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Posted Friday, November 06, 2009 10:12 AM

Saturday night Strikeforce Parlay

Wish I would have grabbed Fedor a few weeks ago when he was sitting around -400 like I was telling everyone to do so....couple of my friends got in on it but leave it to Eric to put in last minute wagers  

Even thouugh he should roll, he's not worth throwing in a parlay at about -600.  However, if you wanna make some dough that night, enjoy Fedor beating down Rogers but cash in on this parlay:

Shield -300 and Mousasi -475.  Pays roughly 5/3

Yes, I know still some juice, but I can't any way either of these 2 lose.

Shields will out wrestle the shit out of Miller and lay down some serious GnP, maybe pull out a sub,.  "Mayhem Moneky" (how lame is that by thw ay?)   is nothing more than a side show freak, and a  "comedian" who is best known for his ass kicking by way of GSP and bad performances against Jacare in Dream.  The guy has other business ventures and quite frankly I can see him going into commentary or something else after this fight.

Mousasi is a young stud in his prime.  As part of the Fedor deal with Strikeforce, Mousasi also got a contract as he trains with Fedor.  Streikeforce isn't even making him defend his Light-heavyweight belt, and I can't imagine Soko controlling the fight for 15 minutes.  Not to mention he has won his last 13 fights against some quality opposition.   

Besides, Soko has a fight coming up in Dream's "Super Hulk" where I believe he should b... [More]


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