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Posted Wednesday, May 21, 2008 02:18 PM

TWO of Green's best SAS/LAL plays (7-1 last night)

1Q under 50 - both teams average 43.75 combined points facing eachother this season .  Add these factors: it's the 1st game in the series (typically lower scoring starts), LAL's longer than usual rest (rusty), SAS strong D (displayed against another high scoring, young NOH team), a possible early SAS domination...the best bet is that this one stays under the 1Q total of 50.  (partial tail on wredskins - thanks buddy!)
LAL ML + under 198.5 (buying 3pts up from 195.5)
Parlay w/ a teaser twist: I rarely bet parlays, but this was the safest play I could find at plus money...too good to pass up.  You get the Lakers ML at -350 and a +1.5 advantage on the original game total of 197 for a considerable payout where ~ 1 unit = 1.042 units. 
As always, please tail at your own risk, I've been hot and cold lately.  BOL to everyone in the series.  I'll be out of town (on the beach!) and away from internet access until Sunday. 

Posted Tuesday, May 20, 2008 07:21 PM

Green's game 1 plays - DET vs BOST

I post most of my plays in the official game threads, but I've decided to start posting them here for easier tracking throughout the remainder of the playoffs. 
*PLEASE do not tail, unless you're prepared to lose
[4-5 last night]
1Q BOSTON -1.5
1Q under 44
1H under 87
Game - under 174 (-120)
DET TT under 85
BOS TT under 89.5
*BOS = 1st to 20 pts (-145)
Largest Lead = over 14.5
* = Strongest play
 to everyone


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