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Posted Wednesday, September 22, 2010 01:01 PM

I already see a problem for the Packers against the Bears

Running the ball.   

The Bears have only given up 56 yards rushing in two games. Best in the NFL. Houston is next with 62. That front seven of the Bears is NO JOKE when Tommie Harris and Urlacher are healthy and now that they have Julius Peppers. Briggs.

The Packers are playing with backup / unproven runnings backs and their offensive line has been a bit shaky so far. The Packers might be starting a rookie Left Tackle (Bulaga) in this game against Peppers. Granted, Bulaga might be better than Chad Clifton at this point but a rookie against Peppers doesn't sound too good.

The Bears shut Jahvid Best of the Lions down to almost nothing and the guy runs wild against Philly yesterday.

They might force the Packers to be one dimensional.    

And the Packers secondary is starting two rookies for Cutler to pick on. They have been OK so far but this also doesn't sound too good.

The game is in Chicago on Monday Night Football and it's obviously going to be a HUGE game for the Bears.

Just talking.      Not making a pick.   


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