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Posted Sunday, February 07, 2016 05:51 PM

My mojo algorithm may have found a weakness on the Caronlina side.

The mojo ratings; warm colors & minus signs = not good, cool colors & plus signs = good:


Scroll all the way down.

Everything is pretty much even across the board, offense, defense, special teams, coaching.

But where Denver have the advantage is their D-Line against Carolina's O-Line which seems to be weak for this particular date. Denver's O-Line looks solid according to their ratings.

Sometimes a team have to experience the pain and distraught of losing the big one before they can become champions. Recent examples are the Kansas City Royals and Seattle Seahawks. Cam Newton have a 12-year window; at this rate he will win one soon. Cam have won on all levels and this is the last tier for champions. On a side note, college sports is different because the window of opportunity is so small.

Strength of schedule: 30th versus 6th. You know which is which. Do not care to discuss who lost to who in or out of conference -- its all about timing -- on a good day any bad team can beat any solid team. And thats what my mojo system relies on -- timing.

Just putting my 2-cents in.

I made a post 2 weeks ago. Final plays:

Denver Broncos +6½ -130
Under 45

Posted Thursday, March 13, 2014 11:53 AM

Mar 13 NBA. You look at the spread and agonize over it for hours and hours.

When you agonize for hours and hours you visit forums and get information.
When you get information you got too much information. 
When you get too much information you become agonized and confused.
When you're agonized and confused you make a bet on the wrong side.
When you bet on the wrong side of a prime time game you bitch and moan all night.
Don't bet the wrong side and bitch and moan all night.
Get the mojo report and be on the right side.
Rockets team mojo:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ai8y0VjQSNzcdERISW04M1RIb09tWWxYTDRZM0lRbGc&usp=drive_web#gid=0
Bulls team mojo:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ai8y0VjQSNzcdHlsQUROdXp6VU11OGw4UTF1VzVqanc&usp=drive_web#gid=0
The play: 
Bulls +3.5
If anyone had the Heat -9 against the Nets last night, they were most likely bitching and moaning all night. And if you were on Portland +8 against the Spurs you were surely bitching and moaning throughout the game as well.
What has been my mantra for these prime time games? The spread rarely matters. And the games are usually one-sided; meaning that there are rare lead changes. One team just dominates. So if you're on the wrong side, yes, you will be bitching and moaning throughout the whole game.
Therefore, bet the favorite or underdog with confidence because the game is either a blow-out or an upset.
Bulls are 21-12 ATS when revenging a loss. Revenge isn't really a factor here but you can count on the Bu... [More]

Posted Thursday, January 31, 2013 03:54 PM

The Mavericks have the mojo tonight so they'll win straight-up.

Curry will not play tonight. He stepped on Ed Davis' foot driving to the hoop and re-aggravated his ankle injury, the same ankle and knee he have been hobbling on for the past weeks. Just ask Brandon Rush how it feels to land awkwardly on the same feet over and over again.

Informed bettors will still bet on the Warriors because they know that Jarrett Jack have been a viable backup all season long.

This is where my mojo charts come in handy.

Mavericks team mojo:

Warriors team mojo:

Jarrett Jack have a bad C- rating tonight so i don't expect him to be a factor in place of Curry. Plus i think the Mavericks bench is better than the Warriors', or will be for tonight's game.

The Mavericks are playing a better brand of basketball at the moment although they're alternating wins and losses. At the beginning of the season they were 3-5 ATS on the road. Since December until now they are 10-5 ATS in their road games.

Recommended play: Mavericks +3 & Moneyline

P.S. It's TNT Thursday prime time. The best days for underdogs to win straight-up.

Posted Thursday, December 13, 2012 03:05 PM

Giants versus Falcons: a very good road team facing an undefeated home team.

Sunday, December 16, 2012N.Y. Giants at Atlanta Falcons, 1:00 PM ET

Its Week 15 and the Falcons at 11-2 and are guaranteed a playoff spot as they have the NFC South wrapped up. Meanwhile the Giants only have a 1 game lead over rivals Washington and Dallas. Its entirely possible that the NFC East end up in a 3-way tie. And what if the Redskins end the season with a 10-6 record? -- and the Giants 9-7? The Giants must take care of business this week as they have another formidable foe awaiting them in Week 16.

