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Posted Tuesday, February 05, 2013 02:02 PM   13 comments

Not sure if this has just happened to anyone else but, with the recent crackdown (just this past Sunday at a big superbowl party raid thrown by the police) (which resulted in 54 arrests)

As of then and at this time I cannot connect into my bet365 account from my IPhone anymore. Did it for years but, now, Telus says they have to block that site as instructed by the Ontario Government.

So, it's ok if I want to drive down to the corner store and throw $100 on a 3 team parlay that I have basically no chance of winning (cause you have to get them all correct) but, I can't throw $100 on the Canucks to win using my cell phone.

Enjoy it while we can, big brother is cracking down!


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Eightfoot says:
02/05/13 02:04PM

Come to think of it, I should probably delete this post and delete my covers and bet 365 account before I end up in the slammer.

Unplug says:
02/05/13 02:24PM
Just curios have you tried the website via 
It's just that the government isnt making money when you go online hence they want u to use olg with parlay and ridiculous odds 
vaas187 says:
02/05/13 02:43PM

dont be absurd. gov't won't waste their space and tax dollars on you. in a real way, you're profiting personally if you win and loosing if you loose. it's no effect to the gov't....their concerned with people lining their pockets off of people gambling THROUGH them....i know a couple people who are fairly high up in the chains with that group. one guy had left the country that morning prior to the raid lol...odd enough....im not sure if there were 54 arrests either, maybe all together but @ le Parc specifically I believe 6 arrests were made. 
Eightfoot says:
02/05/13 04:07PM

seems it was 54 charges not arrests....my mistake.

No more betting from my cell phone....switch carriers or switch books I suppose.

I get what you're saying....no, I don't really think I am going to end up in the slammer.... just pissed at the inconvienence and absurdity of it all.

The-OG-GunClapa says:
02/05/13 04:11PM
worked fine for me....
on telus, used 3G to connect to bet365 mobile site using safari
duke8628 says:
02/05/13 04:12PM
Why can't you log on with your cell phone but I can?
duke8628 says:
02/05/13 04:12PM
Should mention- with Rogers, both through Safari and through the bet365 app.
Eightfoot says:
02/06/13 12:53PM
It seems to be a Telus issue (excpet OG says he can still get on with Telus).

I have friends who are on Rogers and I can access my account with their phones no problem.

I called Telus and they told me that site has been blocked. They receive notification from someone, I assume a government agency or something and it tells them that this site has to be blocked because it supports/allows internet gambling.

Of course, I told them I have been using it for years with no problems, but, they say, it can happen at any time with any site, Telus doesn't go looking for these sites but, when they are instructed to block them they have no choice.

I can access Sports Interaction and a couple of other ones from my Telus phone. (who knows for how long).

OG.....I am on the 3G Telus network and yes, I use Safari.... so, not sure what the differnce is between our situations.... I even tried using wifi instead of 3G and it still blocks it.

toddwins says:
02/07/13 11:40AM
I can't stand the "government" constantly sticking their nose in my private business. I sent my S.I.N. back to the feds, with a letter saying: No thank you, I do not wish to be a federal employee anymore. Because that's what it is. If you have a S.I.N., then you are a defacto employee of the feds, then they can tell you to do whatever they want.........Nope, not me man, I"M OUT!
habs420 says:
02/08/13 10:28AM
Single game wagering bill is hanging in The House as we speak. It's in gambling purgatory as no one really wants to decide our parlay fate. End it so we know either way.
smitty519 says:
02/10/13 03:55AM
Telus 4G here in Ontario bet365 working fine for me
Petes20 says:
02/26/13 11:12AM
Apparently a new bill will soon be passed allowing single game bets in Ontario for proline.
DoubleUp4Life says:
03/05/13 03:31PM
can't wait for single game betting at the fallsview and OLG... then again they will likely charge us -125 juice or more
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