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Posted Friday, June 18, 2010 11:36 AM

Albert Haynesworth

Ok, thats it, I am fucking pissed. I was one of his only defenders
here saying, he was lied to-  mislead, the team should  have kept the 4-3.. etc but this guy has really gotten on my last nerve.

The team - going 4-12 has really turned around mentally with the new coaches and managers. Trying so hard to get out of Snyders oldmentality and start fresh, Now this BS.. im over it

Fuck this guy, we paid him so much money and he still isnt happy
ok, missing the mandatory training camp is where i draw the line

the other camps were voluntary and if he wanted to miss them
ok, I can live with this.. Trade him for pretty much anything you can get, ill take a 3rd round pick i dont care,, get this piece of Shit out
of washington right now. I do not know who will want a guy like him
but im guessing out of the 30 teams there is bound to be another
sucker out there besides us

Posted Friday, November 06, 2009 07:16 PM

Saturday NCAA

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Posted Thursday, August 27, 2009 07:50 PM

Oklahoma BCS Champions + 700

Oklahoma BCS Champions + 700 
I know everyone Loves Florida to win this thing - as they should!They are a beast of a team and Tibo is a true superstar.
Florida is loaded, loaded loaded.!!
However, Oklahoma is also Loaded, loaded Loaded! - especially on Defense
They have one of the most accurate passers in College Football with Bradford - and his super quick release will help the Offensive Line protect him as they wont need much time.
Their Defense is so freaking good its scary, Talk about loaded. They are so deep and talented that most of the backups could start anywhere in the nation. This unit can win games by themselves.
They also have a Stud RB in Murray.
 He missed the game last year and it must have torn him up to let down his team when they clearly needed him. He is going to have a huge chip on his shoulder and this time, if he stays healthy, the Sooners will have a running back they can pound in the redzone.
 Something they sorely missed vs Florida.
They are due. Yes they are very due, Loosing 5 BCS games you would think that this team is more than hungry to finally win it all.
I think this is their year and if the 2 teams match up again the Revenge factor goes to Oklahoma. 
The pressure is on Florida is tremendous, no team has won back to back BCS Championship games so that may be too much to overcome!
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