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Posted Monday, February 04, 2013 10:56 AM


       Today something I never thought possible became my reality.  Today I became part owner of Drea Co.  In my excitement and jubilation I have to take time to rcognize the person who made my dream a reality, who pushed me to make the necessary steps and filled me with the confidence to go make my dreams reality.   So today, the first day of my joint ownership in Drea Co. is as much a thank u to her for all she has done for me as much as it is a celebration of the first day of Drea Co. Existance as a new business. 
       In closing let me say that a new age of investing has come inti existace with the opening of this new giant.  The day has come where we no longer look to the DOW JONES and NASDEQ as the only investment markets in the country.  With the opening of Drea Co. the age of the Sports Investment Market has dawned. I look forward to the journey and the development of not just a new Co. but a whole new way of investing.


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