Atlanta have only played 3 teams with a winning record thus far: Week 2 when they beat the 1-0 Broncos, Week 3 when they demolished the 2-0 Chargers, and Week 12 when they won but pushed the -1 spread against the Buccaneers.

The Giants beat the 1-0 Buccaneers in Week 2, the 2-1 Eagles in Week 4, the 4-1 49ers in Week 6, and the 7-3 Packers in Week 12.

The Giants won the Super Bowl last year and you know what that means? -- they’ll have the toughest 2012 schedule. The Giants get to play 7 quality opponents this season including Atlanta this Sunday and upcoming Baltimore.

The Falcons were a playoff team last year but still got a favorable schedule in 2012. Their strength of schedule is ranked 24th (out of 32) as they only play 4 quality opponents. Atlanta’s 11-2 resume isn’t that remarkable when you realize they swept the weak AFC West.

Here are the 3 reasons why i’ll be backing the Giants:

1) Urgency. Not necessarily motivat... [More]

Posted Sunday, May 16, 2010 08:21 AM

05/16 NBA - Celtics +6.5 tonight and 5 good reasons why Boston might even win this series.

10u 4-4 *** GAME OF THE MONTH *** 5u 17-3 *** GAME OF THE WEEK *** 3u 30-29 *** PICK OF THE DAY *** 1&2u 120-132 YTD +$3910   Hi!   Here.   315/300 Boston Celtics +6½ -105   There.   The Celtics will cover the spread in either Game 1 or 2 or both. I'll add an extra unit for Game 2 if that doesn't happen in Game 1.   Here are my top 5 reasons why the Celtics will be competitive against the Magic and might even win the series.   1) 4 championship thoroughbred versus zero. Self explanatory.   2) Ray Allen will be the x-factor for the Celtics in this series. Ray-Ray will be able to match the Magic's hot 3-point shooting. Orlando's defense is quite good but their weak spot is defending the 3-point shots.   3) Who will provide that extra lift for their team -- Vince Carter or Rasheed Wallace? My mojo chart says that 'Sheed will outperform VC in this series. Probably not by a big margin; but maybe a big enough difference where the Celtics can steal a game in Amway Arena.   4) Kendrick Perkins will be Superman's kryptonite. I doubt this statement myself but lets see how Dwight gets handled in this series.   5) Rajon Rondo didn't sleep with Paul Pierce's mom.   Coaching - slight edge to Boston, of course.   Bench - slight edge to the Magic, i think; but should be about even.   Cheerleaders - who knows?... [More]

Posted Monday, May 03, 2010 02:54 PM

05/03 NBA - Got a very good read on the Spurs/Suns series: the Suns will win it.

10u 4-4 *** GAME OF THE MONTH *** 5u 16-3 *** GAME OF THE WEEK *** 3u 27-29 *** PICK OF THE DAY *** 1&2u 115-131 YTD +$2010   Monday's POD:   306/300 Phoenix Suns -4 -102   Top 5 reasons why the Suns will win the Western Conference Semifinal:   1) Amar'e Stoudemire versus Tim Duncan and/or DeJuan Blair. Tim Duncan needs to be the x-factor for the Spurs to advance. In the previous series, Dirk Nowitzki actually out-played Tim Duncan in terms of scoring. Tim Duncan and his key sub, Dejuan Blair, will have to outscore Amar'e to keep pace with the Suns 1st ranked offense. Star powers will shine and i don't see the Spurs' defense hindering Amar'e in this round.   2) Perimeter shooting can't be underestimated for this matchup. Jared Dudley -- the best 3-point shooter in the league could really put the Spurs in the dust if he stays hot shooting the trey. The Spurs' duo 3-point threats right now are Manu and George Hill. Matt Bonner does not take that kind of shot in the play-offs and Tony Parker would rather drive and slash. Unlike the Spurs, the Suns have 5 guys that can get hot any time shooting 3-pointers. The Spurs don't have that lock-down guard defense anymore like  when they had with Bruce Bowen but they still have a respectable perimeter defense. The Suns will out-score the Spurs in more ways than one but the 3-point shooting differential could be crucial.   3) Suns have the better be... [More]

Posted Friday, April 23, 2010 01:11 PM

04/23 NBA - GAME OF THE WEEK: Spurs -3! Sayin' it again & again -- Spurs taking this series, fel

10u GOM 4-4
5u GOW 15-3
3u POD 26-29
1&2u 111-123
YTD +$1488
Still a good time to buy off that Mavericks series wager, folks.
684/600 San Antonio Spurs -3 -110, -118
Write-up: Don't wait until 11pm tonight to realize that the Mavericks suck.

