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Posted Wednesday, January 20, 2016 02:29 PM


Just adding a few long shots to WIN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP

Indiana  50-1   $45/$2250

Michigan   80-1   $25/2000

BUTLER   80-1  $30/2400

PROVIDENCE   100-1  $30/3000

Posted Friday, January 15, 2016 01:06 PM


Might be the better team right now . Defense has been playing Fantastic in big games 

Cardinals -7 -105
Packers caught some breaks last week , Dont think it happens again 

Seahawks ML +120
Defense will force Cam into a few 2nd half mistakes 

Steelers +7.5
Should be a tight game either way 

Posted Friday, January 15, 2016 12:59 PM

previously pending NCAABB futures


OKLAHOMA 35-1$200/7000

PURDUE 35-1$120/4200
OREGON  120-1$50/6000... [More]

Posted Sunday, January 10, 2016 10:41 AM




CARDINALS   +1395   $150
SEAHAWKS  +2280   $120

Strongly feel either the Chiefs or Steelers will represent the AFC ...  Don't think the PANTHERS will be able to handle beating the Seahawks and CARDS .. 

Posted Friday, January 01, 2016 11:32 PM



PENN STATE UNDER 18.5 $253/230Where are they going to get points from ..???

Kansas St +12.5  -102$234.60/230Anytime I can get BILL SNYDER WITH DOUBLE DIGITS .... 

OVER  63.5  ARIZONA STATE VS WEST VIRGINIA -105 $630/600This should go WAY OVER ... Of I win early might come back and put more down ... [More]

Posted Friday, January 01, 2016 10:07 AM


MICHIGAN  -4  -105 $420/400Where is Florida going to get the offense from ?

OVER 54  OHIO ST VS NOTRE DAME$385/350OVER 56   $165/150I think Both squads score 30+

OREGON  ML -102$1224/1200
$5000/5000Point Spread Ratings have OREGON my number 3 squad overall ..  Ducks Defense has been getting key stops and turnovers down the stretch .. PREDICT THEY WIN BY 10+... [More]

Posted Saturday, July 24, 2010 11:48 AM

Boise State line is shooting up past key numbers

Nice Movement in the Boise St ( *AT) VA Tech...Cr

noticed on 5 Dimes it jumped from 2 to 3.5...Crossing key number 3...

Maybe the Number reaches 4+ soon....

4.5+ Would lean me on the Hokies ... trying to stay away from this game (for now( 

Already Bet onVa Tech Under 9 season Wins at +150.for $100. ..  A Very =Nasty Stretch on the schedule and a few real Land mines


Guessing these Oddsmakers have enough early Broncos Money


Posted Sunday, December 06, 2009 08:12 AM

What the BCS Bowls SHOULD BE vs What they WILL BE!!LIneGuesses

I have NOFaith in the BCS System this season ....

First OFF Iowa should NOT BE IN A BCS BOWL...BUT atleast we Can Make some Money Fading the Hawkeyes... especially if they play Boise St- or Ga Tech

Here is WHAT I THINK the BCS Bowls SHOULD BE vs what they Will/MIGHT BE...

Here is what I think the BCS MATCHUPS BE SHOULD BE

Alabama Line Guess -10.5 vs TCU for the National Championship...Texas is "NOT as good ,as WE thought they Were" ..../////TIDE vs Horned Frogs would be Classic Title game..Look at the Numbers TCU has put up in EVERY CAT. they deserve to be there Like I have been Saying for 6+ Weeks

FLORIDA -5.5 vs TEXAS... would be a Fantastic Game ... The Horns must Have Bought their Ticket into the BCS Game ..The ending + some Calls were Really Fishy, and The BIG 12 Gets A TON more MONEY for the Horns going to the Champ Game ( I would Settle for TCU +10 vs Florida  would be Awesome Matchup, with PLenty of ML Value on TCU , that being Said the Gators would NOT SleepWalk Like Bama did LY)

Oregon -4.5/5.5 Line Guess...Prediction -10+ vs Ohio St....Ducks Offense has too Many Weapons and Buckeyes will be forced to play from Behind.. 

Cincinnati -1.5 Line Guess vs Boise St...Would be a Great Offensive Masterpiece ...Coaching Matchup is Tremendous

Georgia Tech should be PLaying Oregon St. ,, But if IOWA DOES Have to Make it .. then Let them PLay Ga Te... [More]

Posted Saturday, July 18, 2009 10:46 AM

Point Spread Ratings for All 66 BCS Schools -- Agree ??

