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Posted Friday, December 07, 2012 07:30 PM   53 comments
After a brief uptick in enthusiasm, the Jaguars are heading back down the sewer again. The overall attitude in the locker room is one of apathy and lethargy. This I know to be true. 
This weekend we march out a streaky QB who is coming off a poor performance and will be without his 2 favorite targets (Cecil Shorts and Laurent Robinson). The RB will be Montell Owens who is a 28 yr. old emergency 4th stringer who has been earning a paycheck for his special teams contributions. Only 2 offensive line starters remain. Veteran center Brad Meester is hurting but will play because frankly, we don't have anyone else to hike the ball. (2 backup centers are on IR)

On the other side of the ball, we're already down 7 starters and have top cover corner Derek Cox iffy to play. Team captain Paul Podluszny has been unusually downbeat about getting "worn out" from the long, dismal season He's a trooper, but you can't keep busting your ass in vain forever.

Coach Mike Mularkey has been very subdued this week, almost defeatist. I think last week's loss at Buffalo really hit him hard. It was a game he wanted to show well in. It didn't happen.

This is a team as ready to lay down and die as I've ever seen. You need to be here to understand it. 

For the bettor, the Jets are a perfectly fine team to take advantage of this week. Sanchez sounded very humble about his benching last week, and he has every opportunity to redeem himself against a Jax defense that can't pressure the QB and subsequently doesn't defend the pass well or create turnovers.

I have more thoughts and  information on this game, but I don't feel like rambling on forever. Just let it be known the NY Jets -2.5 will be the biggest NFL bet I will make this season.
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TRAIN69 says:
12/7/2012 9:00:31 PM
bpickin says:
12/7/2012 9:09:22 PM
Great time for a best bet my friend. Great choice 
I_Need_A_Detox says:
12/7/2012 10:33:33 PM
© ... 
Laroja says:
12/7/2012 11:08:39 PM
Yea I also like the jets this week.
ClubDirt says:
12/7/2012 11:49:07 PM
and MJD is still out with a sore contract.

i was going to lay off this one.  maybe i'll take a second look.

garretdoherty says:
12/8/2012 4:20:15 PM
Thanks for the write up.

am with you here.

if you backed the jets in hcap last wk,then you wont want to take them perhaps..

i am!

53percent says:
12/8/2012 4:40:54 PM
That's enough for me to back nyj
idle_havoc says:
12/8/2012 4:47:03 PM
great info Getty ty
DirtNap says:
12/8/2012 5:00:06 PM
biggest bet ....???...i understand the thoughts on the Jags...but the Jets aren't exactly clicking on all cylinders. Good luck ..but it's tough when your starter is waiting to get yanked at the first screw up
Alax14 says:
12/8/2012 5:00:47 PM
I also read that Matt Moore's numbers versus the Jets when he was with Miami were not exactly stellar either. The Jets have seen this QB before and know what to prepare for. Love this pick... as much as I hate the Jets.
CalBear says:
12/8/2012 5:37:57 PM
Lean Jets as well.  Henne is streaky, but Jacksonville will certainly become one dimensional down Owens as the 4th rb option.  GL getty
FadeOnly says:
12/8/2012 5:56:12 PM
Jetfanmack says:
12/8/2012 6:38:20 PM
Like Arizona last week, Jacksonville will have trouble scoring. They won't run the ball well, and Henne's weapons aren't that good. Henne has had a few good games against the Jets, but usually that was when the Dolphins were running well.

Think the Jets will be really happy to play on the road. The Jets are a mentally fragile football team right now. Being away from home, where there's a negative atmosphere at the moment, against a bad team with an apathetic crowd, this is a great situation for the Jets IMO.
mrquija27 says:
12/8/2012 8:47:06 PM
Wow brother.  I hear what your saying about the Jags, but Jets on the road laying pts is your biggest bet of the season???  Please think about this one for a minute. 
WhiteMice says:
12/8/2012 9:41:35 PM

hello getty















Grover15 says:
12/8/2012 10:37:21 PM
mtbaker says:
12/8/2012 11:14:41 PM
I look at this game as the last possible opportunity you will ever get to get points as a home dog against a team led by Mark Sanchez
Juan_Valdez says:
12/8/2012 11:17:37 PM

Awesome wrtie up Getty, thanks for the insight


frazdaman says:
12/8/2012 11:20:47 PM
Like the Jets also. Good Luck!!
ac_bum says:
12/8/2012 11:22:25 PM
hangar18 says:
12/8/2012 11:27:31 PM

The Jets have played 5 straight games on turf and will have a big adjustment to the grass field. I love Jax this week.

Jags ML big time

kimoinsd808 says:
12/8/2012 11:33:01 PM

Jags may win, but that's about the dumbest angle I've ever heard in my entire time on covers. 
shakey12381 says:
12/8/2012 11:40:25 PM
Gl liking over of it comes down another point 
kimoinsd808 says:
12/8/2012 11:53:24 PM

The Jets Atlantic Health Training Center has five full-length fields — one artificial and three natural-grass outdoors, one under the fieldhouse roof. 
165yds says:
12/9/2012 11:04:11 AM
This is one of your best write ups although I respectfully disagree.  If you asked any Jet fan they would tell you they have the worst offensive skill positions of any team in the league.  At least the Jags pull off a large play every now and then.  The Jets can go games without one play over 20 yds.  No team is feeling the heat of the press like them and I haven't seen the fans this upset in a very long time.  Fireman Ed is even scared of being seen in the stadium .  There is zero upside to this team on offense right now.  

