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Posted Wednesday, March 31, 2010 09:22 AM

Is Butler Really at Home?

Hey did you know Butler is like 6 miles from the Final 4?      No shit really  I am going to get so sick of this factoid maybe more in the upcoming week.


  but does this really mean they are at home.  I need someone from the region to help me give me the lowdown.  Aren't these Final 4's  like corporate events where Butler alumni aren't going to be out in full force buying up all the tickets and all.   I like Butler and all they have solid players but i like Izzo.  Raymar and their bigs will be rebounding fools.    was kind of shocked Butler was a favorite.  Is this Vegas begging public to bet on the Spartans or are they still hung up on Lucas' injury.  Any help input would be appreciated.

Posted Wednesday, March 18, 2009 03:19 PM


I have a great idea to lessen this bubble team talk.  Why not play 4 play-in games for the #12 seed.   After watching SDSU just dismantle Weber St and Davidson beat So. Carolina, my point of having these teams in the tournament is strengthened.  I would take SDSU, Davidson, Creighton and Bradley  over those teams in like Michigan, Maryland, Arizona, Tx A&M.  BTW how did Wisconsin get seeded lower than Michigan?  Let them play on Tuesday and give them the #12 seeds and go from there.

  OR I also believe there should be 4 playin games for #16 seeds  Morehead St was too good a team to be in the play-in game   they are better than American, Radford, Robert Morris..  Let the 8 weaker automatics play in for the #16 seed.   Let's enjoy March Madness and make some serious  $$$$$.   H$

Posted Monday, January 12, 2009 04:24 AM

Tease the AFC Championship Ravens

Wow I thought the line would be Pitt -3.5  and 32.
The NFC came exactly where i thought it would be Phil-3  48
AFC came 5 and 34 in my book.  no ML bets yet
Jumped on the under already. #1 and #2 defenses.  3rd time playing all the signs point to under figuring public will hammer the under  will monitor weather reports.
already teased  Philly +3.5, Balt +11.5  and Under 40.5  combo of the 3 love teasing the low scoring games
NFC: this is a tougher game to cap  not going to count AZ out anymore but don't see them blowing out Eagles  small lean right now on the OVER but Eagles are playing lights out D   Eagles can and have been known to go shootouts with teams. heck they went off for 68 Thanksgiving. Will wait on Boldin's status  will be a long week to figure it all out  Good luck


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