Hello Covers Brothers ...   Here are my current Point Spread Ratings for all 66 of the BCS Schools ...   MY TOP 120 will be soon to follow ...    These Point Spread Ratings are my main set of  School Rankings.. (Pos. Ratings are my 2nd Set)    I use during them during the Pre, Regular, and Post  Season to determine where the Lines Might/Should Be  ...   When the actual lines for Games appear to be  atleast 3/3.5 + Points off from the Chart .. I give that matchup a automatic Look for wagering purposes...   I do NOT bet solely on these Numbers ...   I sometimes totally disagree and Wager on the other team ....   To be Honest More often than not when I go VS my #'s... I Lose     These Numbers change weekly during the season....   Point Spread Ratings are for games played on a neutral site ... I factor in Homefield on a weekly basis   ///awarding +3-6.5 points based on that weeks advantage ....   Do you agree with these Numbers ??? Who do you have alot Higher or lower ?? ... [More]

Posted Thursday, July 02, 2009 11:19 AM

San Diego St. bowling?

After a horrible 2-10 season .... The Aztecs might go Bowling this Year >>>??   San Diego St. Made some fantastic Hires Bringing in HC Brady Hoke,  OC Al Borges  and DC Rocky Long ....   Hoke amazingly turned around Ball St...  a usual MAC Basement dweller ...   Al Borges last was the OC at Auburn 2004-2007, Auburn led the SEC in scoring in 04 and 05... Borges has also been the OC at Oregon,CAL and UCLA...Finalist for the Broyles award in 97 and 988....   Rocky Long is a defensive mastermind ...Producing a very good and aggressive Defense at New Mexico for the last 11 years   15 Starters(8/7)  and 49 Letterman return this year   So. QB Ryan Lindley had a decent RFR season throwing for 2653 yards with 16 TD's and 9 Ints ...   RB Atiyyah Henderson has avg over 4.0 YPC the last 2 years ...also had 36 catches LY   WR Vincent Brown led the aztecs with 64-631  5 TD's LY..   WR Roberto Wallace has some good size at 6-4 .. 31-405   1TD LY   \TE Matthew Kawlok caught 21 Balls ly for 11.0 YPR   The O-Line had good numbers considering how bad SD St. was last year  ...only giving up 21 sacks ... While they lose their LG and RT  5 players return with starting experience ....     The Defense was a Joke for the Last 2 years allowing 34.4 and 37.2 PPG ... Giving up 5.3 and 5.1 YPC.. Recording only 15, 13 sacks &n... [More]

Posted Tuesday, June 23, 2009 06:58 AM

Oakland Raiders Over 6 Wins looks good

the Raiders are one of my sleeper teams this year ...

Right now here is how I get the 6+ Wins

vs AFCW  

 4-2 or better  34%    3-3 or better    58%


Other Home Games

Philadelphia   L/3+  Catching Eagles before they play on MNF at Washington

NY Jets  W 4+   Fading the Jets this year

Cincinnati W7+   the Bengals are the Bengals

Washington L/W/3+    Catching Skins before they host the NYG on MNF

Baltimore  W/L 3+    will the Ravens slip in 09"


Other Away Games

at Houston   L7+   Texans another 1 of my sleeper teams

at NY Giants  L13+   Catching NYG before they travel to New Orleans

at Dallas  L/W3+    Cowboys should be average this year.. Catching Cowboys in sandwhich between Washington and NY Giants 

at Pittsburgh  L13+    Hammered ???

at Cleveland W3+   better than the Browns and Raiders could be fighting for 500. or West Lead ???  

... [More]

Posted Wednesday, June 17, 2009 02:37 PM

PAC-10 NCF Predictions

PAC 10 Looks like it should have atleast 6+ Teams Go Bowling this year ....   Home Field could be worth alot More than usual this year ...   USC is Just reloading ... The Offense could be even better this year with the O-Line ,RB's and WR's just stocked full of talent ... The Defense might be faster this year with smaller LB's with secondary type speed .. Mays and Griffin might be AA   Stanford is Much Better and although they have a tough schedule , Bowl Game should be in store and several chances for ML Dog and ATS Value Stanford was 6-3 ATS LY vs the PAC10   CAL should Have a excellent team this year ....The Key might be the QB not costing them games ..I would Like to see Brock Mansion get   Oregon and Oregon St. are both in slight rebuilding modes but both should win 8+ Games ...Both teams have some excellent skill Pos. Players ..   Arizona should have a Good Defense and a top Notch running Game ...If QB Matt Scott is a nice Dual threat QB and can make the Throws to Gronko and the WR's the Wildcats shouod have excellent ATS Value .  The Road Games are very hard and Arizona might lose 5+ of the 6   UCLA and Arizona St. should be Good teams to fade in upto 5+ selected games each ...I think only one of these teams might go Bowling ... ... Arizona St. might start off 5-1 and go in the Toliet for 5+ Games ,,,UCLA is Overrated and might be a great fade on the Road   Washington should win 3+ Games... [More]

Posted Monday, June 15, 2009 11:21 AM

ATS Money Winning Teams in 2009 ???

