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Posted Monday, September 06, 2010 05:38 PM


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ok fellas...first post of the year...and i have been goinback and forth on it all week...and this latest line movement is just another wrench thrown into my thought process...but here goes..

I was on Boise the entire offseason as I assumed that VaTech would be the favorites and Boise would contend and then walk to the national championship...but then I saw the line and they were -3...Boise -3 and -3.5 as well in some places in basically a road game against a fellow top-10 team??....this would be no upset if Boise was favored and thats how the media set out for this game to be....and then I later discovered everyone is on Boise...mostly anyway....and now the line has flipped to Vatech -1, here is what is going on...

Virginia Tech -1.5........*1

the more I feel i loved Boise...the more I realized that was my heart has always been fun to see Boise battle the BCS corps and if they lose here they are officially out for the season...people's perceptions are that they cannot see them out of contention so early against a fellow top-10 team that has been written off and not talked about yet they return mostly every offensive star and get another star RB back in Darren Evans to go along with Ryan Williams...Tyrod Taylor has two years experience under his belt....the defense is typical Hokie defense which should be up for the task...K... [More]

Posted Saturday, December 26, 2009 09:52 AM

Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl play....


Marshall +3

Dogs have been on fire in the bowl season so far and I expect Marshall to continue the trend this afternoon...people mostly remember Ohio almost beating Ohio State this year....problem is Ohio just is not that good...i expect Marshall to actually crush them...


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