I looked at the bottom 20 of league contests and the top picks are Jets and Bills .  

As always it's a pleasure reading your threads.
hangar18 says:
12/9/2012 11:07:43 AM

I suppose you think roller hockey and ice hockey are exactly the same too.

johnpolino04 says:
12/9/2012 11:14:06 AM
Getty u the men but just cuz is the jets I prefer pass... I think people are trusting so much in a team who won 7-6 to arizona.... i prefer pass or play under.....
kimoinsd808 says:
12/9/2012 11:19:33 AM

Classic amateur NFL bettor who looks at the previous games results and thinks it applies to the current game.
outlaw96 says:
12/9/2012 11:26:58 AM

will be looking at your bowl threads

you my friend, are solid like rock
johnpolino04 says:
12/9/2012 11:28:17 AM

Im gonna laugh on that.... ;) amateur u talking about mark sanchez.... in fact I'm playing under... u just another mark sanchez fans who believe in the i taking the giant end of the story let see who is the noobie.... 
Jm4n says:
12/9/2012 11:32:30 AM
If NYJ dont just garbage on Jax, Rex Ryan will feel his seat get very hot.
kimoinsd808 says:
12/9/2012 11:35:59 AM

Classic covers barely literate response who takes one statement and then blows it up into something that it's not.
johnpolino04 says:
12/9/2012 11:38:39 AM
everyone in new york.... know the perfect pair like mlb is yankee to win and mets to lose.... same apply jets.... under giants to beat... is a NYC thing. even  is I'm wrong today New yorkers will know I took the right decision good luck to all triller music pls
Louis_IV says:
12/9/2012 11:39:46 AM
Hoyasaxa says:
12/9/2012 11:40:05 AM

look-first of all, I always check teams previous games on what surface, ok? I new the Rams would cover last week because SF is 4-13 ATS after playing the week before in a dome!

Thank you, hangar.

I actually follow that this is the 4th week the Jets Equipment mgr is wearing a White staff shirt and they are 3-0 ATS on that little jewel...

Now, about this game-did you see how the Jets played in St. Louis last on the road? They definitely will show up and Shorts really hurts Henne...

DoubleUp4Life says:
12/9/2012 11:41:03 AM
Sweet ...

jets are my Pick of the week //// with the Hawks a close 2nd 

Best of Luck Brother
sicknesscity says:
12/9/2012 12:05:26 PM

The most intelligent thing I've read in this thread.  Even if the Jets manage to cover, which is dubious, there's no reason to put your biggest bet of the season on shitty Mark Sanchez.
sloobylover says:
12/9/2012 12:09:59 PM
  Jax & Henne =
hangar18 says:
12/9/2012 12:15:31 PM

Youre probably too dumb to know St. Louis plays on turf.

Look how the Pats did last week after playing 4 straight on turf and didnt cover in Miami ...ON GRASS.

Alax14 says:
12/9/2012 12:36:42 PM
Pats got back doored by a late field goal in that game, otherwise would have covered easily.
AAY says:
12/9/2012 1:26:43 PM

Good Luck

SettleDownSpaz says:
12/9/2012 1:30:05 PM
Getty - good stuff buddy, like this play and might tail.  I'm sitting on the over
12/9/2012 1:52:52 PM
jet fan here wheels are falling off the bus but the jags situation sounds even worse!!!!!!
johnpolino04 says:
12/9/2012 2:48:25 PM
so the newbie was right under jets sucks haver all u should pick minnesota ;) and gonna cash out always thanks to mark sanchez and jets squad.......all jets fans should burn ur jersey I'm gonna keep laughing 
junggbro2002 says:
12/9/2012 3:21:02 PM
I am a Jets fan and I wouldnt put a penny on these pathetic disgraces. They need to fire the entire coaching staff,  Release Sanchez to shoot happy porn and rebuild. 
Speirs says:
12/9/2012 5:13:44 PM
Theone324 says:
12/9/2012 5:15:21 PM
Nice hit Getty, all the trash talkers are now silenced.
kimoinsd808 says:
12/9/2012 5:15:45 PM
Jose_Reyes says:
12/9/2012 5:16:41 PM
ClubDirt says:
12/9/2012 5:16:49 PM
i wasn't going to mess with this until you put me on to it. 

Getty3 says:
12/9/2012 5:21:38 PM
The box Cats made it interesting converting 2 4th downs on their final drive, but they were as flat and stale as a week old opened keg all day. It went down very much as I expected, which made it easy to bear. Thanks to all. 

Getty3 says:
12/9/2012 5:28:44 PM
P*ssy gets changed to "box." That's just weird.  
outlaw96 says:
12/9/2012 5:37:48 PM
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