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Posted Tuesday, June 15, 2010 07:35 PM

This better NOT be 2002 game 6 in LA SAC vs LA all over agin..

I have a strong feeling the fuckin refs will make the Celtics look like Jodi Foster in The Accused tonight.. I remember the Kings being up 3-2 on LA with a chance to close the series in LA but the refs absolutley would not allow a Kings win that game NO MATTER WHAT. LA shot over 40 free throws in the 4th quarter alone.. Stern better not open that can of worms again.. If officiated fairly the Celtics will definatley cover if not flat out win the game..  Dont ruin the game just to put Kobe a step closer to MJ. It aint happening, never will..

BOSTON MO FO'r!!!   + 6.5

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Posted Saturday, June 05, 2010 10:10 AM

Kobe can only win with the best big man in the league on his team

Bogus? Fixed ? Setup ?, What ever word you may want to use to describe the corrupt Gasol trade. That trade altered the course of NBA history forever.

Think about it, Kobe was missing the playoffs and getting bounced in the 1st round year after year once Shaq left.. If that Gasol trade doesn’t happen, Kobe would still be getting bounced in the first round year after year..Who ever was behind the scenes of that trade had ulterior motives.. I remember the Bulls offering Gordon and or Hinrich/Deng for Gasol and Memphis rejected..Well how can you not reject it!? Kwame Brown ! was being dangled by the Lakers.. Surely that was a more enticing deal for Memphis..

Kobe can only win titles when he has The BEST BIG MAN in the NBA playing on his team.. Clearly Gasol is the best big in the NBA today as SHAQ was when he was playing for the Lakers.. Kobe cannot win titles if he doesn’t have the best center in the NBA playing alongside him, period.. Also helps when you have the deepest most talented team in the NBA.. Odom is a starter on any other team but LA has the luxury to use him off the bench.. Artest being on your team doesn’t hurt either, best SF defender in the NBA.. I have not even mentioned Bynum and the clutch shooting of Fisher..

Enjoy this success while it lasts.. Not the fans fault..

Bottom line is that Lebron James is still the best player in the NBA by far.. No other player can win 60 games with the team he had..

P.S AL Paci... [More]

Posted Saturday, February 20, 2010 06:33 PM

One BIG play tonight NY OKC UNDER 206


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