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Posted Tuesday, January 01, 2013 01:46 PM

GiLz #NFL ((Wild Card Weekend))

This is what I do - give me some time to do a write-up, I make it look good. But it's about WINNERS... let's see if there's any inside....

GiLz Wild Card Weekend Predictions:

Saturday, 01/05/13:
• Texans (-4.5) -vs- Bengals = (O/U 43)Remember how the Texans started the year off? Front runner of AFC championship where no Brady, no Manning was in talks. Bashing of the Broncos. Took a butt kicking from the Packers but then bounced back with a 30 point trouncing of the 4th seed Ravens... remember those Texans? Well, they aren't those Texans anymore. Finishing the year going 1-3 heading into the playoffs is a spell for disaster. Historically, going into the playoffs NOT HOT can cost you an early exit. Texans had something to play for the last 4 games, a win secured a game up and homefield throughout. They lost 3 of those games by 28, 17, 12; 19pt average. The team visiting Texan Stadium are the 6th seed, The Bungals. The HOT Bungals. The Bungals who won 7 of 8 coming into playoffs, and only loss was a 1pt loss to Cowboys. Those 7 wins were by an average of 2 touchdowns, 14pts. And more importantly, of those 7 wins... they covered ATS all 7.[GiLzKey] = HOU; Schaub, A. Johnson, Foster, JJ Watt -vs- CIN; Dalton, AJ Green, Gresham, O-Line, D-Line. If Dalton can stay upright -vs- the pass rush of the Texans, I think he can pick apart that secondary. I will go ahead and pin *BOUNCE BACK MODE* right now on Andy Dalton for his poor start las... [More]

Posted Monday, December 31, 2012 03:17 PM

GiLz #NCAAB ((12.31.12))

GiLz #NCAAB  ((12.31.12))
• Michigan State +6  =  [2U]
• Cincinnati +7 (-120)  =  [2U]
• New Mexico +5  =  [2U]
• Nevada +12.5
• Iowa +7
• Iowa/Indiana OVER 150
• St. Bonnies -5

’12-’13 *YTD* = 122-88 (58%) @ +49.20 unit$

> 29-7 [2U] plays

MICHIGAN STATE +6  =  I’m a sucker for getting Tom Izzo & Co. as a road +DOG throughout the years  -  they’ve covered there last 4 ATS @ Minnesota during Big 10 action, they’ve covered 11 of L13 -vs- Golden Gophers overall.  Michigan State has been hitting half of their shots L5 games played -vs- Minnesota a little above the 40% mark.  Most trends point ... [More]

Posted Wednesday, August 31, 2011 07:07 PM

Diggin' my Uncle RAY-RAYS tonight... (write-up + plays)

Jamie Shields -vs- Alexia Ogando... should be a good pitching match up tonight.

Jamie Shields  -  I don't know why the hell I always call him Jamie... 

Take away Shields' implosion -vs- the Mariners a couple games back, he's had a very impressive month.  He had a solid 7IP in thast game, but then got shelled in the 8th.

Alexi Ogando, on the other hand, has been having a pretty rough month of August, and an even rougher 2nd half.  Ogando was pretty damn close to lights out in the 1st half going 9-3 with a 2.92 ERA.  So far, this 2nd half, he's @ .500, 3-3, and holding an ERA a hair above a nickel - 5.01.  His WHIP has also jumped up from 1.0 to 1.5.

Ogando battled through the 1st half showing off his skills, and with most teams never seeing the kid, he mowed down team after team, and caught fire early on going 5-0 through the first 2 months of the season.

Shields had a solid 1st half as well.  The first 3 months of the season, he capped off each month above the .500 mark, and hurled a league leading 6 CG's in the 1st half. 

So, the stats I'm tossing out between the 2 starting pitchers tonight are pretty basic  -  talking about their 1st half performances compared to their 2nd half performances, and who's been hot & who's been not lately... 

But, I dug deep.  And then dug deeper, into both of these pitchers stats.  Both teams are ... [More]

Posted Tuesday, August 30, 2011 03:17 PM

Gilly feelin' a 'lil Philly today...

Woke up this morning feelin' a 'lil Philly today.  So I ate me a huge bowl of fruity pebbles & then dug into today's game between the Reds & Phillies @ Great American Ballpark.

Bronson Arroyo enters today's game giving up the most HR's (34) in the majors + an ERA over 5 (5.02 - 5th worst in MLB) and he'll be facing a Phillies team who is in the top 5... wait.... sorry.

Bronson Arroyo faces a Phillies team who is in the top 10 in... wait a minute, sorry.... hmmm... yep, I am reading that correctly.... well, that's odd.

Bronson Arroyo faces a Phillies team who you would think is a top the leaderboard in Team Batting and ready to beat up on Bronson Arroyo... but check out where Philly stands in Team Batting (MLB/NL):

RUNS SCORED = 13th MLB/7th NL (587 runs)
BATTING AVG. = 16th MLB/9th NL (.254 avg)
HOME RUNS = 16th MLB/8th NL (125 HR's)
RUNS BATTED IN = 11th MLB/6th NL (572 RBI)
SLUGGING PCT. = 15th MLB/7th NL (.400 SLG)
OPS/On Base % + Slugging % = 15th MLB/7th NL (.724 OPS)

The Phillies rank no where in the Top 10 in the league in the greater stats for Team Batting and no where in the Top 5 in their own league, the National League. They've been hit with some injuries @ times and short DL stints, and Philly does tend to rest of their marque players during day games, but to think of Philly you think of their pitching AND their phenomenal line-up,which now includes a... [More]


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