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Posted Sunday, September 09, 2012 09:55 AM

2013 Carolina Panthers...

Will try to consistently make and post plays on Panther games throughout the season... I will also try to provide a writeup as much as I can. I tend to provide as much info, stats, etc as I can, so the research takes a little bit of time... so depending on how things are going at the golf course, and if im not as busy, ill be able to do a write-up.

I was 6-0 betting Panther games during the Pre-Season, so hopefully that'll carry over to the regular season.

I actually am going to make 2 future bets on Carolina.

Carolina Team Wins O8 +120 5u
Carolina Makes Playoffs +290 5u

About to head to church, but ill be back later and will post any plays that im on in the Panther @ TB game... bol in Week 1 everybody 

Posted Monday, December 21, 2009 02:35 AM

may not bet as much $, but sure do put in as much time/effort... lets start my first post off right!

Hey guys this is my first time postin on the site but ive followed some of yall since mlb and won some good money agreein with what yall said with doin my own research... figured id finally sign up and hopefully provide some good input... i know what im talkin about, dont mean im right every time but who is lol... im not a huge dollar bettor like most of you, but i dont take it lightly at all... my problem a lot of the time is that i love to do the parlay, and even tho i know its not "smart" and "good sports betting," thats just one problem i have, but studyin you guys and watchin how yall bet has really helped me lock it up... just for shits n giggles so yall can have a first feelin on how i do pickin wise, yesterdays games i had: Pats, Seattle (absolutely embarrassing), Phi, Balt, KC (heartbreaking lol 2 damn kickoff returns r u kiddin me?! lol), Pit (said a prayer to the big man upstairs to take care of big ben for me this week lol), GB/Pit Over 42.0, Chi/Balt Under 39.5 (did i get lucky on that one or wat), Car (my panthers felt like lockin it up today or somethin lol) and the Under that game which should have been a no brainer... thanks for the feedback folks... just wanna give props to the guys i followed in mlb and up to this point in nfl: Bubba_Army48, target_9, cashaholic, --phillyfan--, phillychamps34, and several others... thanks a lot guys and lets cash in some money!


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