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Posted Sunday, August 19, 2012 07:24 PM

Taking my talents to Cantor

What prompted me to do this was reading the thread entitled “Living the Dream”. Well, this is my version of living the dream in the 21st century. I thought I would share with you guys my effort to make money professionally betting sports. I hope to keep this going but who knows how much interest I will maintain in doing it. Anyway, here goes it:

So I have made the decision. I’m taking my talents to Cantor. They say they take all-comers. No bettors refused. They think they have the algorithms and securities trading background to make, and beat the betting market. I’d like to take a shot at them.

The NBA is where my focus and past successes have been. The last few years have validated what I already believed to be true. I can consistently hit 55% against the opening NBA line with 600-800 plays per season.

I have done this with real money. Albeit small money. I only wagered 2% or so per bet of my beginning bankroll (which I have intentionally limited to 5K). I now want to step up to the next level with a six-figure knot and I just don’t feel safe posting up 30-50k with off-shore books.  Not to mention trying to cash out for a substantial amount of cash. Hell, they make me sweat out a 2k payment. Imagine trying to get 20! And then the fees. Ridiculous. Probably 90% of the people who deposit never withdrawal simply because the fee... [More]


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