Posted Tuesday, April 06, 2010 09:01 AM

04/06 NBA - Sacramento Kings might be the best play on the board tonight. I see a live dog.

10u GOM 3-4 5u GOW 14-3 3u POD 24-27 1&2u 105-113 YTD +$558   No official plays yet; still waiting for the reduced juice lines.   Tuesday's leans:   Sacramento +6 and/or Over 193.   This is a good week to fade the Spurs as they've lost depth at the point-guard position. My mojo charts dictate a 56% chance for the Kings to win SU against the Spurs tonight; and slightly over 60% of covering the spread. A better situation arise when the Spurs head to Phoenix to play on Wednesday night. I'll add Phoenix as a potential GAME OF THE WEEK.   Also like Utah -5.5 agaisnt the Thunder.   Bulls line seems a 'lil steep, even w/o Bogut. Bulls will be cheering for Atlanta & Cleveland tonight.       Aprils' nickel & dime plays; or just games i've circled on my calendar:   GAME OF THE YEAR/MONTH:   April 13 - Phoenix Suns to blow-out the Nuggets. Revenge spot for the Nuggets but Denver will be on the back-end of a back-to-back and its the Nuggets' last game of the season. The Nuggets' play-off berth as a 5th seed is an undiscernable position; meaning that there is no point in trying to improve their play-off standing. If the Nuggets are down in this game, they'll just mail it in and prepare for an eventual play-off match against the Suns who will most likely remain the 4th seed. This is a series where the home team usually dominates. Lookin' to pound 2 dimes on th... [More]

Posted Sunday, April 04, 2010 11:19 AM

04/04 NBA - It must be the hot sauce & penguins!

When i go to the South Pole, penguins follow.   When i cross the Arabian Desert, a Saudi wants to buy the sand in my shoes.   When i ask for Denise at Taco Bell, i get Shaniqua who persistently wants to "facebook" me.   I usually don't buy points. But when i do... i drink Negro Modelo.   I am the most unmitigated louse on covers.com.   Early Sunday:   103/100 Boston Celtics +1½ -103 170/100 Los Angeles Lakers -2½ -170   Thats all for now. GAME OF THE WEEK: Lookin' to pound the Pacers or the Over 212 for a nickel.       Aprils' nickel & dime plays; or just games i've circled on my calendar:   GAME OF THE YEAR/MONTH:   April 13 - Phoenix Suns to blow-out the Nuggets. Revenge spot for the Nuggets but Denver will be on the back-end of a back-to-back and its the Nuggets' last game of the season. The Nuggets' play-off berth as a 5th seed is an undiscernable position; meaning that there is no point in trying to improve their play-off standing. If the Nuggets are down in this game, they'll just mail it in and prepare for an eventual play-off match against the Suns who will most likely remain the 4th seed. This is a series where the home team usually dominates. Lookin' to pound 2 dimes on the Suns.   Potential GAME OF THE WEEK FOR March 29 - April 4:   April 3: New Jersey Nets go get their 11th win of the season when they host the New Orleans Hornets. ... [More]

Posted Wednesday, March 24, 2010 11:06 AM

I don't have a GAME OF THE YEAR but if i had one, the San Antonio Spurs is it!

For those that aren't interested in reading a memoir, here are my plays for Wednesday:   1650/1500 San Antonio Spurs -1 -110 550/500 Rockets/Thunder Over 205½ -110 315/300 Atlanta Hawks -1 -105 250/200 Memphis Grizzlies Moneyline -125 105/100 Toronto Raptors +2½ -105   3 of the plays have not been officially wagered on yet but for recordkeeping purposes, i'll just go with those lines. The Spurs play will count under the GOM tab.       This is one of those rare days when my mind is clear and i seem to have a great read on some of these games. I'm seeing several clear-cut matchups and i feel i can go 5-0. Today will be one of those rare days i'm going to invest a few bills on a 4 & 5-team parlay.   Covers.com have these front-page articles called "what bettors need to know: {insert road team @ home team}". Add a touch of rudimentary journalism, they're nice reads but the numbers, stats and trends are things you should already know if you've been watching the games/scoreboard or do your research.   If i could make a compelling write-up on why i like a certain side or total, my article would definitely have to include such numbers, stats and trends and situations and injuries associated between the teams. In the end, its still a coin toss for most bettors; a guess on the outcomes of the player versus player matchups. Do you have faith in George Hill, Manu & Tim Duncan to ke... [More]

Posted Sunday, February 21, 2010 12:39 PM

02/21 NBA: Missed out posting/playing my GOW last night. Lets see how my luck holds out as i...

