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Posted Monday, December 10, 2012 03:47 AM

Dippin MNF: NE too much

YTD (4-5-2)

Two great teams but Pats when here.  Looking at offense:  Tom Brady is a very dangerous qb going up against a tough D.  Regardless, I see Brady capitalizing on the 2 weak safeties and putting up numbers.  I believe this offense puts up 4+++ touchdowns regardless if Ridley can get the ground game going against a very talented front. I like this Texans team but they are not great when playing from behind due to Kubiak liking the slow pace and conservative play calling.  They like to pound the run (and who wouldn't with one of the leagues most elite RB). I think if the Pats contain Foster in the first half, they will take the lead and never look back.  For Texans to win, they must get this run game established early to slow down the game and keep Brady off the field.  When Brady does have the ball, the D must get to the ball.  The Texans blitz more than anyone else in the league......but 15 of Bradys 25 td passes have come when the opposition brings the heat.  Brady will just be to much for the Texans tonight.


(**2)Pats -4

(*1)Pats/Texans OVER 51


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