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Posted Wednesday, May 21, 2008 01:15 AM

Lakers - Spurs game 1 (writeup inside)

Some guys in here want to say that the Spurs won't be affected by that airport disaster.

Even though I disagree with that, let's talk different issues then.

Forget the travel story for a second. Doesn't exist. Never happened (for the sake of the argument)

The Spurs play lousy on such a short rest. A measly 2 days following a monster series, following a game 7 where they needed to offset some historical trends, some HUGE laws of the NBA playoffs that do not get broken easily.

They managed to compensate for that (short rest on the road) against Phoenix, early in the playoffs, fresher legs and an opponent they like to beat up.

The Hornets beat them by 20 (19, 18 and 22 I think) in the first three home games.

The Lakers had more rest, they're a great team, very well coached, deep, talented...etc.

I am very far from being a Laker fan. I'm not a Spurs fan either but I respect the Spurs a lot. I like Kobe as well though.

I would like the Spurs to go through here, and I'm not saying they don't have a chance, I'm saying it will hardly happen in Game 1.

Lakers -7 (-111)

a 3 unit play


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