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The Battle of New Mexico

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Posted Friday, September 21, 2012 11:00 AM   15 comments

New Mexico Lobos vs. New Mexico State Aggies.

First question : If these two teams secretly changed uniforms an hour before kickoff would anyone even notice ?

Second question : What correlation can you decipher from the numbers 14, 0, 0, 10, 7, 0, 7, and 3 ?

Answer 1 : Other than family and friends of the athletes, no.

Answer 2 : That is the offensive output of New Mexico for their last 8 road games. Think about it. That's 41 total points in 8 games.

Summary : NMST is bad but not NM bad. Colorado's head coach said "You people may laugh at us, but if we played New Mexico every week we'd be having the last laugh." Speaking of Colorado, NMST trounced Sacramento in their home opener, and Sacramento would go on to beat Colorado on the road the next week. NMST>Sac State>Colorado>New Mexico. I don't think 6.5 points is too much to lay in this one. One last thing : Did you notice that New Mexico got outgained by almost 600 total yards in last week's loss to Texas Tech ? 600 !

NM State -6.5 

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perogi97 says:
9/21/2012 12:06:02 PM
222bad says:
9/21/2012 12:15:41 PM
  Getty    Just like Kent St had the edge of "the best of the two shitty teams" the other night, I think you're spot on on the play.  What gives me pause in this shitfests, is the difference between shitty and really shitty is hard to gauge. I always like to at least consider jumping aboard your plays, but might just have to sit this one out.  BOL on the bet, and may all your wagers be winners.
sportschat says:
9/21/2012 12:48:58 PM
I have been looking at this trying to find a reason to take the points but haven't been able to. I am like 222...shitty vs really shitty but have to agree with you BOL
shark_apreza says:
9/21/2012 12:54:11 PM
you must be out of your skull to even think on getting in to this shiet fest.... take the under and be happy
MGD says:
9/21/2012 1:19:47 PM

It is obvious state can score against poor competition and the Lobos can't.  I don't mind betting on shit teams when i have an angle and my gut tells me you have the right side.  I hate rivalries though with shit teams...  decent article I found in case you want to read...


Getty3 says:
9/21/2012 3:13:55 PM

Good article, MGD. Here's a brief summary of what was said and what was meant.

Reporter : "Is game planning for New Mexico's triple option going to be difficult?"

NMST coach Walker : "No question. You only see it once a year."

What he wanted to say : "No. I can't say there's anything difficult about preparing for a team with less talent than most area high schools."

Perogi, 222, Sportschat, Shark

mmac66 says:
9/21/2012 4:06:02 PM

I'm already on it.........thought I was one of the only people sick enough to bet on this game

Kurshka says:
9/21/2012 10:14:50 PM

Count this degen in.

Cyrax says:
9/21/2012 10:19:16 PM
State of Gettysburgh   
Kurshka says:
9/21/2012 10:41:03 PM
And NMST did not trounce my Hornets.  Was 28-19 going into the 4th. Manely had 367 yards and Safron had 308.

Keep an eye on this undrafted kid Safron. He is a stud. Already got tickets to the Weber ST game and of course the causeway classic. 

This is the best team the Hornets have had in years. 
Kurshka says:
9/21/2012 10:47:49 PM

L8 that picture is great. Looks like he has a smiling pumpkin in his hand.

Have a great time at the game.
BWS77 says:
9/22/2012 12:30:21 PM
Dropped from 6.5 to -5....any news?
outlaw96 says:
9/22/2012 6:45:17 PM

gonna   make a small play on state myself
johnnyrudeboy says:
9/22/2012 8:18:07 PM
tough to disagree with anything you mentioned and circled this one myself, have to admit the line move is somewhat disconcerting though
Getty3 says:
9/22/2012 8:56:03 PM

Go Aggies    

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