JAN 93 LOST to Cowboys SEPT of 93   -14.5 vs Pats  W 38-14

3 W   2-2 ATs

JAN 94 Lost to Cowboys again sept of 94  home vs Jets -7  LOST

3-23   3 W   2-3 ATS

Chargers  LOST to 49ers  in JAN  95 

SEPT of  95  +4 @  RAIDERS  LOST 7-17

3 W   2-4 ATS

JAN of 96 Sttelers LOST Cowboys

SEPT  of 96 @  Jaguars -3.5 LOST 9-24


3 W   2-5 ATS


SEpt of 97 home - 8 vs Chargers  W 41-7

4 W   3-5  ATS so far YOUR bookie loves YOU or hates YOUR guts week 1 because this also was time when defending Champs played that MNF  opener and they all LOST the MONEY as a HUGE home ... [More]

Posted Sunday, August 21, 2011 08:15 PM

As i have learned the team or teams that buried vegas last year

WILL reverse this year  so lets look at the HOT ATS teams last year and prepare to fade these TEAMS !

#1 YOU all know is the LIONS 13-3 ATS


#2 Falcons  10-6 ATS

#3 Ravens 9-7  ok thats not strong as Lions but compared to rest of league it is !

#4 Bears  9-7 ats

# 5 PACKERS  9-7 ATS 

# 6 JAGUARS  9-7 ATS

#7 Chiefs 9-7 ATS

#8  PATRIOTS  10-6  ATS

#9  JETS  9-7 ATS

#10 Steelers  10-6 ATS   ( you know history of superbowl losers all went boom year following past 8 years )

RAMS  10 - 6 ATS

Chargers  9-7 ATS  ( bware this is one of my west coast teams with huge changes expect them to     YOUR money !)




Posted Saturday, August 20, 2011 05:58 PM

NFL DOGS % LOST game but cashed is a money burner for YOU Dog backers !

Last year lowest % on Favorites who won the game but lost ATS

Explaining further to newbies or to others who seem to have trouble understanding what i post !

THis is when a Favored team lets say a 10 point favorite WINS the game by 7 points IN other words YOUR Dog  got the money for YOU ! You lost to the spread !

THE % of time this happened last year was 17% of the time where a favorite WON the Game by small margins either creating a push or loss vs the number !

This Equals 45 Games out of 256 games played PER year !

all games sunday MON and thursday's

so lets look at the other side 211 games YOU need TO bet the winning Team !

TO win 83%  of YOUR wagers for NFL season every year simply BET on who YOU think will win the game !

Dosent mean the DOG aint going to win because YOU saw many big favorites LOSE the GAME  outright every year !

Posted Saturday, August 20, 2011 11:27 AM

OK I took it upon MY self to review all US sports books so YOU people stop asking which sports book

IS BEST for U.S. Players !


5Dimes offers great variety of original betting lines for nearly every sporting event. This shop is known for having the most extensive selections of betting odds & wager types in the industry.

5Dimes offers great variety of original betting lines for nearly every sporting event. This shop is known for having the most extensive selections of betting odds & wager types in the industry.

Financial Rating: A+ | Customer Service: A+ | Software Rating: A | Bonus Rating: B+ 5Dimes offers great variety of original betting lines for nearly every sporting event. This shop is known for having the most extensive selections of betting odds & wager types in the industry. Legends sets itself apart from other sportsbooks with an emphasis on friendly and efficient customer service. While many sportsbooks answer the phone with the generic one word acknowledgement -- Sports -- the first thing a Legends client will hear is, "Hello, It's a great day at Legends! How can I help you?" At the first contact, the caller is made to feel as if he will receive individual attention from a clerk who has the time to answer any questions. Legends declines service to sharp bettors.     BetOnline   BetOnline treats players with respect and aims to gain a player's loyalty by providing VIP level service.

Along with a top level service, BetOnline offe... [More]

Posted Monday, July 25, 2011 07:39 PM

maybe a solid system or trend i picked up on past two years L@@K

OK here it is whenever any dog team loses a game in overtime & covered spread or covered vs the def champs they all lost the game next week home or away they all failed s/u losers and ATS !

Of course exception being vs a badly injured opponent !

THEN they might win the game!

from last year these are results

wk 9 Cards +9 lost in OT @ Minny 24-27

week 10 at home vs rival seat. -3 chalk lost the game s/u  18-36

wk 6 Balty +3 @ Pats LOST in OT

Week 7 vs Bills - 13 almost lost s/u but won 37-34

week 12 Bills +6 vs steelers LOST in OT 16-19

week 13 Bills +5.5 @ Vikings Lost 14-38

wk 4 Panthers + 14 lost @  saints 14-16

week 5 - 3 vs Bears LOST S/U 6-23

week 10 browns +3 vs Jets lost in OT

week 11 + 2 @ jaguars LOST  20 - 24

week 9 Chiefs +2.5  @ Raiders LOST in OT

week 10 - 1.5 @ Broncos L  the game 29-49

Vikings + 5 @ Champs  Saints lose 9-14 covered

week 2 home - 2.5 vs Dolphins LOST the game s/u 10-14

week 10  Rams + 6  @ 49ers L in ot 20-23

week 11 + 3 vs falcons LOST 17-34

week 2 49ers + 5 vs Saints covered  22-25 

week 3 @ Chiefs - 2.5  LOST game s/u  10-31

never could undrestand why a team that was winless would be favored vs any team !

 ALL lost the money 100 %

... [More]

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