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Posted Tuesday, August 17, 2010 11:23 PM

System Picks for Week 1 CFB - 57% winning percentage last season

Some of you might remember me from last season and some of you may not.  Before the start of last season, I came up with a system for college football which I documented the progress of on here.  My goal was to hit 60% and I fell just short of that.  After more tweaking and a better idea of what was working and what wasn't, I will be back on here posting the plays from this system.

I am not encouraging anyone to bet these plays and I am not guaranteeing anything.  The system has one season under it's belt and is thus, unproven.  I am only posting the plays on here for anyone that wants to follow the progress of it.

Here are the plays for Week 1 that I am studying.  These plays are not official until I say they are.

Marshall +29.5
N. Illinois +3.5
Memphis +20.5
Northwestern -3.5
Wisconsin -20
Boise St -2.5


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