Here is a Quick List of teams that I think should have some Good Value and should Cover ATS more often than not as either a Dog or Fav....   ACC North Carolina St.... North Carolina    Georgia Tech     Triple Option Tuff Virgina Tech    Foes team total Unders   BIG East Staying away until I see them Play but Syracuse   should be Catching some Points   Rutgers    will they slip ???   BIG 10 Michigan St...   Never Liked Hoyer and HC should keep them in games   BIG12 Kansas     should be a great Over team Texas     Might be laying a ton Baylor     Love the Points with this DOG   CUSA East Carolina   gotta see the Lines  S. Miss     really like them this year Houston       MAC Temple     might win the Eas Western Michigan    Like them alot this season   MWC Air Force    every year I Like them   PAC 10 Oregon St     solid once again CAL       QB is the key Stanford       should be evry good ATS   SEC Florida    Laying how Many ... Urban Love the Smackdown Ole Miss    Love this team .... Arkansas    hate the Coach lik... [More]

Posted Wednesday, June 10, 2009 01:49 PM

Returning Starters are Often Overrated !!!

Too Many so called Experts and Fans Often Under -Rate the Big Schools bc they don't have alot of returning starters ....   just a few examples ....   Penn St.  D Line        Just Reloading ... The Coaches(mainly Johnson)  will be working with another Group of Players with  Top 10 Talent     Georgia     RB         Yeah i Knowshon  Moreno is gone .... Like Richt can't recruit RB's ??? /// The Dawgs most likely have 4+ Top backs waiting to run the rock ...   Oklahoma    O_Line      When was the last time The Sooners had a Bad O-Line ???  This Unit will roll over the BIG12....   USC            I Keep hearing how they lost everything !!!   ????? Really  ????   I would Take the Trojans 3rd team units Over 85% of the Other 120 Schools 1st Units  ....   The List could go on and On ...     People will also Over Hype Average or Below Average Teams if they have 8+ returning starters on either side of the ball ... [More]

Posted Monday, May 11, 2009 10:55 AM

Teams taking a Step Back?? in 2009

Just wondering what my Covers Brothers think of this list ....     Here are some teams that I think will take a step back in 2009   Keep in mind it is really Early   ACC Boston College Wake Forest   Big East Pittsburgh   Big10 Northwestern   Big12 Missouri   CUSA Rice   MAC Buffalo   MWest Rice   SEC Vanderbilt South Carolina        ... [More]

Posted Sunday, August 10, 2008 08:18 PM

NFL Projected Standings



New England 12-4

*Buffalo 10-6

NY Jets  6-10

Miami 4-12


Cleveland 11-5

Pittsburgh 10-6

Cinncy     7-9

Baltimore 5-11


Indy  Colts 12-4

*Jacksonville 11-2

Houston 8-8

 Tennessee 6-10


San Diego 11-5

Denver  7-9

Oakland  6-10

KC       4-12

122  127


Dallas 12-4

Phladelphia 9-7

NY Giants 9-7

Washington 6-10


Minnesota  9-7

*Green Bay 9-7

Chicago 6-10

Detroit 4-12


New Orleans 11-5

Tampa Bay  9-7

Carolina 9-7

Atlanta 2-14


Arizona  9-7

*Seattle 9-7

St. Louis 8-8

San Francisco 4-12  



AFC Final     Indy Colts    Over   Cleveland

NFC Final      New Orleans    Over   Dallas


SuperBowl     Indy Colts     Over   New Orleans


Posted Sunday, May 18, 2008 09:11 PM

NFL projected Standings 2008




Dallas 12-4

NY Giants 9-7

Philadelphia 9-7

Washington  6-10


Minnesota 9-7

Green Bay 9-7

Detroit   8-8

Chicago  6-10


Tampa Bay 9-7

Carolina 9-7

New Orleans 9-7

Atlanta 2-14


Arizona 9-7

St. Louis 9-7

Seattle 8-8

San Francisco 2-14



New England 12-4

Buffalo 10-6

NY Jets 6-10

Miami  3-13


Cleveland 10-6

Pittsburgh 9-7

Cinncy     7-9

Baltimore 6-10


Indy   12-4

Jacksonville 9-7

Houston  8-8

Tennessee 8-8


San Diego 10-6

Denver 8-8

Kansas City 8-8

Oakland  4-12



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