...settle for the next best candidate for a nickel play. Last chance to hit it big this week.   I had the Over in the Thunder/Knicks "circled" three weeks in advance. I ended up not playing it because my confidence was low as i've been on a cold streak this week.   The Knick's mojo was high last night and they nearly beat the Thunder in the Garden. Tonight, i'll be backing another team with good mojo, the Minnesota Timberwolves. They'll host a team that is a very good defensive team but couldn't stop the Knicks' scoring barrage last night -- although there was a lot of help from Tracy McGrady.   The Thunder are 19-9 on the Over-Under when playing on 0-day rest for the last 3 seasons. This is also a revenge situation for the Timberwolves, so at the very least, the home team plays with extra motivation tonight -- on the offensive side, that is.   The troubling trend is that most of Minnesota's home games have gone Under the total. Last i checked, its something like 10-18 on the Over-Under for the 'Wolves' home games.   The Thunder played extra minutes in the Garden as last night's game went into OT. Hopefully, the tired Thunder squad will coalesce to the Timberwolves' game of "shoot-and-forget-to-defend" style of play.   For the record, this week's GOW:   550/500 Thunder/Timberwolves Over 201½ -110    BOL & cheers!   I'm glad the Bulls are HOT this week. This is setting up nicely for my GOM next... [More]

Posted Tuesday, January 26, 2010 11:51 AM

01/26 NBA - GAME OF THE MONTH is ahead of schedule: Milwaukee Bucks tonight!

I don't hate the Dallas Mavericks. But i love fading them in certain spots. And if you were a bookie, you'd be up a decent amount on your ledger from the sheer volume of Dallas bettors this month. Thats because the Mavericks, a notorious public team, are a pathetic 4-8 ATS in January.   Conversely, the Bucks are 8-4 ATS through twelve games this month.   Do your research and you will NOT LOVE the Mavericks. And you will end up LOVING the Bucks getting points tonight. Actually, i confess that i actually LOVE the Mavericks because this is one team i usually get a very good read on.   My original pick for this month's GOM was the Phoenix Suns when they host the Mavericks on Jan 28th for what will be the 2nd game on TNT''s Thursday night programming. I've been advised and reminded that the Suns do not win on this day.   The Bucks and Mavericks clashed at the Bradley Center early in the season. Dallas won SU by the score of 115-113 as a +1.5 underdog. Milwaukee is 6-3 ATS when revenging a home loss. This is a great situation for the Bucks tonight, agree?   Okay, so maybe you're not sold on a 18-24 team that have a lousy road record. Sure, the Bucks are 5-17 straight-up on the road; but they are 2 games above .500 against-the-spread at 12-10.   Still not sold on the Bucks? At the very least, i'd stay away from the Mavericks tonight. Mark Cuban is a happy man in Texas because his team is 13-7 straight-up inside the confines of Ameri... [More]

Posted Thursday, January 21, 2010 10:30 AM

01/21 NBA: Correlated parlay for today's TNT games might hit!

Underdog + Under, Favorite + Over   ...Could be worth 1/4 of your original wager today, fellas.   For those who don't want to read the rest of my write-up, here's what my card will look like tonight:   3 units LA Lakers +3.5 1 unit Lakers/Cavaliers Under 195.5 2 units Denver Nuggets -9.5   And a $60 parlay on the sides and totals:   $30 Lakers, Under, Nuggets, Over. $30 - Lakers, Under, Nuggets, Under. Just in case the Clippers don't score enough points tonight.   The Lakers/Cavaliers game pit 2 of the league's best defenses against eachother. The Lakers are 1st in FG defense and the Cavaliers are 3rd. Their last meeting from a month ago resulted in a low scoring affair. You can go as far back as 5 years in this series and the undermining theme remains the same; the Under is 8-2 in that half decade span. No one could seriously be considering the Over for tonight's this matchup.   For those who haven't noticed by now, there is a disturbing trend for TNT Thursday games: underdogs win SU & favorites win in blow-out fashion.   Here is a link to where you can review this year's previous TNT Thursday games. ~~~~~~~> LINK   All you need to know is, if you think a certain underdog can win straight-up, you can bet on that team with confidence knowing that they will pull off the upset. And if you think that a certain underdog have no chance of winning the game, you can bet with confidence knowi... [More]

Posted Monday, December 14, 2009 05:05 PM

12/14 NFL: A MNF service announcement/question: When was the last time the spread really mattered?

