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Posted Tuesday, August 02, 2011 09:28 PM

Deggs Team Totals Thread

1. Washington Redskins > UNDER 6.5 wins @ 1.53
Let me put it this way: Redskins have one of the worst teams in the NFL. They had 6 W's last season, 4 of them coming from away games. Their schedule is extremly hard, they will play in DC against teams like Patriots, Giants, Eagles, Cowboys and Jets. Their "easiest" games coulb be versus Arzona and San Francisco, but with the moves that Zona is making, that one is far from an easy W. The away schedule is a little light than the home one, with games at Carolina, Seattle and Buffalo. The main problem is that the Redskins do not have a true QB to play at a high level and their rushing game is one of the worst ones in the NFL, 30th place last season to be exact. I just can't see how Washington can pull a decent season this year.

2. Minnesota Vikings > UNDER 7 wins @ 2
This line actually is extremly well set by the bookies. Looking at the schedule, I saw just about 6 or 7 games that the Vikes could win: at home against Detroit, Arizona, Oakland and Denver, and away at Carolina and Washington. The rest are games with Green Bay, Chicago, Saints, Chargers, etc. Assuming they will win ALL the games mentioned I think they COULD win, they are in a very good position to go over 7 wins. But Minnesota have a ton of problems: 1. The QB problem - They went after a washed up McNabb, who was kicked out from Philly due to his unproductivity, he went in DC with the smile on his face and he was almost humiliated there. No... [More]

Posted Saturday, April 09, 2011 12:37 PM

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