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Posted Saturday, July 03, 2010 06:27 PM

***GWarner27's WC Semis and Finals Picks***


Dogs 1-0 +1.00
Favs 0-0 +0.00
Over 1-1 -0.37
Under 0-1-1 -1.20
TT 2-0 +2.00

Honduras-Spain OVER 2.5 (-150): -1.5U
Netherlands Team Total OVER 1.5 (-118) v. CAM: +1U
South Korea-Uruguay UNDER 2 (-120): -1.2U
Mexico-Argentina OVER 2.5 (+113): +1.13U
Brazil Team Total OVER 1.5 (-140) vs. Chile: +1U

Ghana-Uruguay UNDER 2 (+101): 1/1.01
Germany +0.5 (-144) vs. Argentina: +1U

Posted Thursday, July 01, 2010 01:07 AM

***GWarner27's Pre-Season NCAA Thread***

2007-08: 57.7% +22.127
2008-09: 51.7% -10.223
2009-10: 37.1% -30.605

All input is appreciated, and will answer any questions if I'm way off. I don't have fancy numbers, so I'm just going on teams that have separated themselves from others in each conference and will be looking more closely into finding mid-season underdogs despite being on higher tiers due to injury or what have you...

-Conference records last season are in parentheses, only marked for teams in those conferences that I bet ON not against, but I did better on the minor conference as these numbers are TERRIBLE. If teams are on the same line I listed the better teams first, but it's not by much:

ACC (2-9)

Big East (1-3)
WVU, Pitt
Cincy, UConn

Big Ten (0-0)
Iowa, WIS
NW, MICH, PUR, Sparty

Big Twelve (1-6)
BAY, Mizzou
ISU, COL, KU, K-State, OkSt

Pac10 (0-1)
STAN, UDub, ARI, Ucla, Cal

SEC (7-7)
ARK, SCary, UF
Ole Miss
Miss St, Vandy, UK, TENN ... [More]

Posted Monday, July 28, 2008 04:35 PM

***GWarner27's NCAA CF Futures Thread***

Welcome to my futures thread, enter any info you'd like on any team you'd like so we can discuss as much as possible to make the most informed decision possible...

2007 record: 56-41-8 (57.7%) +22.127 units

...i'm hoping for an even better season this time around.

Here's my thoughts as i did a lot of thinking today at work perusing schedules of a few teams I had interest in (i have only looked quickly at o/u #s so far, but will look more later):

Cincinnati: I got losses @ OU, @ UConn, @ WVU, and @ Hawaii for a 9-4 record... That puts a lot of faith into the new QB Grutzka (sp?), but i think Head Coach Brian Kelly will do even better in his 2nd season at the helm
Colorado: I have wins over Colorado State, E. Wash, West Va, K-State, Iowa State, and Okie State. Losses to FSU, Texas, Kansas, Mizzou, aTm, and Nebraska. Coach Dan Hawkins will be whipping this team into shape, especially with the addition of Freshman RB Darrell Scott and QB Cody Hawkins has a year under his belt.
Michigan: Losses to Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Penn State, Purdue, & Ohio State. I really think this team will struggle but they have such an easy schedule with Utah, Miami (OH) and Toledo at home OOC that it makes it tough to take that under. I don't see how that offense can work without a quick QB, and Ricky Rod did struggle in his first year at WVU.
Notre Dame: After a terrible season last year i got them at 8-4 with losses @ Michigan State, @ UNC, @ BC, and @ USC. ... [More]

Posted Tuesday, April 08, 2008 12:42 AM

Gentlemen, thanks for a great season!

I know I enjoyed the threads for this entire season, and although i ended up losing a little, the high's and the low's were well worth it.

special thanks to tar, chase, papi, bad, SC, E, AK, and anyone i forgot.

Final tallies:

Overall: 153-142-4 51.9% -4.141 units
1-unit: 119-103 53.6% +5.224 units
2-unit: 20-15 57.1% +7.445 units
4-unit: 0-3 0% -11 units
5-unit: 0-1 0% -5 units
ML: 7-15 31.8% -6.635 units
2H: 6-5-1 54.5% +0.873 units
O/U: 1-1-1 50% -0.048 units

Futures: 0-2 0% -2 units

what i learned-- Money management is very important, as 16 units were wasted on big plays...hopefully next year i can be firm enough to play everything at the same amount no matter the situation

Posted Saturday, March 29, 2008 05:59 PM

MLB Futures Bets

Wassup everybody? I'm ready to start my first year of full MLB betting, as i did the first part last season and then fizzled out when i hit a bad streak after starting the year out very, very well.

I was looking at the over/unders for the teams and have a few leans that I was hoping people would comment on:
Philly u87.5
Detroit u93.5
Cubs u87.5
ATL o85.5

probably the only 2 i would be close to placing are the Philly UNDER and the Atlanta OVER, but any opinions or other teams i should look at would be greatly appreciated.


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