Generally, for MNF or most primetime games, you can bet the favorite or underdog with confidence knowing that either the fave will win in blow-out fashion or the underdog will win straight-up. That means, FORGET THE SPREAD! That means, DON'T READ INTO THE F**KING LINE! That means, THE SPREAD DOES NOT MATTER!   Sorry for the bold, but i'm sure there are discussions out there that have these "line-readers" trying to decipher the spread any given week... that just cracks me up sometimes. I can agree that it is helpful to read into line movements and certain spreads but the point is -- just take a look at previous primetime matchups. Did the spread really mattered?   So... people. Please. Stop it with the "read the line" crap, okay? Especially when its Monday night.   I was leaning towards San Fran in this one but since this particular matchup of divisional rivals have a revenge factor to it, i'm afraid to bet against the Cardinals. Especially given the fact that these redbirds do play very well on the road and they're generally money in such spots. This defense can make things happen and could very well shut-down Gore and Coffee tonight.   On the offensive side i don't see how the 49ers 27th ranked pass defense can contain let alone stop Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin; and don't forget Steve Breaston -- he's no slouch either. There really isn't a lot of 5-10 corners that can matchup with Fitzgerald and Boldin... [More]

Posted Friday, December 11, 2009 02:56 PM

December NBA Mojo Plays. Important dates you should consider on your wagering calendar.

November's forecast went 7-3 ATS. Actually, 8-3 because the Mavericks forecast also included the Pacers game they played before heading to Cleveland. I just didn't make an official play on that one game, thats all.   Most of these are situational plays, generally fading a team on a back-to-back schedule. A few picks are matchup advantages strictly based on timing; ie, a hot team versus a struggling team, a home team coming off a [potential] road loss. And there is one matchup that posed a strong play on the total as well.   Here we go. Looks to be 10 big games on tap for this month.   Don't be suprised if most of my picks are a fade of one certain team.  Mark Cuban will not be a happy man in December.   First off -- and i've presented this claim a week ago -- this is going to be a tough month for the Dallas Mavericks. By my divination of things and according to my system "mojo" charts, this is the month we could make good money fading Dallas. Expect the Mavericks to have a losing month as they'll probably have a below .500 record for the month of December. Either way, i'll venture to say that the Mavericks will definitely have a sub .500 ATS record for this month. The Mavericks are already 1-3 ATS in December, the lone win coming against the Nets. For the month, i think they're about to go 1-4 against the spread tonight. Which leads me to the first prediction. Actually, this should be the 3rd prediction ... [More]

Posted Saturday, November 21, 2009 10:22 AM

11/21 NCAAF: Air Force, fellas. Possible upset.

Saturday afternoon:
175/175 Northwestern +6½ +100
315/300 Air Force +10 -105
A tale of the tape in the Air Force/BYU game could be:
Air Force Turn-Over Margin: +18
BYU Turn-Over Margin -3
Air Force Red-Zone Touch-Down prevent defense: (9-20) 45%
BYU Red-Zone Touch-Down prevent defense: (21-36) 58%
Air Force's defense have only allowed opponents in the Red-Zone 20 times. BYU's defense have allowed opponents in the Red-Zone 36 times. Check out the percentage difference in opponents' TD conversions. 45% versus 58%.
Common opponent: Air Force's defense hung with TCU and BYU got clobbered by TCU.
If this game plays out as defined by key statistical numbers, we could see an upset today. And according to my biorhythm/ephemerides readings, thats a possibility.
  BOL & cheeers!
I'll be back later for the evening games.

Posted Tuesday, November 10, 2009 06:42 AM

November NBA Mojo Plays. Important dates you should consider on your wagering calendar.

