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Posted Sunday, April 01, 2012 11:31 AM

The AL East is so stacked

I think you can make the argument that the 3rd best team in the division, be it Boston, Tampa or Toronto could legitimately be better then any team in the entire national league. Now I wouldn't have said that if Philly had both Howard and Utley in the lineup but with them down I would take both Boston or Tampa over them right now.


I think this is the strongest this division has maybe ever looked, especially if the Jays take the jump to around a 90 win team.

Posted Monday, February 20, 2012 02:02 PM

The Jays have massive potential

Let me preface this by saying that I am usually the furthest thing from a optiomist when it comes to sports teams I like or that play in the city I live in. Lots of people in Toronto seem to like what the Leafs are doing but I am not one. Anyways I think this Jays team has massive potential and heres why.

They have arguably one of the best hitters in the game in Bautista.

They have a budding frontline starter in Ricky Romero.

They have one of the most exciting young players in the game in Brett Lawrie.

I know that alone doesnt gurantee success but not many teams in the league can say they have a legitmant MVP candidate, a all star pitcher and a top young rookie in the game.

Heres 3 guys that will prolly dictate just how dangerous the Jays can be next season.

Colby Rasmus - This guy was just a mess last season but with his half season with the Cards and also when he came to Toronto. He looked like a mentally broke player from the minute he arrived with the Jays but lets not forget that this was a young kid who was one of the better young players in the game in 2010. He put up a line of .275 avg, 23 homers and a .859 OPS while playing a good CF. Im not saying its a gurantee he returns to that form but the kid has pedigree and loads of talent. All reports leading into spring training say hes looking better then ever and has fixed up some little hitches in his swing.

Brett Cecil - Another guy that has a horrendous 2011. F... [More]


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