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Posted Sunday, April 22, 2012 07:23 AM

NFL Draft 2012 Props

All lines available at Sportsbook.com and Hollywood sportsbook.  Unfortunately all of these are capped @ $100 apiece right now, but if you pull some strings they will let you get bets down at both books (If you don't pull strings, they will not let you bet at both and cancel your action at one site).

Limits will increase to $500 on Draft Day so all of these that haven't moved too much I will bang again on Draft Day, provided Odds are still decent.   Here are bets that I've made and what the lines have moved to.  Unfortunately lines move VERY quick, so a lot of these are not available, but posting them anyway:

# Of QBs taken in Round 1.......Under 3.5 (-170)

This comes down to Brandon Weeden.  I have good info that says there is no way he cracks first round.  Assuming Luck/RG3/Tannehill only guys who go round one.  This has moved to -250 as of rignt now.

Who will be drafted first......Whitney Mercilus +115/Stephen Gilmore -130

Gilmore is shooting up draft boards and rumor has it he could easily be a top 10 pick.  Mercilus is lumped in with a group of pass rushers all of similar caliber (Courtney Upshaw, Nick Perry, Quinton Coples) the proliferation of which will certainly cause some of them to slide to mid 20's where I predict Mercilus ends up.   Gilmore moved to -160 last time I checked and it's currently off the board which is a good sign.  If it comes back, bang Gilmore.


Posted Wednesday, March 14, 2012 08:42 AM

Last recent Big12 QB to be good?

List of recent "Great" Big 12 QBs....

Vince Young, Colt McCoy, Blaine Gabbert, Chase Daniel, Graham Harrell, Sam Bradford, Josh Freenman among others.....

Together this bunch has combined for what....maybe like FOUR relevant moments total in their combined NFL careers?

Obviously each prospect is unique, so just because VY sucks, doesn't mean RG3 will too...

All I know is that the Big12 is a joke league....NO Defense, all spread offenses that chuck it 50 times per game.  What makes RG3 so special other than his running skills (which Young has) that he's gonna be so great?

Skins just mortgaged their whole future.....another typical dumb Redskins splashy move that won't pay off, and will set their Franchise back half a decade.

And even if RG3 is good, he has to get to Top 5 QB in the NFL good in order to justify that price the Skins paid imo.  Three first and a second, thats FOUR young starters you should be able to get.

I'm an Eagles fan and sure their last off-season was bad......but Skins always make me feel good with these horrible doomed to fail moves.


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