I've developed a nice system for fading pitchers, quarterbacks, goaltenders and in this case... i guess i'm fading point-guards or key NBA players. I've got +40 units to show for in MLB and i'm already up +21 units in the NHL. But i'm still grinding it out with the pigskins and currently having a slow start in the NBA. Anyways, onto what this thread is about. 

These games are potential blow-out winners, easy-overs or upsets. Pending injuries, of course.

November 10: I think the Bulls beat the Nuggets at home and then the Nuggets will get their revenge 11 days later. Public should be all over the Nuggets for this one. Bulls are playing well and Taj Gibson is doing just fine in place of TT.

November 10: Possible Wizards upset over the Heat. Wizards +6.5 should be a winner.

November 13: New York Knicks host the Warriors. Knicks will cover the spread at home. Medium play.

November 21: Both the Bucks and Grizzlies doing a back-to-back. Can't wait to pound the Over in this one.

November 22: New Orleans travel to Miami after a game against Atlanta. The Heat will win big!

November 22: Detroit travel to Phoenix after a game against Utah. The Suns will win big! The spread might be huge but it should be expected because the Suns are on a roll and might be 'til then.

November 22: Orlando @ Toronto. The Magic might be slightly favored but they will cover the spread on the road in this spot.[More]

Posted Saturday, November 07, 2009 10:38 AM

11/07 NCAAF: Texas A&M vs Colorado, Houston vs Tulsa - One is a sucker bet and one is not.

Its only a sucker bet if the majority loses. So, its really no big deal what you call it -- i'm just going by the numbers and eventual result. I don't read into lines but these two games wreak fishiness.
70% Texas A&M -3
30% Colorado +3
73% Houston -1
27% Tulsa +1
550/500 Houston -1 -110
Another strong play for Saturday:
210/200 Colorado +3 -105
Just 2 games for now. I might add a Saturday night game, maybe some PAC-10 action.
Sunday night:
Leaning San Jose State plus the points.
GL & cheers!
Mojos and a brief write-up about Tulsa's deficiency below.

Posted Monday, November 02, 2009 05:03 PM

11/02 NFL: MNF - Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints

4-3 on Sunday.   5 units GOW 4-1 3 units POD 4-5 1 & 2 units 16-11 YTD +$1136   For some reason, MNF games have been really easy for me to read.   So, its no wonder i've reserved the best for last -- again.   My GAME OF THE WEEK:   505/500 New Orleans Saints -11½ -101   People are going to talk about the past. You can read it, you can hear it and you can see it, if you have the internet and a television, that is.   Lets talk about the future.   My top 4 reasons why the Saints will win and cover the spread tonight:   1) The only thing any handicapper needs to know about MNF is that the better team will usually win; even if that team is an underdog. Its only logic right? And if that team is going to win, they might as well cover the spread. Just take a look at this year's previous Monday night games and you'll find some examples.   And yes, sometimes the underdog is the better team. We all know who is the superior team tonight.   The key to beating the Saints is really simple -- outscore 'em. But on the field, its a whole different story. There is no defense in the league that can stop a very good offense. The Saints have proved this over and over, from week to week. The only way the Saints lose this game is if Brees and company will have a let-down or a sub-par game. According to my player [power] rankings, i don't see that happening.   I'll even venture to s... [More]

Posted Monday, October 26, 2009 07:56 AM

10/26 MNF: Love the Over 37 tonight and i'll wait to see if Ditka likes the Redskins or not.

4-3 yesterday. Still reelin' & kickin' from that Dolphins defensive meltdown. Dolphins +6.5 was lookin' good  until the pick-6 but i guess the books get "unlucky" also, sometimes.   Da Bears. What an awful pick; just so wrong on many levels. Now we (Bears fans) will need Green Bay to destroy the Vikings come November 1st. Ho-hum.   5 units GOW 4-1 3 units POD 3-4 1 & 2 units 12-9 YTD +$1008   3-units MNF play:   321/300 Eagles/Redskins Over 37 -107   Write-up: BecauseWussieman's card stinks.   Leaning on taking the points for a small play on the side but i'll wait until The King of MNF speaks.   Bio & ephemerides readings below.   PHILADELPHIA EAGLES OFFENSE:   QB B-Donovan McNabb; RB C-Brian Westbrook; RB C+LeSean McCoy; FB B+Leonard Weaver; WR C-DeSean Jackson; WR C-Jeremy Maclin; WR B+Jason Avant; TE C+Brent Celek; RT C-Winston Justice; RG B-Max Jean-Gilles; C B-Jamaal Jackson; LG B-Nick Cole; LT B-Jason Peters   PHILADELPHIA EAGLES DEFENSE:   DE CChris Clemons; DT A+Mike Patterson; DT C-Brodrick Bunkley; DE C-Trent Cole; LB B+Chris Gocong; LB B+Jeremiah Trotter; LB C+Akeem Jordan; CB C+Asante Samuel; CB B+Sheldon Brown; SS B+Quintin Mikell; FS AMacho Harris   WASHINGTON REDSKINS OFFENSE:   QB C-Jason Campbell; RB B+Clinton Portis; RB C+Ladell Betts; FB A+Mike Sellers; WR C-Santana Moss; WR C+Malcolm Kelly; WR B+Antwaan Randle El; TE ... [More]

