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Posted Sunday, May 31, 2009 11:14 AM

My Big 12 Predictions

Although I like to play pretty much every conference in the country, the Big 12 is my region and what I specialize in. I try to get info from as many sources on the net as I can when evaluating these teams. And I know my informantion is usually pretty solid when several different sources from different areas tend to be in agreement about possible strengths or problem areas of a team. As opposed to independent sources that might be giving the wrong info about a team. I like to backup my info from several outlets who are seeing the same things with a team. I also do this during the season. And I save my info for reference on each team. Anyway, this is the way that I'm seeing the Big 12 as it stands now. Of course, injuries, suspensions or other problems can derail these predictions. But this is the way I see it after the Spring practices.:   Big 12 North   1.Colorado-From everything that I'm hearing the Buffs aren't hurting nearly as much on defense as people think. The back 7 has made some solid progress in the spring. And they've got some real horses on the D-Line, although it is a little thin. I think sophomore nosetackle Eugeen Goree could be a breakout player for the Buffs if they choose to go to a 3-4 and use him at that position. CU has by far the best offensive line in the Big 12 North. And will have a great running game behind it. Right now, the QB is still a little unsettled. Mainly because Tyler Hansen broke his thumb ... [More]


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