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Posted Thursday, September 22, 2011 12:30 AM

LSU ML -230 one of my biggest plays ever

I really cant believe im getting this price on LSU.

To me this looks like a straight up mismatch sytlistically.

LSU is going to be able to pound the ball all day with Ware and Ford. Did you see what Megget from Maryland did to that West Virginia defence last week? I really dont see anyway WV is going to be able to stop the run. LSU's offensive line should really bully WV's and create lanes all day for those two guys to run thru. Sure theres going to be times where Lee will have to step up and make a big throw but for the most part I think LSU is going to run and then run some more and im not sold on WV's ability to stop them.

On the other side of the ball WV wants to throw all day but that aint going to fly against the team with prolly the best corners in all of college football. Im not even sure Smith will have much time to throw and LSU is going to make WV's offensive line look very similar to Oregons and they will be in Geno's face all day. WV has shown me nothing running the ball the past 2 weeks to make me think they will be able to pound the ball against this beastly defence.

I guess it comes down to this. I can easily come up with a way that LSU can score the ball (run) but I cant come up with a way that West Virginia can. Oregon is a much better team then WV imo and LSU make them look silly. I think this will be a routinely easy win for LSU but there offence does scare me so Im not messing around with the -6.5 seeing LSU has a bad ha... [More]


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