Posted Monday, October 19, 2009 04:28 PM

10/19 MNF: Broncos @ Chargers - As if we need more proof that the Broncos' defense is for real.

3-2 yesterday.   5 units GOW 2-1 3 units POD 3-3 1 & 2 units 9-7 YTD +$356   Monday night in Southern Cali:   560/500 Denver Broncos +3½ -112 *** GAME OF THE WEEK ***   Write-up: Like money?Take the better team with the better defense.?   Chargers coming off a bye-week. Huge edge for Norv Turner, a master tactitian, yes - no? I don't think so.   Two things we already know: 1) this Broncos O-line is pretty good; 2) this Chargers rush defense is pretty bad. If the Broncos can contain Shawne Merriman, who is under-performing this year, the Broncos trio of tailbacks should have a decisive advantage over Tomlinson and Sproles.   Red-zone defense is where it'll matter most. I'll bank on the team that have only allowed 4 TD's over 5 games versus San Diego's 12 TD's allowed.   The 3rd-down percentages is also a glaring difference. Broncos only allowing 28% 3rd-down conversions; Chargers allowing 49%.   Broncos defense have produced 16 sacks through 5 games; Chargers defense looks pale in comparison with just 6 sacks.   Turnover margin: Broncos +6, Chargers +1.   For some games, the stats doesn't dictate the winner. But for this matchup, i think it'd be unhealthy to one's bankroll to ignore the stats.   Biorhythms & ephemerides readings below.   DENVER BRONCOS OFFENSE:   QB B- Kyle Orton; RB A Knowshon Moreno; RB B+ LaMont Jordan; FB C+ Peyton Hillis; ... [More]

Posted Friday, October 16, 2009 03:35 PM

Thank you. May i have another?!?! You want to be good & lucky? - take the Phillies again.

Month of April -$16 Month of May -$334 Month of June +$2718 Month of July +$2489 Month of August -$458 Month of September -$881 Month of October +$717   YTD +$4235   Thursday's ledger:   300/387 Philadelphia Phillies +129


200/280 Philadelphia Phillies +140   Okay. So, the oddsmakers are there to set fair lines and generate action and the lines move based on limits being reached. But... why do they keep disrespecting the World Champs? Yeah, its hard to repeat, Yes, its tough to take 2 out of 2 right away from an opponent's home-field.   Great day to bet on Pedro today, fellas. The player ratings indicate that he'll pitch even better than Cole Hamels. And i don't make up these grades, you know.   Too much mojo on the Phillies right now. Don't go against it.   Phillies mojo & line-up for Oct 16 Pos Player



Pedro Martinez A+

Jimmy Rollins C
Shane Victorino C-
Chase Utley B-
Ryan Howard B-
Jayson Werth C-
Raul Ibanez C
Pedro Feliz C+
Carlos Ruiz B+

  Dodgers mojo & line-up for Oct 16 Pos Player



Vicente Padilla B-/C+

Rafael Furcal C-
Matt Kemp B
Andre Ethier C+
Manny Ramirez C-
James Loney C+
Casey Blake B+
Ronni... [More]

Posted Thursday, October 15, 2009 04:08 PM

Check out Kane's matchup edge breakdown before you push the SUBMIT button.

