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Posted Tuesday, December 18, 2012 12:16 PM

From $25- 5k in 1 year???

Howdy y'all 
I am kinda new to covers. Been using the site for a while, just never decided to registered til about a month ago.
Anyways, I have made a prop bet with a friend that requires me to turn $25 into 5k by Dec 31 2013 at 5-1 on a $500 bet. Requirements are simple.
I have to use 1 book- partybets. ( for this challenge only)... I can still bet what I want where I want otherwise....
I can not add money/ reload.

But if I can get there in 6 months I get 7-1 and 9 months 6-1.. 
So I am going to document my success/ failure here. I will try and do a write on all my picks ( first picks/ write ups will be posted in a cpl hrs).
Any and all advice is welcomed and appreciated.


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