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Posted Friday, March 05, 2010 11:39 AM

Friday - no soccer but one horse race

Howdy guys -

I'm focusing on tomorrow's soccer card and going to hold off today. . . I do have one race pick though. . . and it is a bit risky as I am going against the clear favorite.

Race 6 - Sam Houston Race Park - Houston, Texas.  6 furlongs, 7,500 claiming race . . . cheap race.

The 6 is the clear favorite . . . I have followed this horse for a while, and not simply because my ex decided to shag the trainer while we were together. . . anywho, 6 is a strong closer.  6 has been kicking ass and taking names.  6 has won his last two races . . . in his last two races, he turned in very respectable beyer speed figs of 75 and 71 . . . those races were run at the same conditions as the race tonight. . . . The first flag I see is that his last three races were run on off tracks . . . true, four races back, he hit a 72 beyer in a 7,500 claimer on a fast track at 5.5 furlongs . . . but still, I think that the off track races and those wins are skewing the odds a bit and should sucker in Joe Public ("hey, this horse has won two in a row") . . .

Don't get me wrong . . .the 6 is a great horse but I'm just a little bothered by the fact that the trainer/owner is risking this horse to be claimed . . . why would you risk losing your horse to a claim if it so head and shoulders better than the conditions at which it is racing???  I don't get it . . .

I am on the 5 horse - Dove Express.  I know this horse and dated h... [More]

Posted Wednesday, December 09, 2009 12:27 PM

Disbarred's Champions League Wednesday

10-7-1 YTD

INTER MILAN -200 to win 100

ARSENAL vrs OLYMPIAKOS o2 -145 to win 100

OLYMPIAKOS -105 to win 100


BOL to all!



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