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Posted Sunday, September 04, 2011 09:27 AM

Arian F'n Foster

Usually all the articles that are posted are some of the most creative trash talk that we get throughout the year and insights , but I have to post this shit because of fucking Arian Foster. I'm sure by now you all have seen the tweet he put out a couple days ago " for the people that really care about me as a person I'm doing good but for all you people that play fantasy you all are sick" or something to that effect. THIS FUCKING PISSED ME OFF, here is what I don't get, you have thousands of people asking you how you are doing some people go weeks without anyone asking them how they are, you want us to care about you as a person? We'll start when you care about anyone else as a person. This league is comprised of a pro athlete a bunch of weekend warriors who play all the sports we can and Cook who watches Twilight a lot but for the bulk of the fantasy football community a lot of these guys and girls don't have a athletic bone in their bodies but play and I would be willing to be a shit ton of these people bought your jersey last year because you had a breakout season and helped them in fantasy, they didn't give a fuck about the Houston Texans organization just you as a player who had a amazing season and helped them in this sick ... [More]


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