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Posted Tuesday, June 05, 2012 07:41 PM

Miami 73% Chance Of Winning.....

According to NBA Betting has a 73% chance of winning this game tonight. Vegas wants you to take Boston!!! Here is the System.....Losing In OT Bites.....Go for a home team off of a road overtime loss against the very same team it lost to in OT. Past 15 Years studied and 73% winning rate!!! Just look at Memphis against the Clippers, Memphis covered after that road overtime loss and look at Boston after their road overtime loss to Miami 2 games ago.  They covered as a -2,5 Point Favorite. You have to play the odds.....73% Chance of WINNING!!! I cashed in on Memphis and Boston this Playoff season and hope to continue tonight,

Miami $1000 tonight.....Good Luck!!!  


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