Kane's Matchup Edge Team

Cincinnati Bearcats

  South Florida Bulls       Actually, [its safe to say that] both teams have quite a dynamic offense; but its the Bearcats that have the better fly-back and more depth at offense. However, i wouldn't be doubting B.J. Daniels tonight. This kid is a bonifide athlete and can make plays with his feet as well as his arm. He just needs experience. The Bearcats edge out in the offense category because they have proven players and that includes Pike and his favorite receiver Gilyard plus a stable of good tailbacks.   Total defense belongs to the USF bulls. Count 'em: the Bulls have 11 legit players on defense and at least 5 of them are NFL 1st-rounders. This includes George Selvie, Nate Allen, Terrell McClain, Chris Robinson and Jason Pierre-Paul. Those 5 players are my opinion but don't be surprised to see sucky NFL teams grab those USF defensemen in the 1st round in the upcoming NFL drafts.   The Bearcats have racked up 20 penalties costing them 205 yards. The Bulls have committed 38 penalties costing them 374 yards. The Bearcats have fumbled the ball twice but recovered both fumbles. The Bulls haven't taken good care of ... [More]

Posted Monday, October 12, 2009 01:20 PM

Saved the best for last. NY Jets @ Miami Dolphins: my game of the week.

4-2 on Sunday but lost my big bets. Didn't have a $500 play yesterday so this one is it. My game of the week is...   545/500 Miami Dolphins +3 -115     Introducing the #1 rush defense & #1 rush offense:   Thanks to the Steelers' defense for allowing the Lions' Kevin Smith and Daunte Culpepper to scramble for a combined 97 yards and a cummulative team rushing for over 100 yards, the Miami Dolphins are now the #1 rush defense in the league. Thats a stingy 61 rushing yards per game. After four games, the Dolphins haven't allowed a 100-yard rusher nor any team to rush for 100 yards.   This Dolphins 3-4 defense was built to stop the run and they've done it well. There is great depth at the nose-tackle position and their linebackers provide excellent support at the line of scrimmage. Theres not much room to run north-south let alone sideways against this top-ranked run D.   That is saying lot after four games; four games against 3 playoff caliber teams with [former] prodigious rushing attacks. Insert former because the Colts and Chargers rush offense have been lackluster so far this season. And no disrespect to Buffalo wherewithal Marshawn Lynch is not to be underestimated.   No need to dabble much on the offensive part. Ronnie Brown is a stud and Ricky Williams is surprisingly still serviceable. Both are 5 yards or better per carry. And things will only get better when you have Bill Parcells runn... [More]

Posted Monday, October 05, 2009 06:11 PM

Master versus student, Ryan Grant versus Adrian Peterson. My take on tonight's MNF.

Medium play on the home team tonight:   315/300 Minnesota Vikings -4½ -105     Packers Offense:   QB A+ Aaron Rodgers; RB C Ryan Grant; FB C- John Kuhn; WR C- Donald Driver; WR C- Greg Jennings; WR C-/D- Jordy Nelson; WR B+ James Jones; TE B+ Donald Lee; TE C- Jermichael Finley; RT C- Allen Barbre; RG B- Josh Sitton; C C- Jason Spitz; LG B-/C+ T.J. Lang; LT C+ Daryn Colledge   Packers Defense:   NT A-/B+ Ryan Pickett; DE C- Johnny Jolly; DE C- Cullen Jenkins; LB A Aaron Kampman; LB C- A.J. Hawk; LB C+ Nick Barnett; LB C+ Brady Poppinga; CB B- Charles Woodson; SS C+ Matt Giordano; FS B+ Nick Collins; CB B- Clay Matthews   Vikings Offense:   QB C+ Brett Favre; RB C- Adrian Peterson; RB C+ Chester Taylor; FB B- Naufahu Tahi; WR B- Bernard Berrian; WR C- Sidney Rice; WR B+ Percy Harvin; TE A-/B+ Visanthe Shiancoe; TE C- Jimmy Kleinsasser; RT A-/B+ Phil Loadholt; RG B+ Anthony Herrera; C B- John Sullivan; LG B+ Steve Hutchinson; LT C Bryant McKinnie   Vikings Defense:   DT C- Pat Williams; DT C- Kevin Williams; DE B+ Ray Edwards; DE C- Jared Allen; LB C Chad Greenway; LB B- Jasper Brinkley; LB B- Ben Leber; CB B- Antoine Winfield; SS B+ Tyrell Johnson; FS C+ Madieu Williams; CB C+ Cedric Griffin... [More]

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